Adjectives ending in ed and ing
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Adjectives ending in ed and ing






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Adjectives ending in ed and ing Adjectives ending in ed and ing Document Transcript

  • I N S P I R AT I O N 2 Worksheet 11Participal adjectives ending in -ed / –ing1 Circle the correct form of the adjective. PEDRO Wow! This is really (1) interested / interesting. TOMEK I don’t think so. I’m (2) bored / boring. SALLY Come on you two! Let’s go and see the fish. PEDRO Fish? SALLY Yes, fish. There are some really (3) surprised / surprising ones. PEDRO How can a fish be (4) surprised / surprising? SALLY Trust me! You’ll find it absolutely (5) fascinated / fascinating. A little later PEDRO That was (6) amazed / amazing. TOMEK Yes, it was. I was (7) fascinated / fascinating by all the different colours and shapes. PEDRO I want to go and look at the dinosaurs. TOMEK Yes, that will be (8) excited / exciting. SALLY You two go. I’m going to have a drink in the café. I’m really (9) tired / tiring. TOMEK Okay. See you later.2 Use the words in brackets to form a correct 3 Use the words in brackets to form a correct adjective. adjective. Then answer them for you. 1 The earthquake simulator is really 1 Are you _________________ (interest) in human _________________ (excite). biology? 2 I was _________________ (fascinate) by the fish. _______________________________________________________ 3 Yes, they were _________________ (amaze). 2 When do you feel ______________________ (bore)? 4 Laura was _________________ (frighten) by the _______________________________________________________ snakes. 3 What do you find _________________ (fascinate)? 5 I didn’t find that very _________________ _______________________________________________________ (interest). 4 Have you ever been ___________________ (amaze) 6 That was the most _________________ (frighten) by something? thing I’ve ever done! _______________________________________________________ 7 What’s wrong? You look so _________________ 5 What are you ___________________ (frighten) of? (bore). _______________________________________________________ 6 Do you think science is _________________________ (excite)? _______________________________________________________ 7 Does walking make you feel ___________________ (tire)? _______________________________________________________This page has been downloaded from is photocopiable, but all copies must be complete pages. Copyright © Macmillan Publishers Limited 2006.