PHP 5.5.0 ChangeLog


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PHP core development team has rolled out the PHP 5.5.0 version. It has some new awesome features added and also some critical bugs fixed.

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PHP 5.5.0 ChangeLog

  1. 1. PHP 5.5.0ChangeLogDhiraj PandeyICS, Noida
  2. 2. IntroductionOn 20-June-2013, PHP 5.5.0 rolled out by thecore development team. It consists to somebug fixes as well as some new features.
  3. 3. Features includedIntroduced “Generators” and “Coroutines”Generators : It provides easy way to implement simple iterators such as“foreach”. This implementation will save memory. Coroutines will help incooperative multitasking.You can write a code to iterate a set of data without creating an array inmemory, mainly with the help of “yield” keyword.function getValues() {yield “iOS";yield “Android";yield “BlackBarry";}$stuff = getValues();foreach($stuff as $thing) {echo $thing . "n";}
  4. 4. Features included“finally” keyword is addedNow, a finally block can be written after the try, catch block.This block will be executed regardless of whether an exceptionhas been thrown, and before normal execution resumes.try {echo ”Try Block” . "n";} catch (Exception $e) {echo Caught exception: , $e->getMessage(), "n";} finally {echo “Finally.n";}
  5. 5. Features includedA simplified Password hashing API is introduced It provides an easy to use wrapper around “crypt()” forcreating and managing passwords. No external library is required. No installation is required. Noconfiguration directives in php.ini password_hash and password_verify are the functions to beused.
  6. 6. Features includedConstant array/string dereferencingArray and string literals can now be dereferenced directly toaccess individual elements and charactersecho [abc, xyz, pqr][0];// results abc.echo „DHIRAJ‟[0];// results D.
  7. 7. Features includedScalar class name resolution added With the help of “::class” keyword, you can get a string containing the fullyqualified name of the Class. Particularly useful with namespaced classes.namespace NS {class ClassName {}echo ClassName::class;//results NSClassName.}
  8. 8. Features includedNow empty() can be used on any expressionempty() function can be called on not only variablesbut function returns or any other arbitraryexpressions.
  9. 9. Features includedNon-scalar Iterator key support is addedThe ability to iterate over an array of arrays and unpack the nested arrayinto loop variables by providing a ”list()” as the value.$array = [[1, 2],[3, 4]];foreach ($array as list($a, $b)) {echo "A: $a; B: $bn";}result: A: 1; B:2A: 3; B:4
  10. 10. ChangesMySQL extension: This extension has been deprecated, so there will bedeprecated warnings on use of this extension. MySQLiextension can be used in place of that. Support for MySQL 5.6+ has been incorporated in variousways.
  11. 11. Many of the bugs have been fixed in thisversion. The complete change log can beseen on
  12. 12. Thank youDhiraj