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This is the Wellington Loop VLN reflection for Milestone 4. The reflection focuses on two of our programme goals - building teacher capability in facilitating authentic community projects as the basis for powerful learning and building a community of confident, connected and reflective practitioners who willingly share their inquiries and reflections with an audience beyond the Wellington Loop Trust cluster. It includes comments from the teachers involved.

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Wellington Loop VLN reflection m4

  1. 1. WellingtonLoopwww.wellingtonloop.net.nz
  2. 2. About our clusterSecond year of clusterRegional clusterContext: Lead teachers, Looptrustees/principals, attendees ofconference/professional development.
  3. 3. What is the Wellington Loop?
  4. 4. Programme outcome 5:To build teacher capability in facilitating authenticcommunity projects as the basis for powerful learningTwo projectsWar Memorial project with Ministry of Culture and HeritageWGC Tech Angels liaison with Thorndon School‟s Geeks onFeet
  5. 5. Research frameworkSylvia Martinez, GenYES work
  6. 6. War Memorial project
  7. 7. Stephen (Teacher involvedwith MCH project)The war memorial project has been an authenticexample of learning beyond the classroom. Ithas been an excellent way for students and teachersfrom a number of schools to make contact with eachother. People such as Gregor Fountain and SteveWatters have given valuable guidance and insightfulperspectives. The girls have gained a lot through theirconnection with the National War Memorial and theNational Archives. They have been largely self-directed in filming and researching; I have beenimpressed with the level of ownership they havedeveloped for the project.
  8. 8. Angels meet Geeks
  9. 9. InterviewStudent reflection (Kimberley)On Thursday the 29th of September, Mr McClymont and I – as representatives of Tech Angels,were invited to a meeting at Thorndon School. Like Wellington Girls‟ College, ThorndonSchool is part of the Wellington Loop, a “learning community of schools connected by a highspeed fibre optic cable”.Thorndon School, has its own ICT group called „Geeks on Feet‟ which is a group of 10students, aged from 7-12 who help support ICT in their school. The purpose of the meetingwas to inspire the students and get them thinking about what they could do in their school toenhance what they currently do and possibly incorporate some of the ideas we shared withthem, such as running competitions and fun activities during group sessions.The Geeks on Feet had a prepared list of questions for us. These included things such as -What my role was as a Tech Angel? What kind of fun things we do? What keyboard shortcutcommands and applications we enjoyed using, to how many computers we had in ourschool?...For me personally- this visit allowed me to see how there is a much bigger focus on theuse of technology at primary schools nowadays and in particular the use of computersin learning. This is a big change from when I was at primary school just 7 years ago, whencomputers were hardly used to assist with learning.I was really impressed by how keen and tech savvy the students at Thorndon School wereand their desire to learn from what we had to offer.I think the meeting was a brilliant idea and believe other schools and those within theWellington Loop could also benefit from sharing their knowledge and ideas in this ever-changing technological world.
  10. 10. Angels andGeeks
  11. 11. Programme outcome 6:To build a community of confident, connected and reflectivepractitioners who willingly share their inquiries and reflectionswith an audience beyond the Wellington Loop Trust cluster.Activities/projectsAttendance at conferences (L@S, U-Learn)Presenting at conference (L@S)
  12. 12. Research framework Leadership building with Geoff Childs Distributed leadership http://www.educationalleaders.govt.nz/Leading- change/Strategic-leadership/Building-leadership-capacity http://www.educause.edu/EDUCAUSE+Quarterly/EDUCAUS EQuarterlyMagazineVolum/GrowingtheNextGenerationofL ead/163103 http://www.uknow.gse.harvard.edu/leadership/leadership0 02a.html http://www.educate.ece.govt.nz/learning/exploringPractic e/Characteristicsofeffectivepractices/DistributedLeadershi p.aspx SEE folder of pdfs too.
  14. 14. Kate (Secondary school)The aspects that I find valuable about going to conference are-the teaching colleagues one meets and has informal discussions with about issues that weboth have in common. In my role as Specialist Classroom teacher I take especial note ofthe ways the presenters present to motivate and inform the participants, and try totransfer these skills to my own presentations.-the sharing of resources-seeing whats new in the world of teaching in the Trade HallI have felt inspired to use various presentation tools eg Prezi, Twitter for keeping andusing Google docs for collating surveys for staff and students, also using Google docs forgetting students to complete and submit homework. 2012 is the start of a new year. I feelway more comfortable using our schools chosen LMS system KnowledgeNet. Over thepast two years my IT knowledge and improved exponentially and I now feel comfortabletackling any kind of task.
  15. 15. PhilippaThis was my first time at U-Learn and I found it really inspiring!Having been weighed down by the implementation of thenew Level 1 standards this year, it was extremely refreshing totake a step back and look at the big picture - whatare we actually trying to teach our students, and how can webest give them opportunities to grow in the ways we intend?Two speakers inspired me hugely and have helped me regainmy enthusiasm and energy for teaching. I am looking forwardto planning a little differently for next year, with greaterconfidence in what I personally have to offer my studentsand greater confidence to trial newtechnologies and ideas. It was also valuable tomeet with other teachers from around the countryand discuss ideas and issues. I think everyone shouldexperience U-Learn!
  16. 16. Collaboration andpreparation for presenting atLearning @ Schools
  17. 17. Tash (Primary teacher)Working with other schools has helped widen my knowledge aboutdifferent systems, ICT tools, and teaching and learning that happens in otherschools. It‟s been great to build relationships with teachers inother schools, that are now becoming learning communities with mystudents involved. For example, when the Thorndon School Geeks on Feet workedwith the Tech Angels from WGC.Being involved in the Loop, and through networking by having the opportunities togo to conferences, has introduced me to the VLN. My students benefitfrom the resources, conversations and ideas that I’mexposed to in the VLN. More directly, my students are starting tolearn online through VLN opportunities, and I am also upskilling as I teachJapanese online. A group of students learnt astronomy online. They were reallyengaged with the topic, but also engaged through the mediumof learning online. They developed knowledge about astronomy, butmore importantly, the competencies they were using through this style oflearning, developed greatly. They had to manage themselves, be organised,communicate well, co-operate with tools and responsibilities and problem solve.
  18. 18. Ben (Secondary teacher)I have found working with Tash and Richard veryrewarding and informative. It has been great to seehow other people are usingtechnology and to have a chance to sit downand compare techniques. Having the chance to seetheir classes in action has helped me feel likewe are all in it together as teachers,rather than being different schools just swappingresources.It has made me more confident that thedirection we are going with ICT and netbooks is theright way to go for our students.