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  • 1. Importance of Opinion Leaders and Brand Ambassadors in Consumer Behavior
  • 2.
    • BY:
    • Ameya Karhadkar - 11
    • Anup Pillai - 23
    • Dhruv Shah - 29
    • Sambahv Daffu - 5
    • Shruti Nair - 17
    • Subha Ramachandran - 35
  • 3. Brands and the Celebrities
    • Indians like to associate themselves with their icons.
    • Brand Ambassadors bring their endorsements into limelight.
    • The trick of the company.
    • Eg: Dharmendra for Rajdoot, Sunil Gavaskar for Dinesh suitings, Kapil Dev for Palmolive.
  • 4.
    • Brand Ambassadors became attention grabber.
    • (Eg: Tendulkar’s contract with Worldtel)
    • Coke and Nokia started using brand ambassadors in India.
    • (Eg: Regional stars for Coke and Shah Rukh Khan for Nokia)
  • 5. Indian Consumer Mentality
    • They look up to certain public faces and aspire to be one among them.
    • Brand Ambassadors connect with a sense of attachment.
    • Brands have temptation to use celebrity ambassadors.
  • 6. Brand Ambassadors
    • A brand ambassador is a celebrity used to help advertise a product or service.
    • They motivate consumers.
    • They increase awareness.
    • They create positive feelings towards brands, connect user to brand.
    • They are used as fire fighters.
  • 7. Opinion Leaders
    • An active media user who interprets the meaning of media messages or content for lower-end media users.
    • They share their experiences.
    • They provide credibility that reinforces consumer confidence in brands.
    • They give Word of Mouth opinions to the consumers.
  • 8.
    • They also act as trendsetters in categories such as fashion, music, entertainment and symbolic categories such as watches and mobiles.
    • (Eg: Swatch watch and Dev Anand’s hat.)
    • They act as brand referrals.
    • (Eg: Red Bull)
  • 9. Six uses of celebrity endorsement
    • Establishes Credibility
    • Attracts Attention
    • Associative Benefit
    • Psychographic Connect
    • Demographic Connect
    • Mass Appeal
  • 10. Source Credibility
    • Credibility of an endorser
    • Credible image of the product in terms of expertise, persuasiveness, trustworthiness, and objectiveness.
    • Strategists look for likeability and similarity between the endorser and the product for eg: Fardeen Khan for Provogue, Aamir for Titan
  • 11. Establishing a Perfect Match
    • Effectiveness depends on the existence of a 'fit'
    • Knowledgeable, experienced, mature,
    • Communicate the value of the product and transform an ordinary service into a miracle solution for all problems of an ordinary customer.
  • 12.
    • Effective match:
      • Reid & Taylor and Amitabh Bachhan,
      • Accenture and Tiger Woods
    • Non Effective match:
      • Reliance and Virendra Sehwag
  • 13. Impact of a Brand on consumer purchase decision:
    • Research studies have proven that known products and names are sold more than unknown ones
  • 14. Factors influencing consumer buying behavior
    • Consumer's psyche and their ability to take decisions
    • Traditional Factors affecting consumer decision making
    • External influences on consumer behavior
  • 15. Different stages of consumer purchase decision making Problem Recognition Information Search Generation of Alternatives Evaluation of Alternatives Purchase Decision Post Purchase Decision Brand Preference
  • 16. Endorser Attributes
    • Attributes of endorser's effectiveness: Attractiveness and Credibility.
    • General concept of attractiveness consists of three related ideas: similarity familiarity and liking
    • Properties of endorser credibility are expertise and trustworthiness
    • FRED: Familiarity, Relevance, Esteem and Differentiation
  • 17. Influence of celebrity endorsee on purchase decision 42% 26 % 6% 15% 11%
  • 18. Conclusion