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Module E Commerce
Module E Commerce
Module E Commerce
Module E Commerce
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Module E Commerce


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  • 1. Punjab College of Technical Education , Ludhiana ( Course Module ) Course : E – Commerce Class : MBA – IB Course instructor : Er.Sartaj Singh Bajwa Marks 100 Internal Assessment: 40 External Assessment: 60 Marks Breakup ( 40 Marks ) 1. Case studies : (5 marks) These will be mentioned with each lecture in the course break up and all the students are required to read them before coming to the class. 2. Assignments : (5 marks). The assignments will be mentioned in the course breakup and students are required to submit that assignment within the specified time. 3. Hourly Tests : (10 marks) There will be two hourly two tests in the semester, weightage of both the tests is 5 marks. 4. Class presentations: (5 marks) 5. Mid-semester Examinations (15 marks) Course Plan Lecture Module Assignment Test Case No. 1 Introductory session 2 E Commerce Definition, Diff. Between e commerce and e business, 7 features of e commerce, 3 E commerce I & E commerce II 4 Types of e commerce B2C, B2B, 5 C2C, P2P, M – Commerce 6 Brief on e commerce business models, 7 Detailed discussion on B2C Business Model 8 Online customer behavior (Assignment No 1) 1 9 Model of online consumer behavior, 7 types of online sessions 10 Market segmentation 11 Hourly Test 1 12 Disintermediation , Reintermediation 13 Case Study 1 1 Page 1 of 4
  • 2. 14 Product market strategies: Generic marketing entry strategies 15 Integrated internet marketing communications: advertisement and promotions 16 Basics of online advertisement, Banner and rich media ads, Paid search engine inclusion and placement, sponsorships, affiliate relationships Direct e-mail marketing Online catalogs 17 Public relations 2 Mixing online and offline marketing communication ( Assignment No. 2) 18 E – CRM: Permission marketing, affiliate marketing, viral marketing 19 Hourly Test 2 20 Online market research, 21 Case Study 2 2 22 Business intelligence and knowledge management 23 B2B Concept 24 Supply Chain Management & re-engineering 25 Extranets and Intranets 26 Organizational Change 27 B2B Market Places 28 Case Study 3 3 29 Economic, legal and social issues 30 E Payment System 31 Internet security and risk management 32 Internet gambling and censorship Books Recommended E-commerce by Kenneth C. Laudon & Carol Guercio Traver Assignments Assignment No. 1 – Visit website and look at the many types of auctions available.What are the top 3 market opportunities you would pursue based on the goods and auction community in evidence at eBay? Discuss in detail ? Page 2 of 4
  • 3. Assignment No. 2 – Choose an E- Commerce website and asses it in terms of seven unique features. Which of the feature does the site implement well and which feature poorly in your opinion ? Provide your detailed findings and suggestions for improvement ? Assignment No. 3 – While surfing on the web , visit at least two different sites and make a list describing all different marketing tools you see being used. Which one you feel is the most effective and why ? Activity During the semester you have to buy/sell at least two products online and then submit a report about the detail of the product , why you choose to buy that product online , pros & cons of online purchase ? Case Study Case Study 1 ( Can this business model be saved ? – Refer to page 136 of Kenneth C. Laudon ) Case Study 2 America Online ( Refer to page 440 of Kenneth C. Laudon ) Case Study 3 Oligopoly ( Future of the internet content industry ? – Refer to page 882 of Kenneth C. Laudon ) Presentation Topics 1. M Commerce. Where the future lies? 2. Security issues in e commerce 3. E – CRM (Applications/Benefits etc) 4. Advantages and disadvantages of online shopping 5. E learning and Virtual Classrooms 6. Permission Marketing (General Discussion Topic) 7. E – Entrepreneurship (General Discussion Topic) Page 3 of 4
  • 4. 8. E – Branding (General Discussion Topic) 9. Can Brands last forever? Justify. 10. Does online advertising really work? Justify. 11. Role of E – Commerce in Supply Chain Management 12. Competitive advantage through e commerce 13. Explain the concept of B2B with examples 14. Explain the concept of B2C with examples Page 4 of 4