Introducing Google Analytics


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Introducing Google Analytics - Google Analytics Fundamentals.

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Introducing Google Analytics

  1. 1. Google Analytics Fundamentals Srikant DhondiManager - Web Developement & Online Customer Engagement (
  2. 2. Course Overview About this Course  A scenario driven approach to applying Google Analytics, quickly.  Targeted to the non-developer, with developer specific features at end What will get covered?  Tracking visits and visitor activity  Tracking more specialized forms of engagement  Managing reports and data  Programming Google Analytics
  3. 3. Agenda for this module Overview of Google Analytics Get you setup with the sample website to play around with Start collecting metrics A tour of the Google Analytics web UI Powerful reports you should start with
  4. 4. What can web analytics tell you?Tell you who your visitors are: How often they visit How people are finding your site Where geographically they are coming from When they are visitingTell you what your visitors like (or dislike): How long they spend on your site What pages are interesting, which pages turn them off Give you details on specific in-page interactionsTell you about your social media love: How many likes or tweets your site is getting Web analytics is like your websites thermometer
  5. 5. Why use Google Analytics for Web Analytics? Server Log based tracking  Captures visits to your website by relying on the web servers built-in logging that is updated with every request from a visitors browser  This is the approach taken by products like Urchin(the predecessor to Google Analytics)  Deprecated as of the end of March 2012 Page View based tracking  Uses A beacon that transmits tracking data to centralized servers(separate from your web server) when A visitor visits your site and interacts with its content  Requires javascript on the visitors browser & changes to web pages  Completely offloads the website owner from managing, collecting and processing server log files  This is the approach taken by google analytics In the end Google Analytics makes it easy to collect and analyze website activity data.
  6. 6. How Google Analytics Works Visitors Browser Your Website Googles Servers GA Website Go to Raw Clicks Data Ready & Summary Webpage Your Webpage BigTable for Viewing Tables "Database" Load Webpage Report Runs GATC Get GA Script (ga.js) Daily & Periodic Loads ga.js (re)processing ga.js Collect Visitor Data Log Files_utma_utmb_utmx Set Cookies_utmv_utmz Google Analytics Data Send Visit Data in Pixel Request Track Visit Collection Servers Tracking Pixel File
  7. 7. It All Starts With a Website Other pages: HomeFree Service About UsLanding Page Services News Contact Checkout Page Thank you Page
  8. 8. Enabling Google Analytics
  9. 9. Create a Google account
  10. 10. Signup GA account
  11. 11. Create New Account
  12. 12. Get GATC
  13. 13. Paste GATC to Web Page GATC Code
  14. 14. Real-Time Activity Reports
  15. 15. 5 Minutes to Launch Then you create an account, a web property & a profile Add to every web page Create Sign Up ApplyGoogle for Get GATC Verify GATCAccount Analytics You need a login first Make sure it works! Grab the JavaScript for the profile
  16. 16. What did we accomplish? We got the defaultWhats Getting Tracked? tracking in place. Whats NOT Getting Tracked?Visits & Visitor Hit Counts Demographics Monetary Value Technology Goals & funnels New vs. Returning Multi-channel funnelsContent Page View Counts Multiple domains Bounce Rate Entry / Exit Flow / Navigation In-page events File downloads Flash, Silverlight & YouTubeSessions Mailto links Duration Outbound links Page DepthTraffic Sources We will return to these later in the course.In-Page Analytics
  17. 17. Pitstop: When Will Your Data be Visible?Start: after deploying web pages with GATCActivity Immediately In Minutes In 1-4 Hours Within 24 HoursTracking InstalledReal-time DataReceiving DataIntra-day ActivityData Most ReportsEnd of DayActivity Data
  18. 18. Stroll Thru Analytics UI
  19. 19. Key Reports Traffic Reports Visitor Flow Goal Funnel Demographics In-Page Analytics Site-Speed
  20. 20. Flavors of Google Analytics Free  Most sites can benefits from Google Analytics for free, in perpetuity  Must operate below thresholds  Exceed 10M data hits or roughly 1M visits per month  Data retained up to 25 months  Data exports limited to 20k rows per export Premium  Specifically targets large organizations  When you need to scale beyond the thresholds  What included development & configuration support  Guarantees report freshness to less than 4 hours  Provides support for attribution modeling to multi-channel referrers  Can afford to pay $150,000 per year
  21. 21. Summary Recap  Overview of Google Analytics  Get you setup with the sample website to play around with  Start collecting metrics  A tour of the Google Analytics web UI  Powerful reports you should start with
  22. 22. Thank YouFor Further Questions & Answers, connect withAegis Global Academy - INSTITUTE OF CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE MANAGEMENT 1800 209 8777, + 91 422 6651 107, + 91 422 6651 108