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2009 MW and AAM Conferences
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2009 MW and AAM Conferences


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Presentation to MMA Marketing Task Force, 2 September 2009

Presentation to MMA Marketing Task Force, 2 September 2009

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. 2009 MW and AAM ConferencesReport to MMA Marketing Task Force
  • 2. MW
    Museums and the Web
    “ … Museums have much to learn from each other, and from developers using the Web … To facilitate this exchange of information, Archives & Museum Informatics organises an annual international conference devoted exclusively to Museums and the Web.“
    Largest international conference devoted to the exploration of art, science, natural and cultural heritage on-line.
    Held every spring since 1997. Full programs and full papers from past conferences remain available:
    Presenters must submit papers for peer review and selection
  • 3. Indianapolis: Conference Highlights
    Cloud computing
    Data mining
    Open source website software
    Interface design
    Project briefings and professional forums
    Handheld devices
    Crit room (reviewing museum websites)
  • 4. Plenary Address: Max Anderson
    Stressed the need for museums to be transparent and honestto maintain the level of trust that the public has for us.
    Museums should use their websites to allow online visitors to peak behind the scenes at what goes on at a museum, who works there, what do they do, how do they make decisions about exhibitions, how do they hang paintings, what is conservation, etc.
  • 5. Plenary Address: Max Anderson
    Giving online visitors a view behind the scenes will engender trust, curiosity, and longer-term commitment to a museum by its public.
    Video of Max’s address is available online:
  • 6.
  • 7. It’s Time We Met
    Considerable buzz regarding It’s Time We Met
    Attendees asking about the Metropolitan’s:
    use of social media sites like Flickr and Twitter
    photography policies and the public domain
    plans to continue using social media to reach out to new audiences
  • 8. It’s Time We Met
    Many museums considering similar initiatives
    looking to the Metropolitan as a leader in thinking this through and making it work effectively
    Likely to see several similar campaigns soon
  • 9. Opening the Doors
    In general, museums expressed:
    interest in expanding their adoption of social media sites (Flickr, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) to reach new audiences and create a “buzz” that will lead to museum visits
    interest in allowing sister institutions to access their data (primarily collection records) openly via APIs, akin to the recent efforts at the Brooklyn Museum
  • 10. Handheld Devices
    The Metropolitan’s Koven Smith presented on the future of handheld devices.
    In general, museums slow to embrace the technology because of entrenched content creation workflows
    You can see his accepted paper for the session on the future of handhelds here:
  • 11. Best of the Web Awards
    Douglas Hegley: one of 17 judges, and emcee for the awards ceremony at the conference
    celebration of online successes during the past year.
  • 12. Best of the Web Awards
    The overall winner was Brooklyn Museum, for their three-pronged approach of:
    (1) Collection– with API connection to object info
    (2) Posse – their network of social taggers
    (3) Click! A Crowd Curated Exhibition – in which the ‘wisdom of the crowd’ chose photographs to be mounted in an actual museum exhibition
  • 13. Best of the Web Awards
    Categories and winners:
    On-line Exhibition: Click! A Crowd-Curated Exhibition
    Educational Site: Tate Kids
    Museum Professionals Site:
    On-line Community or Service: Brooklyn Museum Collection, Posse, and Tag! You are It!
    Podcast (Audio / Video): RWM (Radio web MACBA)
    Innovative or Experimental Site: My Yard Our Message
    Research Site: Museum of Jewish Heritage Online Collection
    Small Museum: Museum 2.0 blog
    People’s Choice: Video Active
    Full info about the Best of the Web and all of the nominated sites and the winners can be found here:
  • 14. AAM
    American Association of Museums
    2009 Annual Meeting in Philadelphia
    Theme: “The Museum Experiment”
  • 15. spark
  • 16. Museo-Jeopardy
    Douglas Hegley (Session Chair)
    Museo-Jeopardy: Are you Smarter than a Museum Technologist?
    Museo-Jeopardy Game
    Session themes:
    social media tools & how to make them effective.
    Particular questions about how to facilitate the relationship between IT and PR within an organization.
    Likely to see some follow-up to this at future conferences.
  • 17. MUSE Awards
    Created by the Media and Technology SPC
    20th anniversary
    62 judges, 250 applicants, 47 winners
    2009 MUSE Awards at MAT SPC
  • 18. 2009 MUSE Awards
    Categories and Gold Medal winners:
    Audio and Visual Tours: GOLDMauerGuide/Berlin Wall Guide (Antenna Audio)
    Community: GOLD Total Solar Eclipse: Live from China (The Exploratorium)
    Games: GOLD Waltee’s Quest: The Case of the Lost Art (The Walters Art Museum)
    Interactive Kiosks: GOLD Grammy Museum Interactives
    Interpretive Interactive Installations: GOLD Green Community Interactives (Nat’l Bldg Mus.)
    Multimedia Installations: GOLD Patriots Hall of Fame Pylons (The Hall at Patriot Place)
    Online Presence: GOLD ArtBabble (Indianapolis Museum of Art)
    Podcasts: GOLD General Collection Podcasts for George Eastman House
    Public Relations & Development: GOLD Road Trip: The Giant Artichoke (San Jose Mus. Of Art)
    Teaching and Outreach: GOLD Flashpoint: 1908-2008, Springfield Illinois Race Riot (Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum)
    Video: GOLD Fritz Scholder: Indian/Not Indian (Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian)
    Jim Blackaby Ingenuity Award: Flashpoint: 1908-2008, Springfield Illinois Race Riot
  • 19. NMC Horizon Report for Museums
    New Media Consortium
    Final publication still in process, early info release:
    1 year
    Collection Management Systems, Digital Asset Management Systems, Content Management Systems
    Mobile Devices
    2-3 years
    Alternative Interaction Devices
    4-5 years
    Open Content / Open Educational Resources
    Multi-language Capabilities
  • 20. “Prediction is very difficult, especially about the future”
    – Niels Bohr