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  • My Power Point. Slides:8
  • I use most of my time now going on the official blog of my favorite author and checking the latest book news. Also going on Kizi games and Coolified games.


  • 1.  My sisters’ names are Joy and Lily. Joy is older than me and Lily is younger than me. Joy is a coin collector and is currently trying to find a job other than a cashier, because she’s a bit anti-social with other people. My Mom and Dad: My dad works in the Air Force in communications. My mom is a librarian in the Irmo Branch Library.
  • 2.  Huan Huan is the best dog ever! :D She is loyal, sweet, kind, and you can take a bone away from her while she’s eating and all she’ll do is stare. Rebecca the cute (but disobedient ) bunny. Rebecca is a really wild bunny. Sometimes She and Huan play chase and Rebecca hops around while Huan walks to her. Also, Huan sometimes sits in the sand with her in her “burrow”.
  • 3.  We have 2 roosters (Bert and Rouchet) We have 14 hens (4 old hens and 10 younger hens) The 10 young ones lay blue and green eggs and the old grumpy hens lay cream and brown eggs.
  • 4.  I love to read fiction with adventure (and humor). I like to swim. I like to play computer games. My favorite computer games are: DuckLife 4, Wonderputt, and more games, but I can’t list them because it would fill up this section. This picture is from myfavorite book series. I like theAuthor’s funny style.
  • 5.  My favorite books are Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Heroes of Olympus, The Kane Chronicles, and How to Train Your Dragon, currently. My favorite color is still undecided but I like pretty much any color except brown, black, and dark green (the ones in the marker box green). I pretty much just watch what my older sister does so I don’t have a favorite show to watch.
  • 6.  My little sister Lily is the baby of our family and still acts like she’s 3.
  • 7.  I have 15 hens at home. Lily is the youngest of our family. My Dad is in the Air Force.