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    5 objects 5 objects Document Transcript

    • ROYAL ENFIELD BULLET MACHISMO 350 Royal Enfield Bullet is a collectors item. Mostly appreciated for the thumping engine noise announcing its arrival from a mile away. Bullets are classic crusier machine and has kept place with advances in engineering and er- gonomics without diluting its impeccable pedigree. Enfields are made to last a lifetime. Almost every single part of the Bullet can be replaced or modified, hence, generating an enormous enfield fan club. It is also known as the Desi Harley. Even after so many years Enfield Bullet stands a class part from most of the commonly available bikes here in India. It imparts an entirely different personality to the rider.
    • HARMONIUM It is a keyboard instrument in which the sound is produced by supplying air by hand- operated bellows. The harmonium was invented in Paris in the 1840s by Alexandre Debain In indi playing harmonium in india is usually a way to earn a buck. It is portable, reliable and easy to learn. Harmonium A popular usage is by followers of various Hindu and Sikh faiths, who use it in the devotional singing of prayers, called bhajan or kirtan. There will be at least one harmonium in any mandir (Hindu temple) or gurdwara (Sikh temple) around the world. The harmonium is also commonly accompanied by the tabla as well as a dholak. .
    • IMARATEE AND JALEBI It is made by deep-frying batter, then soaked in syrup. It is served warm or cold(warm tastes better). It has a somewhat chewy texture with a crystallized sugary exterior coat- ing. The sugars get partly fermented which adds flavor to the dish. In India it is served as the Celebration Sweet. It is also used as a remedy for headaches in some parts of Pakistan where it is placed in boiling milk and left to stand before eating. Some references to the sweet was found in a 13th century cookbook by Muhammad bin Hasan al-Baghdadi. In Iran, where it is known as Zlebia, the sweet was traditionally given to the poor during Ramadan. It is very likely that it came into the Indian sub-continent during he muslim rule.
    • KOLHAPURI CHAPPALS Kolhapuri chappals are exquisitely handcrafted footwear. In Kolhapur, these chap- pals are called “Pie-taan”. They are mostly made in Kolhapur, Maharashtra. They are available in various sizes, patterns and colors. Kolhapuri chappals are made from processed leather. Hides of buffalo, goat and cow are processed and grazed. Grazing of leather makes the leather hard enough for daily wear and tear use. Using specific templates, the basic chappal design is then cut out. Depending upon the final product, the cut outs are kept in natural color or dyed as per specifications. The sole and the upper body of the chappals are joined together by stitches which are done with a leather cord. Other embellishments and adornments then follow in making a fancy pair of Kolhapuri chappals.
    • CHAMPAK Champak is a classical magazine for kids published by the Delhi Press Group since 1968 in India. Available in hindi,english and other indian languages, champak was the most popular indian comics. The magazine was aimed at exposing a small child to information and education through entertaining and interesting stories. The signature style of Champak is its stories based on animal. Champak is published twice a month and is a colorfull magazine which attracts many of the children who love to read the stories. Champak is split into three sections: Stories,Picture Stories(Morals are expressed using comics.) and your section(Contains short stories, jokes, real-life experiences and many more interest- ing things).