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Do you want to treat/improve osteoporosis, joint pain and rhematism?

Email Dawn at or call 92969432 to book a complimentary consultation to know to improve the joints and prevent rheumatism!

Generally, Singaporeans do not reach the sufficient amount of calcium daily because of the lack of calcium products in the market that their body can absorb. It is not widely known by many that calcium is needed in 179 functions in our body, from our eyes to our ability to lose weight. Many will end up with osteoporosis by age 50.

Most will rely on chemical calcium supplements or glucosamine prescribed by their doctors. However, they are harder to dissolve in the blood and adding on the fact if your body lacks Vitamin D, the absorption is even lower.

Excess calcium will remain in the body before it is big enough to be classified kidney or gall stones before they have to be extracted surgically out of the body. This process is often painful and expensive.

Cal mineral plus contains a high concentration of Grade A ionic calcium and other minerals including Zinc and Magnesium.

It is made naturally with a combination of pearl, stalactites, agate, fossil fragments and other natural ingredients, before being gasified under 3500 degree, in a vacuum state. Due to its water solubility, it is absorbed and utilized by close to 90% of the body and does not leave any deposits.

There are absolutely no chemicals or impurities and has been fully tested by WHO and PSB Singapore to meet safety standards.

Cal Mineral Plus is a patented product from Japan (No. 55-42042) and currently we hold the sole-distributorship rights in South-East Asia.

Mdm Hadijah is a personal customer who has followed me since start of 2012.

She used to complain about rheumatism and joint pains which have been following her ever since she stopped working at her fruit stall 5 years ago. Ever since she started to drink 1.5 litres of Cal Mineral- alkaline water daily, she has seen remarkable improvement in her aches and pains.

Direction for drinking Cal Mineral Plus:

Cal Mineral Plus is comes in a pack of 60 capsules and each contains 350mg of grade A calcium powder. Once opened, the contents are poured into 1.5litre of plain water and to be drunk throughout the day.

One unique property of the water is its alkalinity which is between pH 7.5-9 depending on the concentration of water. Alkalinity is know to aid in removing acidic substances in food and help in gastrointestinal problems.

Email Dawn at or call 92969432 to book a complimentary consultation to know to improve the joints and prevent rheumatism!

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