Pat Griswold: Essential Steps to increase sales


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  • Hello everyone and thank you for joining me. My name is Patrick Griswold and I will be hosting today’s webinar. Now, a little more about me in a few minutes. I’m very exciting to have all of you here and being able to share my story and important information with you.  We have a few more people coming on to the call in the next minute or two so while we wait for them let me go over a few house keeping issues  To get the most out of this session and realize the results you are looking for get yourself a pad and pen to take some notes. You don’t want to miss some important parts of what I say by fumbling around looking for a pad and pen. Also you may want to grab a drink.A short story from a few nights ago . . . I was at a social gathering and talking with a group of other business people (lawyer, CPA, Insurance, Restaurant, car dealer) and they all laughed in disbelief when I told them my sales have not gone down - - due to the economy. Then I explained to them why . . . and that is what YOU are going to learn on this webinar.  Therefore, if you want to increase sales of your restaurant you are already miles ahead of your competition by being on this webinar. I appreciate and congratulate you on choosing to be here and opening your mind up to new ideas. Too many of us know what it is like to be stuck and not know where to turn with regard to increasing sales. Well I have the answers you need and I am going to explain to you step by step what the best thing you can do is.Now let’ get started. 
  • Wouldn’t it be nice to beat the pants off the local competition and drive them crazy wondering what you are doing?They see no ads of your s and wonder.
  • Now a little bit about me . . .While I own a restaurant I am sure you probably know more about operations than I do – but I have become obsessed with restaurant marketing.
  • Even at a young age I had the traits of an entrepreneur but never really though about going to college.
  • In the end I decided it was the better choice.I graduated 1980 with degrees in Accounting and Business and was ready to take on the world. There is some irony to that and you will realize it as I tell you more.Armed with my degree I thought I wanted to be a C.P.A. and that is the type of work I started to do when I graduated. Put it this way, after two years of it I was bored and going crazy.
  • So my career goes on and I am working with people like these guys. That is me on the far right. It was a P/R photo done when I took a African Minister of Trade (Cabinet Member) to Germany to tour our headquarters etc. Now I know these guys look like a bunch of fun but I was actually getting tired of the bureaucracy in a big corporation. Putting it in restaurant terms; sometimes I would have to wait for months to get an approval to by a new oven. It was the summer of 2001 and I was just appointed as the CEO of the Indian tyre company I had been involved with. I found a house, arranged for our daughter to go to the American school, packed our things up in Africa and had them shipped to New Delhi and then finally headed home to me up with Dawn and Alexa and then take them back to India with me.
  • 1990 - Appointed Finance Director at $40M company in East Africa (age 31)Married just before leaving for Africa.The true heart of Africa. Wildlife etc.I Dreamed of Africa movie.
  • Within in 18 months CEOUsually retirement jobLocals caught off guard - - - this young guy?I had a new and different perspective. Actually going to do something – westernize the place.Great mentors.
  • 12
  •  Now critical point - - 1995 went on home leave from Africa  How I got involved in the restaurant business.
  • Purchased Pizzi Café
  • Not a professional photo!
  • Left business with family and went back to Africa.
  • At that point in my career had expandedI was so good at challenging environments they gave me the responsibilityto negotiate deal and manage a company in India that had 4 huge factories – and 12,000 employees.So now I am commuting between Africa - India.Yes, a lot of airline miles but little time with the family.
  • But two weeks after getting to the USA a thing called 911 happened. You may not remember but flights were shutdown and backlogged for so long I was grounded for 5 weeks. During this time I did some soul searching. Talked to some people that convinced me I could go out on my own. So I walked away from it all and decided to stay here in the USA and start my own tire industry consulting business.
  • Wait, I’ve spent a lot of money buying and updating this restaurant and if we don’t increase sales it will be tough for my grandchildren to get my investment back!
  • No more rollercoaster rides of sales.Instead, what if you had steadily increasing sales? No more expensive and less, or even ineffective, advertising. 
  • Now how hard could this be? Going from a tire executive to the restaurant business.So I did the usual reaction (newspaper, radio, coupon mailers, etc)
  • Therefore, the examples I have given you actually PREVENT you from reaching the sales goals you wish to reach. So if you keep doing these things or do NOTHING at all you will not meet your sales goal.
  • LOUSY results. In the meantime I get a solid lead for some consulting work in China and felt that I had to get this increase and sales go thing ontrack before my China trips increased and I got very occupied with that.
  • I actually have twice as much stuff now that I have studied.I have studied the marketing systems of : Bill Marvin, Joel Cohen, Bill Main, Rory Fatt, Michael Attias, Kameron Karrington, Max Hitchens, Big Dave Ostrander, Dan Kennedy, Bill Glazer and more . . .  I literally have over 200 pounds of books, manuals, CD’s, tapes, DVD’s and newsletters from all those consultants – at one point I couldn’t find my desk I was so buried in the material.
  •  So you might ask . . . Where did I find the time to study so much? On those flights back and forth to China ! While the materials I studied had some great content I actually had to teach myself how to best apply it.
  • 39
  • Now I have to start by asking you a question: How strong and meaningful would your relationship with your spouse, children, other relatives, neighbors friends and co-workers if you did not communicate at all with them for 30 days.No telephone, no texting, no email, no nothing! Pretty rotten right?Well, then why would you treat your customers that way? It is the same in your business. People want to do business with people they know and communicate with. That is why it is not about price. It is about relationship. Nations Restaurant News just reported only 14% of restaurant owners choose menu items based on price. So I think it is better to concentrate on the other 86%.
  • The average person patronizes their favorite restaurant twice a month. Therefore, if you can get your “average” customer to order ONE more time a month (or 3 visits per month one more) that would be up to a 50% increase in your sales. Therefore, much of the sales increase you are NOW looking for already exists in within the customers you ALREADY have. 
  • The right type of communications are the type people never get tired of.
  • Pat Griswold: Essential Steps to increase sales

    1. 1. Good marketing and businesspractices are not prejudice to thesize or type of business . . .YOUR business is not different!
    2. 2. I have nothing to offer youregarding the operations ofyour business . . .outside of dish washing!
    3. 3. Are you tired of people trying tosell you advertising at the locallevel that producesonly short term results?
    4. 4. Want some sneaky “underthe radar” marketing thatreally works . . . that 98% ofyour competitors will NEVERhear about let alone do?
    5. 5. Do you want to leave todayclearly understanding ;The Wrong WayThe Right WayAn EZ 4 Point Plan to
    6. 6. Alan DonatelliDona Vito’s Italian Grille in Ohio.Started working with him October 2011• Record December 2011• Jan. 2012 sales HIGHER than his DEC. 2011 sales & (30% higher than Jan. 2011).• February 2012 sales were 28% higher than the previous year.• Set a very big personal goal to meet by the end of 2012 . . . a goal that he wouldhave NEVER thought possible. Goal was reached.Want to Know How?
    7. 7. Ready ?
    8. 8. FIRSTA VERY ImportantQuestion:
    9. 9. How Many Countries are there in Africa?
    10. 10. Relevance?
    11. 11. US$ 300+ Billion
    12. 12. Over $40 Billion in Annual Sales100% travel - globally first seven years!
    13. 13. Mr. Fat Passports.40+ Countries
    14. 14. Why I am here with you!
    15. 15. Went out for Dinner!
    16. 16. Walked out the Owner!
    17. 17. 25th oldest & 5th oldest
    18. 18. Not knowing what to do I made avery high caliber strategicmove . . .
    19. 19. Please name thosepizza / restaurantmarketing experts.
    20. 20. Bill MarvinJoel CohenPhyllis Ann MarshallRory FattLee MilteerPaul HartunianMichael AttiasKameron KarringtonBig Dave OstranderJeff Slutsky and about 20 more
    21. 21. $100,000 Club!
    22. 22. Some Serious Reading Time
    23. 23. Pat, what are you doing!?The rest is history . . .
    24. 24. A FewKey Things
    25. 25. Warning!Having the Right MindsetisCritical!
    26. 26. KennedyismsWhat business are we in?
    27. 27. Marketing:The only way you can spendmoney that makes moneycome back.
    28. 28. Purpose of a customeris to get a sale.
    29. 29. Purpose of sale is toget a customer.
    30. 30. Lead vs Customer
    31. 31. Everything that happensis the result of systems.Good or bad.
    32. 32. How many ways can youmarket your business?
    33. 33. Why do mostbusinesses“advertise”?
    34. 34. “I need more customers.”REACTIONARY
    35. 35. Why over 90% of restaurantadvertising is dead wrong.Message – Market - Media
    36. 36. Suzy “Space Seller” and William“Whip Something Up”.Besides, their way starts with thelast step first. What would youexpect the results to be?
    37. 37. Pretty Simple:Fills Space and Looks PrettyorMakes people respond . . .And give you
    38. 38. Critical Components• Compelling Headline• Strong Offer• Testimonial• Guarantee• USP• Call to Action• Payment Options• URL• Social Media• QR Code• Contacts• Hours of Business
    39. 39. Do YOUSell Prices?
    40. 40. 14%*Nations Restaurant NewsUnless price is your sellingpoint (Little Caesars) don’tfocus too much on being pricecompetitive in your market.
    41. 41. With a 10% Price Increase . . .You would have to lose thirtypercent of your sales BEFORE youstarted destroying your previouslevel of profit.
    42. 42. The Longo family for raising $7,824.69 at Pizzafor Paws! This fundraiser was 3 days long andwas held at Longos Pizza and Joeys ItalianGrille. They sold 681 pizzas and gave us 100%of proceeds! We truly appreciate yourgenerosity and support for our organization!
    43. 43. Customer Loyalty• Airlines• Hotels• Casinos• Grocery Stores• Restaurants
    44. 44. It is significantlyeasier and less expensiveto get the customers youalready have to visitmore often and spend more. . . than it is to getnew customers in the veryfirst time.
    45. 45. Survey Says:•Latest Technology•Done for Me•Works
    46. 46. Totally Automated . . .Done 4 You. . . and available TODAY!
    47. 47. Businesses with a detailedcustomer database and theirbuying history can be soldfor up to 30-50% more.
    48. 48. Great Easy andInexpensive Way toGet NEW Customers . . .
    49. 49. “We Cater”The most popular restaurantcatering marketing campaign.
    50. 50. AttackYour Top 100 BusinessesEZ Drop Off Catering
    51. 51. How do you “stick out”?
    52. 52. Think of Social Media as jewelry.It helps your marketing convertat higher rates by keeping yourname and brand out there.
    53. 53. Red Mango
    54. 54. Lewis HowesLinked Influence $97
    55. 55. Email
    56. 56. Not automated.Single “broadcasts”.For the record, the automated emails in the GRSSales Builder system contain professionallywritten “copy” using the best direct responsemarketing techniques in the world.Copy writing value = $30,000 - $50,000
    57. 57. Raise your hand if you get a waveof hungry customers willing to payany price . . . for hours and evendays . . . after each broadcast emailYOU send out.
    58. 58. Common Subject Line:Dinner for Two Only $19.99
    59. 59. John, Bad News . . .Please Don‟t Read This . . .Cathy, Was it You?Tom, Don‟t Be Shocked But . . .It‟s True . . . We Are Closing . . .Sandy, I Wanted to tell You First . . .
    60. 60. OK,but thenwhat do I say?Read this . . .
    61. 61. 2013If you do not have a solid weband mobile presence today . . .That is like NOT being in thetelephone book 25 years ago.
    62. 62. Produce and mail a monthly,personalized Newsletter.
    63. 63. Hot Seat
    64. 64. Describe your market
    65. 65. Main Reasons We Lose Up to 20%of Our Customers Annually:• Unhappy (80/20)• Relocation (Job, Divorce)• Economics• Death• Jail
    66. 66. How much wouldyou like to increaseyour sales?
    67. 67. A Simple Calculation!My (Increase) Goal _____Average Ticket _____Annual Customer Value _____New Customers Needed _____
    68. 68. What are you waiting for?Go get „em!Suzy and Bill are ready to help!
    69. 69. 4 Steps to Get you ThereKeep in mind all your “othermarketing” is still going on.The purpose of this strategy is to buildyour sales and database by a specificamount and replace lost customers.
    70. 70. It is proven year after year thatmore people will respond totype of marketing more thananything else, by far.
    71. 71. Hmm . . .Ever been to a wedding?Paid a Bill?
    72. 72. Personalized, Emotional,Direct Response MarketingCommunicated viaDirect Mail / Postal MailAnd that won‟t change anytime soon.
    73. 73. My Conversion RatesBirthday GreetingEmail 15%Postcard 24% (60% Higher)Rewards CertificateEmail 41%Postcard 61% (49% Higher)
    74. 74. Step #1Build a Unique, Personalized,3 Step, Direct Mail Campaign.
    75. 75. Step #2Identify your “Sweet Spot”.Use POS data to find it.Ticket average and zip code.YOU may already know yours.Who else has YOUR list?
    76. 76. Step #3• Obtain a List and scrub it.• Let‟s Calculate how big of a listwe need.
    77. 77. Step #4 Mail, Mail, Mail!On Tuesdays
    78. 78. No Less Than3 TIMESNext to ContentThat Is What Sets You Apart
    79. 79. Stick OutA - B - C Mail
    80. 80. Stories
    81. 81. PLEASEDo not confuse yourselfwith your customers .
    82. 82. ImportantWe‟ve invested a lot.Therefore, incentivize staff to“sign up” all customers.
    83. 83. “Shock and Awe”New customerwelcome pack.
    84. 84. In Summary . . .They Don‟t Care Who You Are.r------------They Want to Know WhatYou Can do for Them.---------And what sets YOU apart.
    85. 85. ROI
    86. 86. • Cost of list• Cost of mailing• New customers and their life timevalue.
    87. 87. Who likes the 3 Stepmailing idea?
    88. 88. The actual campaign(3 mail pieces)becomes an ASSET of yourbusiness. You can use overand over again year afteryear to generate newcustomers and revenue.
    89. 89. YESYou have a story!
    90. 90. Direct Response CopyWriting is an Learned Art.
    91. 91. Copy Writing Components My #1Raw materialsBusiness ProcessInterviewResearchOutlineSecond pathSubliminal triggersCalls to action
    92. 92. Don’t spend any moremoney.Just spend some of themoney you already do ina better way . . . on agreat $$$ making asset.Your Investment
    93. 93. Why direct mail thousands ofhomes and people over and overagain that will NEVER patronize you.
    94. 94. Shot Gunning vsSharp ShootingQuantity vs Quality
    95. 95. A Better Investment than: Newspaper and other ads Radio spots (that cannot be tracked)Flyers and other weak mailthat the vast majority endsup in the trash . . .
    96. 96. Interested in a ProfessionallyWritten, 3 Step Campaign thatwill get results?