Group movieproject kiterunner - Concordia MBA:Cohort 8
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Group movieproject kiterunner - Concordia MBA:Cohort 8






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  • Movie clip: This is the transition point from Amir’s poor ethical decisions to his redemption, where his behavior better reflects the influence of Baba and Hassan.Examples in slide: Contrast of Amir’s early poor ethical decisions and the better decisions he makes later in life, as well as the better decisions of Baba and Hassan that likely influenced Amir’s later moral fortitude.Discussion questions: Baba said that stealing is the only sin. Do Amir’s ethical decisions demonstrate sin? If so, are they a variation on stealing, as Baba says they must be?>Amir develops moral strength later in life. We do not see Baba as a child. Is it likely that Baba became such a strong moral influence because of consequences similar to Amir when he was young? Was he always morally strong?

Group movieproject kiterunner - Concordia MBA:Cohort 8 Group movieproject kiterunner - Concordia MBA:Cohort 8 Presentation Transcript

  • Ethical Dilemmas as demonstrated in The Kite Runner David, Hinojosa, Wesley-Anne Bock-Nelson, Gina Pitchford, Katie Chandler, Manny Padilla, and Todd Brouillette April 10, 2013
  • BackgroundA tragic story of• Friendship• Trust• Jealousy• Guilt• Bullying• Betrayal• WarBut ULTIMATELY• Redemption
  • Ethical Decisions
  • Ethical Decisions Amir Hassan and BabaPower to stop a tragic Hassan refuses to give upact, but avoids conflict. a trivial item (kite)Further damages victim because he made ato make the situation go promiseaway (avoidance) Baba protects aGains redemption stranger, risking his ownthrough risking his life life, because it is the rightfor the victim’s child thing to do
  • Relation to Daily Life
  • Outstanding Choices
  • Outstanding ChoicesYour Decisions Can Impact Others
  • Consequences/Lessons Learned Poor Decisions have a Spiral Effect Guilt due to Actions as a Bystander Remaining Silent Own your Choices Value of Righting Wrongs Fairness & Equality Subjective Decision Making Moral Compass
  • Theories Observed
  • ReferencesHorberg, W., Walsh, E.B., Yeldham, R., & Parkes, W.F.(Producers), & Forster, M. (Director). (2007). The KiteRunner [Motion Picture]. USA: Dreamworks.