5 Easy Steps to Profit Maximized Online Ordering


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Today’s customers expect their favorite eateries to be available online, but many restaurant owners still have questions. How do you know if your business is ready for online and mobile ordering and what’s the best way to get started? In this 30 minute webinar, we’ll share tips for choosing the right technology and strategies for making the most of your online and mobile ordering system.

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  • According to Forrester Research, 23% of consumers will abandon if you ask them to register before checking out.
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  • 5 Easy Steps to Profit Maximized Online Ordering

    1. 1. Step to Easy s Profit-Maximized Online Orders
    2. 2. A Quick Introduction Restaurant Experts Fred Dilkes Mobile & Kiosk Customer Loyalty Point-of-Sale Online Ordering Business Intelligence
    3. 3. A Quick Introduction Restaurant Experts Fred Dilkes Mobile & Kiosk Customer Loyalty Point-of-Sale Online Ordering Business Intelligence
    4. 4. A Quick Introduction Restaurant Experts Fred Dilkes Your “One Throat To Mobile & Kiosk Choke” Tech Provider Point-of-Sale Online Ordering Business Intelligence Customer Loyalty
    5. 5. Step 1: Understanding Online Order ROI Why?
    6. 6. Why Online Ordering?
    7. 7. “Growth in digital and mobile ordering contributed to the quarter’s (Q1 2013) 13.7% profit increase, accounting for about 40 percent of all sales, with some markets topping 50 percent.” --John Schnatter, Papa John’s CEO. “Such advances increasingly give larger chains an advantage over smaller regional chains and independents”, said Tony Thompson, executive vice president, chief operating officer Why Online Ordering?
    8. 8. Proven Online Ordering Benefits: Increased Check Average Increased Order Frequency Reduced Labor Costs Improved Accuracy Increased Customer Satisfaction
    9. 9. Consumers Find Ordering Online: Easier than speaking to a live person
    10. 10. Consumers Find Ordering Online: Faster
    11. 11. Consumers Find Ordering Online: More Convenient
    12. 12. Consumers Find Ordering Online: More Accurate
    13. 13. Consumers Find Ordering Online: But Most Important ...
    14. 14. Why do consumers LOVE Ordering ONLINE?
    15. 15. SURPRIS The #1 Reason Is Not CONVENIENC E!The Reason Is E CONTROL
    16. 16. They, Like You, Just Want Their Order To Be Right. Ordering Online Improves Accuracy You might also like the positive impact on your bottom line! http://www.granburyrs.com/blog/bid/69595/Strong-ROI-forRestaurant-Online-Ordering-says-Cornell-Report
    17. 17. Fun Fact: Online orders are typically 15 more complex than in-store orders. They have % calories. 6% more 23 more obscure. And they are % Source: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/9082176/mcdevitt_internet_inhibitions_april_2012.pdf
    18. 18. “Triple Bacon with Garlic & Anchovies? Way too embarrassing to order over the phone!” Source: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/9082176/mcdevitt_internet_inhibitions_april_2012.pdf
    19. 19. Looking to attract Business & Catering orders? Among Our Users, Online Orders Are 10x More likely to be >$100 than an in-store order!
    20. 20. Did You Know? 40 Of all American Adults have placed a food % order online And once they try it . . 70 Of all online shoppers prefer to shop online % Source: http://www.iab.net/mobilemeals
    21. 21. Did You Know? 50 % of millenials (18-34) say they would like their favorite restaurant to offer more high tech ordering options
    22. 22. Adding Up the ROI: With Just 10 Online Orders A Day: 25% Ticket Average Increase $37.50 $35 2 Customers Ordered More Often 1 New Customer Found You Online –and ordered $24.50 One mistake averted – saving you a refund $26.75 Bottom Line Results: $123.75 per day!
    23. 23. "The cost of online ordering is so minimal with the time online ordering saves, and even reducing no shows by 2 a month - the ROI is instant." --Josh at Ben Yehuda Café & Pizzeria
    24. 24. Step 2: How To Get Online
    25. 25. My Site 47 % Of consumers visiting a portal site prefer to click to your site to order. Or A Portal? http://www.pizzamarketplace.com/article/217497/Portals-vs-non-portals-Which-is-best-foronlineordering?utm_source=NetWorld%20Alliance&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=E MNAPMC08132013&utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=social&utm_content=1119159
    26. 26. Portal Sites: PRO • May expose you to new customers • Good for touristy areas • Expensive – up to 15% per order • Paying a middleman for existing customers? • Expose customers to competition • Funding – may wait 30 days • Not POS Integrated • Menu changes harder to maintain • May not have specialized functionality you need CON
    27. 27. Your Site: PRO • You control the brand & experience • Integration with your POS system • Flat monthly fee encourages growth • Your pictures, colors & look • Don’t send customers deal shopping • You must promote it to your customers • Use good web practices to get exposed to new customers. CON
    28. 28. Trouble with Portals?
    29. 29. Steer Clear of the Competition with Your Own Site!
    30. 30. You Can Do Both! • Promote your own site to your customers •Only pay the middleman for those new customers they send you!
    31. 31. Choose Your Provider: POS Integration is key! • Manage orders on the Makeline • Control & Reporting Audit • Easier menu updates • Complete Customer History
    32. 32. Expertise to Look For: • • • • • • • • Store Selector / mapping Validate Delivery Area Charge Delivery Fees by Zone Delayed / Future Orders Pizza Sizes, Crust Types, Fractions Coupon Validation Out of Stock Items Daily or Weekly Specials
    33. 33. Get Mobile! 50% Consumers surveyed had a branded restaurant app on their phone Source: http://www.iab.net/mobilemeals
    34. 34. "I like that there is a flat rate and we can push as much volume through it as possible. Plus, being integrated with our POS system makes handling the orders very simple. Having visual graphics to show the customers what they are getting has really helped and the customers enjoy seeing their order. Along with this, the visual up-selling to customers has also helped a lot.“ - Brian Banick, Solo’s Pizza
    35. 35. Step 3: Set Up For Success
    36. 36. Mistake #1: Requiring Registration Too Early! • Don’t make customers sign in to start an order or browse the menu! •Make registration less painful – use shortcuts like Register with Facebook
    37. 37. Mistake #2: Ignoring the Power of Pictures • Use pictures for your food & modifiers to increase the mouthwatering appeal. • Get professional help for consistent, appealing photos
    38. 38. Mistake #3: Going Off Site • Embed the online ordering into your website to give consumers confidence – your URL stays the same.
    39. 39. Mistake #4: Cutting Off The Cash • 29% of Americans do not have a credit card! • Allow a cash – “Pay At Delivery” option to maximize potential revenue.
    40. 40. Mistake #5: Forget the Follow Up • Now you know your customers – reward them for their loyalty with an integrated points & perks program
    41. 41. “Many customers these days only want to use online ordering, plus the average check is much higher. The pictures are what really help to sell the product. Besides the pizza, the customers view all the sandwiches, desserts and other food we offer and you can’t do that over the phone. I wish I had started online ordering years ago.” --Gary Cooney, Waldo Cooney’s Pizza
    42. 42. Step 4: Promoting Your Site
    43. 43. Promo #1: Restaurant Real Estate! • Table Tents • Window Clings • Take Out Menus • Delivery Vehicles
    44. 44. Promo #2: Use That Box! • Box Toppers with an Online-only coupon for nononline orders
    45. 45. Promo #3: Get Off Hold! • Customers on hold? Modify your message to promote your online ordering!
    46. 46. Promo #5: Around The Web • Make sure to update your listings around the web – Yelp, FourSquare, Google Places, TripAdvisor, Yellow Pages – etc. with online ordering information
    47. 47. Promo #6: Get Social • Create an “order online” tab in Facebook which links directly to your online ordering site. • Don’t forget to post & tweet regularly reminding customers they can order online
    48. 48. Promo #7: Special 1st-timer offer • Create a special offer that applies the first time you order online - and promote it!
    49. 49. Promo #8: Customer Outreach • If you’ve got customer mailing information already, or better yet – an e-mail list, reach out to these customers to let them know you now have online ordering
    50. 50. Promo #9: The Fast Lane • Designate a special pre-paid pick-up line for customers who order ahead online. They can skip the busy wait at lunch – and make other customers jealous!
    51. 51. Step 5: The Power of Suggestion!
    52. 52. Boost Those Ticket Averages! Suggestive Selling Online Only 30% Of Fast Casual Chains do it. . . Effective online ordering, with suggestive selling, can lead to ticket averages that are 15 – 37 % higher than in-store averages http://www.marketingforecast.com/best-of-2011-onlineordering-offers-sales-opportunities-for-restaurant-chains/
    53. 53. Suggestions #1: Popular Combos • Get consumers hooked with great combo deals that they see right away • Use tempting pictures
    54. 54. Suggestions #2: Item Enhancements • Add modifiers • Double toppings • Extra Cheese • Add Chicken • Add Avocado • Add sides of dipping sauce
    55. 55. Suggestions #3: Item Companions • Suggest profitable items to go with the item you are ordering • Add sides, wings, bread, dessert, salad, drinks . . . • Smart Upsell picks the right suggestion – based on what is not yet in the cart.
    56. 56. Suggestions #4: Final Review • One Last Chance to add something delicious to the cart
    57. 57. Suggestions ROI: For Every 100 orders . . What if: 25% Add A Drink 30% add a topping $15.00 $49.75 5% Go For The Combo $99.80 20% Add An Appetizer $25 Bottom Line Results: $189.55
    58. 58. “Our customers really love the ease and quickness of placing an order either on their computer or from our own mobile app. And the crew loves the efficiency, because they don’t have to pick up the phone or ring up the order. Their productivity increases - and that’s wonderful.” --Mary Jo Onweller, Menna’s Joint
    59. 59. Steps: Why Online Getting Online Set Up For Success Promote Use Suggestions
    60. 60. GRS Online Ordering: $129/mo. Flat rate Includes Custom Mobile App • Integrated with DiamondTouch, FireFly, Vital Webinar Link, Coffee Shop Manager, Aldelo, Focus, PC America Special: POS. $99/mo. w/12 mo. agreement • Non-integrated direct-print & e-mail available 50% off setup Thru Dec. 31!
    61. 61. Building Blocks of Point-of-Sale Success Easy Check Out Our Integrated All-Inclusive Affordable Packages! Mobile & Kiosk Online Ordering Customer Loyalty & Feedback Business Intelligence
    62. 62. Take The Next Step Schedule A Personal Demo Watch Your Email: Thank you gift Slide Show www.granburyrs.com 800-750-3947
    63. 63. Questions? Fred Dilkes fdilkes@granburyrs.com 800.750.3947