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2010 Youth Impact Survey presentation

  1. 1. 2010 YouthImpact SurveyAugust 2011Journalism Program
  2. 2. SurveyThe McCormick Journalism Program earlier this yearconducted a survey of its news literacy and youthjournalism grantees to determine the impact ofprograms in Chicago.
  3. 3. Methodology MF staff created a 12-question Survey Monkey questionnaire that asked about partnerships with high schools, youth reached, teachers trained and neighborhoods where programs take place. MF staff collected school data from the CPS Office of Performance. MF contracted the Urban Data Visualization Lab at the University of Illinois at Chicago to produce maps using ArcGIS.
  4. 4. Collective Impact Some 23 youth journalism and news literacy organizations were surveyed:•  Grantees served 6,874 young people in the Chicago area.•  These students live in 43 of the city’s 77 neighborhoods, with the most activity in Roseland, Englewood, Grand Boulevard, Humboldt Park and North Lawndale.•  Grantees reached students in 87 Chicago schools and 23 other schools in the suburbs.•  Grantees trained 153 teachers.
  5. 5. News Literacy &Youth JournalismFor the purposes of our grantmaking clusters, wealso broke down the survey results into twocategories.
  6. 6. News Literacy 2,484 students in Chicago were directly reached by news literacy programs. News literacy programs were available in 32 schools. 53 teachers received news literacy training.
  7. 7. Youth Journalism  4,390 youth in the Chicago area were directly reached by MF youth journalism grantees.  Nearly all of McCormick’s 2010 youth journalism grantees have infused a strong news literacy component into their programs.  Youth Journalism programs operate in 78 schools.  About 100 teachers received youth journalism training.
  8. 8. MapsIn partnership with the Urban Data Visualization Labat the University of Illinois at Chicago, the JournalismProgram developed a set of four maps to illustratethis data.
  9. 9. ChicagoCommunity AreasThis map shows the Chicagocommunity areas where ourgrantees are working andreveals a concentration ofprograms in the near South andWest sides.
  10. 10. Chicago StudentsServedThis map shows our partners bygrant type (news literacy or youthjournalism) and illustrates thevolume of students served by eachorganization. Programs spancitywide and reached a total of6,874 young people in 2010.
  11. 11. Chicago SchoolsServedThis map shows the reach of ourgrantees in Chicago high schools(and a handful of middleschools). In 2010, our granteesreached students in 87 Chicagoschools and 23 other schools inthe suburbs.
  12. 12. Chicago Schools Served 1   Academy of Communications and Tech Charter School   4319 W. Washington Blvd   45   Mother McAuley HS   3737 W 99th Street   2   Ada S. McKinnley Lakeside Alternative   2920 S. Wabash Ave   46   Mount Carmel HS   6410 S Dante Ave   3   Al Raby High School   3545 W. Fulton Blvd   47   Mount Vernon Elementary School   10540 S Morgan Street   4   Austin Business and Entrepreneurship Academy HS   231 N. Pine Ave   48   Multicultural Arts High School (At Little Village)   3120 South Kostner Ave   5   Banner Academy South   2330 E. 99th Street   49   Murray Language Academy   5335 S Kenwood Ave   6   Benito Juarez Community Academy High School   2150 S. Laflin Street   50   Neal F Simeon Career Academy High School   8147 S. Vincennes Ave   7   Bethune Elementary   3030 W Arthington Street   51   Nicholas Senn High School   5900 N. Glenwood Ave   8   Bronzeville Scholastic Academy High School   4934 S. Wabash Ave   52   Nightingale Elementary School   5250 South Rockwell Street   9   Carl Schurz High School   3601 N. Milwaukee Ave   53   Noble Street Charter - Gary Comer College Prep   7200 S. Ingleside Ave  10   Cassell Elementary School   11314 S Spaulding Ave   54   Noble Street Charter - Noble Street College Prep   1010 N. Noble Street  11   Charles P Steinmetz Academic Centre High School   3030 N. Mobile Ave   55   Noble Street Charter - Rowe-Clark Math & Sci Acad   3645 W. Chicago Ave  12   Chicago Military Academy High School   3519 S. Giles Ave   56   North Lawndale College Prep Charter - Christiana   1616 S. Spaulding Ave  13   Chicago Virtual Charter High School   38 S. Peoria Street   57   North Lawndale College Prep Charter - Collins   1313 S. Sacramento Drive  14   Clara Barton Elementary   7650 South Wolcott Ave   58   North Lawndale College Prep Charter High School   1616 S. Spaulding Ave  15   Claremont Academy Elementary   2300 W. 64th Street   59   Northside College Preparatory High School   5501 N. Kedzie Ave  16   Columbia Explorers Academy Elementary   4520 S Kedzie Ave  17   Crane Achievement Academy High School   2245 W. Jackson Blvd   60   Paul Laurence Dunbar Career Academy High School   3000 S. King Drive  18   Dr Martin Luther King Jr College Prep HS   4445 S. Drexel Blvd   61   Percy L Julian High School   10330 S. Elizabeth Street  19   Edwin G Foreman High School   3235 N. LeClaire Ave   62   Perspectives Charter - Calumet HS   8131 S. May Street  20   Eli Whitney   2815 South Komensky   63   Perspectives Charter - Calumet Technology   8131 S. May Street  21   Erie Elementary   1405 N. Washtenaw  22   Fenger Achievement Academy High School   11220 S. Wallace Street   64   Perspectives Charter - IIT Math & Science Academy   3663 S. Wabash Ave  23   George Washington High School   3535 E. 114th Street   65   Perspectives Charter School   601 S. LaSalle Street  24   Gray Elementary   3730 North Laramie Ave   66   Phoenix Military Academy High School   145 S. Campbell Ave  25   Greater Lawndale High School For Social Justice   3120 South Kostner Ave   67   Prosser Career Academy   2148 N. Long Ave  26   Henderson Elementary   5650 South Wolcott Ave   68   Roberto Clemente Community Academy High School   1147 N. Western Ave  27   Henry Ford Academy Power House Charter HS   931 S. Homan Ave   69   San Miguel School   1949 W 48th St  28   Jacqueline B Vaughn Occupational High School   4355 N. Linder Ave   70   Saucedo Elementary   2850 W 24th Blvd  29   Jane Addams Resource Corp   4432 N. Ravenswood Ave.   71   Simpson Academy High School for Young Women   1321 S. Paulina Street  30   John Hancock College Preparatory High School   4034 W. 56th Street   72   South Shore School of Leadership   7627 S. Constance Ave  31   John M Harlan Community Academy High School   9652 S. Michigan Ave   73   Spry Community Links High School   2400 S. Marshall Blvd  32   John Marshall Metropolitan High School   3250 W. Adams Street   74   St Scholastica HS   7416 N Ridge Blvd  33   Kelvyn Park High School   4343 W. Wrightwood Ave   75   Thomas Kelly High School   4136 S. California Ave  34   Kenwood Academy High School   5015 S. Blackstone Ave   76   University of Chicago Charter - Woodlawn   6420 S. University Ave  35   Lane Technical High School   2501 W. Addison Street  36   Laughlin Falconer Elementary   3020 North Lamon Avenue   77   Urban Prep Academy for Young Men Charter School   6201 S. Stewart Ave  37   Lincoln Park High School   2001 N. Orchard Street   78   Walter Payton College Preparatory High School   1034 N. Wells Street  38   Lindblom High School   6130 South Wolcott Avenue   79   Westinghouse College Prep   3223 W. Franklin Blvd  39   Little Village Lawndale High School   3120 South Kostner Avenue   80   Whitney M Young Magnet High School   211 S. Laflin Street  40   Manley Career Academy High School   2935 W. Polk Street   81   William C Reavis Math & Science   834 E 50th St  41   Maria HS   6727 S California Ave   82   William Howard Taft High School   6530 W. Bryn Mawr Ave  42   Marquette Elementary School   6550 South Richmond Street   83   William J Bogan High School   3939 W. 79th Street  43   May Community Academy   512 S Lavergne Ave   84   William Jones College Preparatory High School   606 S. State Street  44   Morgan Park High School   1744 W. Pryor Ave   85   YCCS - Dr. Pedro Albizu Campos Puerto Rican H.S.   2739 West Division Street   86   YCCS Innovations HS of Arts Integration   220 W. 45th Place   87   Young Womens Leadership Charter High School   2642 S. Calumet Ave  
  13. 13. MF GranteesServing ChicagoHigh SchoolsThis map shows the number ofMcCormick grantees servingChicago schools. There are 10schools that have three ormore news literacy and youthjournalism program partners.
  14. 14. Questions?jliao@mccormickfoundation.orgmhallett@mcormickfoudnation.org