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Yamhc brochure

  1. 1. “Our dynamic consultationteam of highly committed Celebrating its 160th anniversary in 2011, Edgewoodand experienced practitioners Center for Children and Families (Edgewood) helps children and families take back their future by workinghas provided concrete with them to overcome severe challenges like abuse,supports in our work with neglect, mental illness and crisis. The oldest children’sthe most high risk youth and charity in the western U.S., Edgewood has evolved to meet the community’s changing needs. What beganfamilies. Together we are as a refuge for Gold Rush orphans is now a nationallycreating supportive systems recognized, multifaceted agency. Edgewood serves more than 5,000 children and families in the Bay Area Edgewood Youth Agencyand instilling skills in staff each year through behavioral health, family support, Mental Health Consultationthat will foster high quality and educational services. Edgewood: transforming lives, restoring hope. (YAMHC)effective services well intothe future. We appreciate OUR MISSION The mission of Edgewood Center for Children andthe in-depth assessment Families is to strengthen children, youth, families, and We help organizations and staffprocess which facilitated an their communities through service, training, advocacy, and research.inventory of our strengths help at-risk youth.and challenges to develop OUR SERVICES Learn more about Edgewood and its services at Youth Agency Mental Healthmeaningful priorities. This edgewood.org. Consultation partners with Sanhas been an agency driven Francisco agencies increasing their CONTACT USprocess which resulted in a Londa Overbeck, LCSW capacity to effectively serve at-risktailored approach that was Program Manager/Mental Health Consultant youth by maximizing organizational 415.498.0563; 917.763.8750responsive to our needs.” londao@edgewood.org strengths and staff potential. EDGEWOOD CENTER FOR CHILDREN AND FAMILIES-Gloria Romero 1801 Vicente StreetYouth Services Director Mission San Francisco, CA 94116Neighborhood Centers, Inc. Tel: 415.681.3211 edgewood.org Funded by the Mental Health Services Act.
  2. 2. YOUTH AGENCY MENTAL HEALTH CONSULTATION CONSULTATION PROCESS:addresses organizational needs and empowers staff, which I. Intake: YAMHC team meets with leadership staff to understandpositively impacts the youth served. the agency and their needs and to clarify next steps.Research shows that as 10 PRINCIPLES OF MENTAL II. Planning: The consultant worksorganizational functioning HEALTH CONSULTATION with staff to evaluate agencyimproves so does the quality of strengths and vulnerabilitiesservices the agency provides. » Strengths-based through observation, inquiry, and the administration of aA MENTAL HEALTH CONSULTANT: » Systemic Approach questionnaire. The consultant shares the findings with staff » Is a psychotherapist with » Multiple Perspectives and facilitates a process of extensive experience working in prioritizing goals and planning nonprofits serving at-risk youth. » Transparent for interventions. Communication » Is a collaborative partner III. Intervention: Interventions who works onsite with an » Staff Empowerment are implemented as planned. agency, incorporating multiple Examples of interventions perspectives to develop a » Cultural Awareness include: case consultation, staff comprehensive understanding of support groups, referral systems organizational challenges. » Tailored Interventions development, conflict mediation, leadership coaching, employee » Utilizes mental health expertise » Collaborative Partnership development, and training. and the knowledge of staff within the organization to facilitate » Sustainability of Change IV. Transition: Once goals are a sustainable change process, achieved and staff are prepared resulting in improved services to » Outcome-based to maintain gains independently, agency clients. the consultant will transition out.Visit us online at edgewood.org/whatwedo/training/yamhc.html