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David Holder Res2009

  1. 1. Phone 708.870.1170 E-mail d.holder@comcast.net David Holder A professional digital artist with 26 years experience working in the ad agency studio and Experience offset print environment with a strong background and knowledge of prepress, imaging and print workflow. Proven ability to work within a team environment, successfully communicating with and working directly with creative directors and sales staff to provide creative retouching, illustration, and 3-D animation in both RGB and CMYK color space. Possess a full understanding of retouching and print workflow from image capture to print. Ability to organize, prioritize, and multi-task with a keen eye for detail and troubleshooting. Chromatech, Des Plaines, IL. Advanced through pressroom and bindery to manage Career Highlights prepress department. Established best practices, production schedules, equipment set up and calibration. Developed and administered training programs in camera, stripping and plate departments. Revere, Chicago, IL. Introduced Photoshop to Revere as an alternative to SCITEX workflow. First member of Photoshop team. Trained SCITEX supervisor in Photoshop to assist transition from SCITEX based retouching to a more profitable and efficient Photoshop based retouching workflow. Set-up auto queues on Scitex RIPs. Schawk Studio Chicago, Chicago, IL. Part of the start up of Schawk Chicago Studio. Responsible for retouching, digital illustration, color corrections, product comps and POP display illustration. Managed color, profiling, and maintenance of the Creo Eversmart Scanner and Kodak Approval XP4. Scitex/Creo Brisque RIP initial set-up and queue management. Scott Gianinni Creative Imaging, Chicago, IL. Same responsibilities as Shawk Studio Chicago after the merge into Gianinni Creative Imaging. Retouching and advisor for technical issues as related to scanning, color management, profiling, and maintenance of the Creo Eversmart Scanner and Kodak Approval XP4. Scitex/Creo Brisque RIP initial set- up and Queue management. Studio 1 East, Chicago, IL. Retouching and illustration, in a highly creative studio environment with direction from creative directors and sales staff. Started 3D in house as a new service to clients. Kodak MVP monitor proofing. Classic Color, Broadview, IL. Managed Imaging Department including retouching, 3D and scheduling. Responsible for seven employees, new hires, and freelance development. Met with clients to discuss the vision of Classic Color and to present our services to ensure a clear understanding of their needs. Established a higher level of quality through best practices and critical quality control standards, which created a higher level of client satisfaction. Implemented Monitor Proofing which resulted in an 80% cost savings internally of proofing materials, labor, and time, benefiting our clients as well. Clients Provided high quality retouching, design and illustration for the following clients: • Classic Color (Y+R, C-K, Leo Burnett, Rhea Kaiser, JT Kearny, VSA) • Bagby (Sony, International Trucks, Miller) • Leo Burnett (Army, Parliament, Signature, Brahma, American Girl, Coke, and Tecate) • Upshot (Miller, Icehouse, Loblaws, and Diagio) • Corbett • Scott Gianinni (Stoli, BMW, Porsche, Harley, Altoids, JC Penney, and Corona) • Anthem (Parkay, Zipitoni, Burger King and L’Oreal) • ColorImage (Communicator, Weber Stevens, Bagby and Sony) • Revere (Frankel, Leo Burnett, DDB and Communicator) Employment 2003-Current Studio 1 East Chicago, IL Digital retouching illustration and 3D animation
  2. 2. 2001-2003 Schawk Chicago Studio / Scott Gianinni Creative Imaging Chicago, IL Digital retouching illustration and 3D animation 2000-2001 ColorImage Chicago, IL Retouching and digital illustration 1998-2000 Revere Photo Platemaking Chicago, IL Retouching and color corrections 1995-1998 AnzoGraphics Chicago, IL Retouching and color corrections 1990-1995 TUKAIZ Communications Franklin Park, IL CAD operator and film stripper 1985-1990 Chromatech Des Plaines, IL Film Stripper and Pre-Press Supervisor Education 1994–1996 School of the Art Institute of Chicago DTP/Ad Design • Desktop Production and Ad Design Freelance Clients • Scott Giannini • Schawk • Studio 1 East • Alter Image • Classic Color • Chicago Catalog • DBA Otis • Gertrude