Members of Core Committee for the demand of

SL.      Name &                    Address...
8.    Prof.                   Dept. of Physics, Patna
19.   Dr.   B.Narayan,           Dept of Physics,           Tel: (+91)9835477194
      Lecturer                  DC Colleg...

1.   Dr.(Prof.)SyedHussn
     ain, Member,Scientific
     advisory council to PM,
     Govt of India
10   Mr.Ankur                       PhD, Process
     Mukherjee       ,Research   Contro...
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  1. 1. Members of Core Committee for the demand of IISER/NISc SL. Name & Address for E-mail id and Tel No. No Designation Communication 1. Prof. J. Thakur, Dept. of Physics, Patna Tel no: (+91)9835414746 Professor, EX-VC Univ.Patna Science College (+91)612-2291616 HOD ,Adviser, Campus. Patna BiharBrains Pin code : 800005 2. Prof. Rajmani Dept. of Physics, Patna Tel: (+91)612-2660725 Pd. Sinha, EX-VC Univ.Patna Science College (+91)9431219463 & Profesor, Campus. Patna Adviser, Pin code : 800005 BiharBrains E-mail : 3. Sri Harivansh Prabhat Khabar jee, Chief editor 15-P Kokar Industrial Area, Kokar, Ranchi - 834001 Mobile: 09431114265 Tel(office): 2544002, 2544005, 2547779, 2544100,2547760 Fax: 2544005/ 6 Asian Development 4. Sri Shaivlal E-mail : Research Institute (ADRI) Gupta, Secretary BSIDC Colony, Off Boring- Tel: 0612-2272745, Patliputra Road mobile: 9431014453 Patna - 800 013, Bihar Tel: (+91)612-2265649 (India) Fax (+91)612-2267102 5. Prof. S.N Guha, Principal , Patna Science Tel: (+91)612-2353661 Professor & College (+91)9431014231 Principal, Ashok Rajpath, Patna Pin code : 800005 6. Prof. Deepak Kr. Dept. of Physics, Patna Tel (+91)612-2284743 Sharma, Univ.,Patna Science College Professor Campus. Patna Pin code : 800005 7. Dr. Suresh Pd Principal, College of Singh, Professor Commerce, & Principal, Patna,Bihar,India
  2. 2. Email: 8. Prof. Dept. of Physics, Patna U.N.L.Mathur, Science College. Ashok Tel: Professor & HOD Rajpath, Patna (+91)612 – 2644229 (R), Pin code : 800005 2673055 (O) 9. Prof. S.P. Dept of Physics, Science Email: Verma,Professor, college, Patna,Bihar,India EX-HOD,& Tel: (+91)9835245590 Adviser, (+91)612-2661933 Bihar Brains 10. Sri. Amalendu Adviser. BiharBrains Tel: (+91)9835096657 Narayan Sinha, BiharBrains Scholastic EX-Editor Center, Hindustan Times, B.M.Das Road,patna Patna 11. Sri. Naleen Journalist, Patna Tel: (+91) 9431014453 Verma,Journalist 12. Dr. Amarendra Dept. of Physics, Patna Tel: (+91)612-2370745 Narayan, Univ., Patna Science (+91)9931280271 Lecturer College Campus. Patna Pin code : 800005 13. Prof. R.K. Sinha, Dept. of Zoology ,Patna Tel: (+91)612-2688801 Professor & HOD Science College.Ashok (+91)9431073446 Rajpath Patna Pin code : 800005 14. Prof. A.K Ghosh, Dept. of Chemistry ,Patna Tel: (+91)612-2689947 Professor Science College.Ashok Rajpath Patna Pin code : 800005 15. Prof. Dept. of Botony ,Patna M.O.Siddiqqui, Science College.Ashok Professor & HOD Rajpath Patna Pin code : 800005 16. Dr. (Mrs.) Dolly Dept. of Physics/Computer Tel: (+91)612-2200548 Sinha, Professor Science ,Magadh Mahila (+91)612-22007920 & HOD College. Gandhi Maidan ,Patna,Bihar,India Pin code : 800001 17. Dr. B.C. Roy, Dept. of Physics , College of Tel: (+91)612-2370136 Lecturer Commerce,Patna Department of Electronics 18. Dr. B.K. Sharma, Tel: (+91)9334202848 and Communication (Asst. Professor & : (+91)612-2672723 Engineering. NIT,Patna HOD ,President, BiharBrains)
  3. 3. 19. Dr. B.Narayan, Dept of Physics, Tel: (+91)9835477194 Lecturer DC College, Hajipur (Bihar University,Muzaffarpur) 20. Prof A.M Alam Dept of Electrical Eng., MIT Retd. Prof Muzaffarpur, India 21. Prof Bhola Dept of Mathematics Ishwar, Professor BRABU, Muzaffarpur, & HOD Bihar,India 22. Dr. Balram Roy, RDS College Muzaffarpur Tel: (+91)612-2279924 Professor 23. Dr.Dhrub HOD, Dept of Psychology, Tel: (+91)6272-259227 Kumar, Joint HPS College, Madhepur, Secy BiharBrains Mithila Univ, Darbhanga society 24. Sri S.N BiharBrains Scholastic Email: Sandhwar, Center, BM Das Road, Manager Patna, Bihar, India Tel: (+91)9334276288 operation (+91)9334276310 25. Dr. Abhay Dept of Chemistry,Science Kumar, Professor College Patna 26. Dr. Kumar Rajiv Commerce College Patna (+91)9431883115 Ranjan, Professor 27. Dr. K.Hamidi, Professor Deptt of Botany, (+91)9334901110 Muzaffarpur RMLS College, 28. Prof Jainendra Dept of Biotechnology, Kumar, Professor College of Commerce, & Head Patna(Magadh University, Bodh Gaya) Dept of Physics, BRA BU 29. Dr. Shyama Email: Muzaffarpur,Bihar, India Charan Prasad, Tel: (+91)621-2246807 Professor & Ex- HOD, 30. Dr. H.K Yadav, Dept of Chemistry, (+91)9934474032 Professor Dalsinghsarai, Mithila University, Darbhanga 31. Prof Suresh Dept of Physics, BRA BU, Prasad Singh, Muzaffarpur, Bihar,India Professor Emeritus, 32. Dr. Tarun Kumar L.S.College, Muzaffarpur Dey, Professor Bihar University, Muzaffarpur,Bihar,India
  4. 4. OUTSIDE MEMEBERS 1. Dr.(Prof.)SyedHussn ain, Member,Scientific advisory council to PM, Govt of India 2. Dr. Raj Kishore JSPS Research Prasad, Research Fellow Scientist JAPAN (Write full address).. 3. Dr. Sudhir Ranjan, Pitsberg, USA Research Scientist 4. Mr. Ranjit sinha, Dept of Bio E-mail: Research fellow Technology, IIT Mumbai Tel: (+91)9869311897 (+91)22-25767777 5. Mr. Shabi Hashmi, CARDIFF, Nokia ,UK Research Scientist Research Scientist Email: 6. Dr. Abul farah, Proteonik Inc. Research Scientist Gyeonggi Technopark,Rm. Tel: (+82)10-6632-4070 911,1271-11, Sa-1- : (+82)-31-500-4070 dong,Sangnok-gu, Fax: +82-31-500-4074 Ansan-city, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea 425- 170 7. Dr. Arun Email: Toyota Biru Ise Sky Patel,Research fellow Mansion 605, Iwabuchi Tel: (+ 81) 596 22 9559 3-5-3, Japan 8. Mr. Nandan Kumar, Dept of Textile, Phd, Research Fellow University of Leeds,UK 9. Mr. Rajan Sharma, Dept of Nano- Research Fellow Electronics, , University of Leeds,UK
  5. 5. 10 Mr.Ankur PhD, Process Mukherjee ,Research Control, University m fellow of New Castle Upon Tyne 11 Mr. Atul Phd , Dept of Mohan ,Research Nanotechnology, fellow University of Leeds,UK 12 Mr. Sanjay Kumar, IT Corporation Bank, Manager, Mangalore,India 13 Sri Swayam Prakash, Dainik Bhaskar, E-mail: Asst.Editor Udaipur Tel : (+91)982993206 14 Sri Tathagat Avatar Dept of Physics, Tulsi, Research IISC, Bangalore scientist, India 15 Manis Kumar Jha, KIGMAR, Daejeon, Research scientist, S Korea 16 Sri. Amritanshu, Dept of Chemistry, Research scholar Massitutes Institutes of Technology(MIT),US A 17 Prof. M.J. Warsi, Department of Professor Asian and Near Eastern Languages and Literatures Washington University in St. Louis.,USA 18 Sri Piyush Verma, Tata Technologies Ltd, (Presently Team Leader Tata-Daewoo Ltd, Gunsan, S korea) 19 Sri Ranjan Rituraj Dept of Electronics, Singh, Asst. UP Technical Univ. Tel: (+91)6112-222757 Professor NOIDA (+91)9431131975