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Marketing Campaign Analysis with Tableau
Marketing Campaign Analysis with Tableau
Marketing Campaign Analysis with Tableau
Marketing Campaign Analysis with Tableau
Marketing Campaign Analysis with Tableau
Marketing Campaign Analysis with Tableau
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Marketing Campaign Analysis with Tableau


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Digital Marketing is unique in that Campaign data is typically spread across multiple tools depending upon the channel mix deployed. Stitching together a coherent picture of Marketing Performance in …

Digital Marketing is unique in that Campaign data is typically spread across multiple tools depending upon the channel mix deployed. Stitching together a coherent picture of Marketing Performance in this scattered environment remains a major challenge for Marketing Departments. Attempts at Excel based Dashboards represent a good start at Activity based reporting but fall woefully short when it comes to advanced pattern discovery using multi-source data.
LVMetrics leverages the industry leading Tableau Software for addressing this specific issue. Find out how our cross-channel Digital Marketing Dashboards built for your specific needs can provide near real-time Campaign Analysis to turbo charge your Digital Marketing optimization programs

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  • 1. MULTI-CHANNEL CAMPAIGN Reporting & Optimization TURBO CHARGE your Campaign planning based on cross channel performance intelligence 145-157 St. John Street. London. EC1V 4PY +44-845-340-2708
  • 2. CAMPAIGN ANALYSIS Key Challenges and Constraints TOP ANALYSIS CHALLENGES FROM REPORTING TO INSIGHTS 1.0 With Digital Marketing Campaign data increasingly scattered across multiple platforms, Campaign Managers and Analysts face an unenviable task of generating meaningful insights using siloed reporting within individual tools. Ability for Business users to be able to quickly run complex queries on current and past Campaign data without extensive IT involvement is key to running profitable Marketing Campaigns. Senior Marketing Managers are increasingly demanding that Campaign reports provide direct links to tangible business outcomes as opposed to delivering limited utility, activity based output. For Campaign Managers, this creates a critical need to be able to quickly combine data from multiple Campaign touch points to uncover hidden patterns and answer tactical and strategic business questions relating to Marketing performance. The essence here is time and the unique requirement in Marketing to be able to analyse Campaign results along multiple dimensions. The amount of upfront design and data planning required in traditional reporting systems (for example in Finance) renders them practically useless when it comes to evaluating Campaigns and providing meaningful insights within Campaign lifetime. • Campaign data scattered across multiple tools, all with different ownerships. • Too much time spent collecting and integrating data leaving insufficient time for Analysis and Insight delivery. • Use of primitive toolsets (largely Excel) incapable of deep drill down, multi-dimensional analysis. • Lack of advanced Business Intelligence skills within Marketing teams. Lack of appropriate Marketing knowhow in IT.
  • 3. ADDRESSING KEY DATA AND ANALYSIS CHALLENGES 2.0 Campaign data integration and transformation With deep data planning and integration expertise covering over 15 Digital Marketing and CRM tools, we first setup automated data collection from multiple Campaign touch points into a single repository. Complex data transformation rules (lookups, parsing, regular expression matches etc.) can be setup so that clean data is ready for Analysis. The key is to have the right data in the right format and our Consultants work with you to define and implement the storage data model based on KPIs of interest. This is a critical enabler and access to right data at the right time ensures that performance can be tweaked within the lifetime of a Campaign. Best practices based Campaign analysis Once data has been prepared in the right format, our Business Consultants conduct comprehensive data investigation to identify hidden patterns and answer tactical and strategic business questions. With extensive expertise in Digital Marketing effectiveness planning and Campaign execution, our Analysis output tends to be highly actionable providing Marketers with immediate pointers to performance optimization.
  • 4. RAPID FIRE CAMPAIGN INSIGHT DELIVERY WITH TABLEAU SAMPLE REPORTS • Campaign and channel level conversion and ROI performance including offline conversions. • Performance breakdown by Region, Brand, Category or Product offering. • Side by side tracking of First, Last Touch Attribution for major metrics including Cost, ROI, and New Visitors. • Media performance in driving both macro and micro conversions on website. • Deep drill down Analysis covering actual vs. target performance for KPIs. ANSWERING KEY BUSINESS QUESTIONS • Looking back at historical Campaigns’data, can we establish conversion, ROI and budget benchmarks for a new Campaign of similar nature? • At current budget spend and conversion levels, is the Campaign on target to deliver expected performance? • Which Campaign elements show greatest performance deviation from previous period? Why? • For Display Campaigns, how does prospecting stack up against retargeting as a strategy in terms of conversions and ROI? • For Paid Search, which Campaign elements bring in most new traffic on a First touch basis? POWERFUL IMPLEMENTATION METHODOLOGY DEEP DIVE CAMPAIGN ANALYSIS Comprehensive data investigation methodology for multi- dimensional Analysis aimed at answering complex business questions. • Drill-down reporting • Trend Analysis • Differential reporting • Co-relational Analysis Tableau Software provides a world leading technology platform for delivery of rapid-fire Business Intelligence solutions. LVMetrics consulting combines deep expertise in digital marketing planning, digital data integration and Tableau specific know-how to provide customers with powerful, multi-dimensional analysis for answeringtactical and strategic marketing questions relating to Campaign performance. METRICS SETUP DATA PLANNING INTEGRATION DASHBOARD DESIGN SETUP ON-GOING INSIGHT DELIVERY 3.0
  • 5. IMPLEMENTATION OVERVIEW INDUSTRY LEADING TECHNOLOGY STACK • Powerful Talend Platform ( for all data integration. Library of over 20 custom built connectors for major Digital Marketing Tools • Highly scalable and cost effective hosting with Amazon Cloud. All backend databases, and technical infrastructure hosted with Amazon • Dashboards and reports hosted with Tableau Server. 24X7 web based access, role based access control, option to embed dashboards in your own intranet or website 4.0 How it works? • Talend is used to fetch data from various tools and store in a central repository (staging database). This is the Extraction phase. • Data is then transformed based on your specific transformation rules and loaded into another database designed specifically for your reporting and/or analytics needs (main database). This is the Transformation and Loading phase. • Once setup, the Extraction, Transformation and Loading phases run continuously giving you access to latest data • You can subscribe to just raw data feeds or final reports depending upon your unique Business requirements • Entire implementation usually completed within 2-3 weeks What better way to assess the value add of our proposition than to see it working with your own data? As part of our promotional offer, we are offering to implement a complementary integration with one of your own systems and help you get a flavour of how your Campaign analysis tasks can be streamlined. Contact us today to discuss more FREE TRIAL OFFER
  • 6. DIGITAL DATA PLANNING AND PERFORMANCE MEASUREMENT SPECIALISTS GOT QUESTIONS? Contact us today to discuss how we can help with your Campaign reporting and optimization requirements. About LVMetrics LVMetrics is a specialist Digital Analytics consultancy promoted by Principals with over 45 yrs. combined experience in Strategic Marketing Measurement, Marketing Analytics, Data warehousing and ETL in range of Verticals including Financial Services, Retail, Media Entertainment and Telecom. 145-157 St. John Street. London. EC1V 4PY +44-845-340-2708 5.0