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  2. 2. Teach For India : The Movement The Challenge The Movement Teach For India Fellowship What’s in it for EVERYONE? It’s Partners 14-Feb-12
  3. 3. Why EducationWhy WhyYou Now Why Teach For India 14-Feb-12
  4. 4. Why EducationWhy You Why Now Why Teach For India Why Education The need for a movement 14-Feb-12
  5. 5. 14-Feb-12
  6. 6. Why Education: The need for a movement~10% of India never goes to school at all~50% of India will never complete class V~90% of India will never complete class X This is why we need a movement 14-Feb-12
  7. 7. Why educationWhy You Why Now Why Teach For India Why Now The urgency of mission 14-Feb-12
  8. 8. Why Now: The MissionTo create a movement of leaders who will eliminate educational inequity in India 14-Feb-12
  9. 9. Why Now: Theory of Change Placing outstanding Create a movement ofcollege graduates and leaders from all Exposing future young professionals sectors who will leaders to the reality ofas full-time teachers in advocate for educational inequity under-resourced educational equity schools for two years 14-Feb-12
  10. 10. Why Now: Theory of changePart 1: Immediate impact Redefine teaching by working relentlessly and using innovative teaching methods Lead underprivileged students to achieve at the same levels as their wealthier peersPart 2: Systemic impact Alumni become life-long leaders, across sectors, in the pursuit of equity 14-Feb-12
  11. 11. Why EducationWhy You Why Now Why Teach For India Why Teach For India The model 14-Feb-12
  12. 12. Why Teach For India: The Model1. Recruit the most outstanding university graduates and young professionals2. Train Fellows in innovative teaching methods through sessions and ongoing mentor support3. Place Fellows in full-time teaching positions in under- resourced schools for two years4. Build partnerships to provide Teach for India alumni with multiple leadership opportunities5. Support alumni as they advocate for equity in education 14-Feb-12
  13. 13. Recruitment and Selection They are recruiting final-year students and young professionals They will target candidates with a track record of achievement and leadership Rigorous, three-stage selection process – results announced 6-8 weeks after the application deadline 14-Feb-12
  14. 14. Why Teach For India: The FellowshipCommitment Increase student achievement by teaching full-time for two years (June 2010-April 2012) using innovative teaching methods Plan and implement community projectPlacement Low-income English-medium schools 2-5th standard Mumbai and Pune, expanding annuallyCompensation Rs. 15,000 – 22,000, per month 14-Feb-12
  15. 15. Why Teach For India: Support Career PlacementPre-Service Support Ongoing Support and Alumni Support 4-week residential  Mentor teacher  Career Center training course  Placed with at least  Alumni support Housing and one other Fellow programming adjustment  Skill workshops  Ever-expanding assistance  Leadership network of tie-ups programming  Network with prominent leaders 14-Feb-12
  16. 16. Why Teach For India: Our FellowsOur 87 Fellows are from top colleges and corporate in India, including: BITS, Pilani Georgetown University, USA Hewlett Packard ICICI IIT, Mumbai and Delhi Mahindra and Mahindra St. Stephen’s College, Delhi St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai Symbiosis Institute of Business Management, Pune Tata Consultancy Services Thermax 14-Feb-12
  17. 17. 14-Feb-12
  18. 18. Why Teach For India: TFA is tried and tested 14-Feb-12
  19. 19. 1Why Teach For India: A global movement Germany Estonia UK Latvia Lithuania USA Lebanon India Australia Chile Join a growing network of 18,000 young leaders around the world 14-Feb-12
  20. 20. Why Teach For India: It’s impactShort-term:Fellows at Summer School (May/June 2009) 350 summer-school students Std 2nd to 4th Growth in Math: ~ 60% - 160% Growth in English: ~ 30% - 110% 14-Feb-12
  21. 21. Why Teach For India: It’s impact in just 3 monthsBefore After 14-Feb-12
  22. 22. Long-term impactSupporting evidence from Teach For AmericaTeach For America has grown to encompass a batch sizeof 7,300, spanning 35 urban and rural regions, with 17,000alumni hailing from the top colleges in the U.S.Alumni profile:Dave Levin, Teach For America Houston ’92 alumnusCo-founder of KIPP Academies (Knowledge Is Power Program), serving all studentsregardless of prior academic record, conduct, or socioeconomic background. While fewerthan 1 in 5 low-income American students attend college, in 2007 the collegematriculation rate for KIPP graduates was over 80%. There are 66 KIPP schools todaywith over 100 planned by 2011. 14-Feb-12
  23. 23. Why EducationWhy You Why Now Why Teach For India Why You Why you should join the movement 14-Feb-12
  24. 24. Why You: Develop the leader in you Invest theSet a team Planvision What is Leadership? Reflect and Work Executeimprove relentlessly 14-Feb-12
  25. 25. Why You: This is a movement of leaders Teaching is…Leadership 14-Feb-12
  26. 26. Teach For India is committed to developingfuture leaders and this extends to placing alumniin suitable positions across sectors TFI aims to create meaningful opportunities and assist in placing TFI alum, in such positions and jobs that will enable them to be in a leadership Teach For India’s MISSION track, positioned to continue and deepen their impact on eliminating To create a movement of leaders inequity in education who will eliminate educational Teach for America has made significant inequity in India achievements in this area - Nearly two-thirds of Teach For America alumni are in the field of education. Those who work outside of education bring their unique experience and perspective to a great variety of sectors—including law, business, medicine, and policy—to increase opportunities in low-income communities What are your options? 14-Feb-12
  27. 27. 1a. Join the workforce – Corporate sectorHow to get there Some of our tie ups For ExampleSecure placement through McKinsey has agreed to deferyour college placement cell admission if you are acceptedand receive a 2 year deferral to Teach For IndiaSecure a two-year sabbatical ICICI Bank & TCS offerfrom your current employer employees 2 year sabbaticals and continue paying them their corporate salaries while they teachTake advantage of our in- HDFC Standard Life, Mastekhouse placement cell to and Monitor group, amongsecure a job after the 2 year others will recruit directly fromfellowship our final-year TFI classDeferred placements at your IIM (Bangalore) has allowedcollege students to join the college placement process after the 2 year fellowship 14-Feb-12
  28. 28. 1b. Join the workforce – Government/SocialsectorsHow to get there Some of our tie ups For ExampleSecure placement through - Become a school principal atyour college placement cell an Akanksha schooland receive a 2 year deferral - Work on developing curriculum with organizations such as IdiscoveriTake advantage of our in- - Work with governmenthouse placement cell to departments onsecure a job after the 2 year policy/advocacyfellowship - Continue teaching 14-Feb-12
  29. 29. 2. Study further – get a post graduate degree How to get there Some of our tie ups For Example Enroll into a post graduate - SP Jain is saving five programme and secure a 2 seats in its next class for year deferral TFI alumni Take advantage of our tie- - ISB has agreed to waive ups to secure post-graduate its 3-year work requirement placement at the end of for TFI Fellows. Two years your fellowship with us counts as all the work experience you need 14-Feb-12
  30. 30. 3. Teach For India build this movementfurtherHow to get there Our tie ups For ExampleJoin Teach For India and - Become a programmeThey’ll help you continue manager, helping otheryour career with us or in the fellows have impact in theclassroom classroom - Return to your city of origin and lead TFI’s efforts there 14-Feb-12
  31. 31. 14-Feb-12