Learn Chinese with ChineseCUBES, the building blocks to fluency!


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Learning Chinese (Mandarin) is easier than you think. There is a simple logic to Chinese. The secret to learning Chinese and attaining fluency starts with the Chinese characters. See how ChineseCUBES uses digital + physical interactive learning to make language learning fun and easy.

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Learn Chinese with ChineseCUBES, the building blocks to fluency!

  1. 1. ©  ChineseCUBES  2013    
  2. 2. Hello, 你好 (ní hǎo)! Learning Chinese is easier than you think. And not just learning how to speak a few Chinese phrases. We mean really learning the language, and attaining fluency. ©  ChineseCUBES  2013    
  3. 3. The Building Blocks of Fluency Using physical Character Cubes and Augmented Reality (AR) technology, ChineseCUBES creates a unique physical + digital multisensory learning experience to make learning Chinese easy and fun! Teaching Chinese character-by-character. So that you can build the right foundation for true fluency. Great for beginners of all ages, either in self-study or in-class environments. ©  ChineseCUBES  2013    
  4. 4. Block Characters Chinese is a ‘block’ language, consisting of ‘block’ characters. u  These characters never change. No tenses or conjugation. u  Easily form and build full thoughts just by assembling characters together without having to worry about changing tenses or conjugation. u  This is why we start by teaching Chinese characterby-character. We then let you build upon these characters to form full phrases and sentences. ©  ChineseCUBES  2013    
  5. 5. 200 Character Cubes ©  ChineseCUBES  2013    
  6. 6. 30,000+ Words and Phrases 200 Cubes in 20 themes Organized lessons into 20 themes. Every theme teaches and explores 10 cubes or characters. 30,000+ Words and Phrases Enough to begin to learn basic conversational skills and day-to-day communication needs. Spiral Learning In every theme, the order of these 10 cubes and characters is carefully designed. Each new character presented can be combined with a previous character to be combined to form more and more meaningful expressions. This allows the learner to learn characters in an evolving and spiraling sequence, and dramatically alleviates the pressure of learning Chinese characters. ©  ChineseCUBES  2013    
  7. 7. Physical + Digital Interaction ©  ChineseCUBES  2013    
  8. 8. Features LEARNING MODE: with a virtual tutor, this mode leads learners through the carefully arranged step by step instructions to explore the lessons. Short Quizes throughout help review what was learned! FREESTYLE MODE: with helpful hints, this mode encourages learners to explore the various combinations of the 200 characters on their own. SPEAK, TRANSLATE, WRITE: Learn the Pronunciation, Meaning, and Writing of each character. ©  ChineseCUBES  2013    
  9. 9. No More Fear of Characters… Solves three major difficulties that non-native speakers face when learning Chinese: ü  Fear of Chinese characters ü  Difficulties of pronunciation and the 4 tones. ü  Difficulties of understanding Chinese grammar. ©  ChineseCUBES  2013    
  10. 10. For Home and For School Home As an interactive learning game, ChineseCUBES is great for self-paced learning at home for anyone who wants to get a head-start in mastering the Chinese language. The program is flexible enough to be used independently after school, as a supplement to regular courses, or as a weekend activity that the family can enjoy together. School As an educational tool, ChineseCUBES can supplement and be integrated into the Chinese language learning curriculum in schools. ©  ChineseCUBES  2013    
  11. 11. What They Say… “This product can help anyone learn the Chinese language and its characters in a fun and effective way.” Dr. Ya-Hsun Tsai Chairwoman Department of Applied Chinese Language and Literature National Taiwan Normal University “ChineseCUBES approach emphasizing the learning of characters does a great job allowing language learners to understand the uniqueness and structure of the Chinese language.” Dr. Joël Bellassen Professor of Chinese Institut National des Langues et Civilisations Orientales ©  ChineseCUBES  2013    
  12. 12. Thank you! www.chinesecubes.com @chinesecubes ©  ChineseCUBES  2013