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Nirma Media Mix
Nirma Media Mix
Nirma Media Mix
Nirma Media Mix
Nirma Media Mix
Nirma Media Mix
Nirma Media Mix
Nirma Media Mix
Nirma Media Mix
Nirma Media Mix
Nirma Media Mix
Nirma Media Mix
Nirma Media Mix
Nirma Media Mix
Nirma Media Mix
Nirma Media Mix
Nirma Media Mix
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Nirma Media Mix


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  • Communication Objective – Category Need, Brand Awareness, Brand Attitude, Brand Purchase IntentionMessage Strategy – Points of parity & difference
  • Transcript

    • 1. NIRMA Media Marketing Analysis<br />Group Name: YUDH – The War of Brands<br />XLRI GMP<br />Yogesh Tamhankar <br />Utpal Bhowmick<br />Dheeraj Bhasin<br />Hemant Kumar<br />
    • 2. Nirma : A Journey<br />From<br />To<br />Backyard of a Small House<br />Becoming One of World’s Largest and Most Integrated Detergent Comp.<br />15-20 Packets – A day<br />Over 80000 Tons Annually with 38% Market Share<br />A DREAM<br />A REALITY<br />
    • 3. The Nirma Family<br />
    • 4. Marketing Communications and Brand Equity<br />
    • 5. The Communication Channel : A Basic Approach<br />Media<br />Mediums<br />Sender<br />RECEIVER<br />Promoter<br />Consumer<br />Decoding<br />Encoding<br />Message<br />Perception<br />Positioning<br />Promotion<br />Noise<br />Competition<br />Response<br />Feedback<br />Buying<br />Feedback<br />
    • 6. NIRMA Advertising Through the Eras<br />
    • 7. NIRMA Advertising Through the ErasThe 1970-80’s<br /><ul><li> NIRMA did not have a cost in its initial budget for advertising.
    • 8. Initial Advertising was word of mouth marketing and educating rural people about the use of detergents.
    • 9. By the late 70’s as televisions slowly started to spread into rural India, so did the Nirma ad campaign, with its simple message and catchy jingle.</li></li></ul><li>NIRMA’s Ad Campaign Analysis<br />
    • 10. Some facts about NIRMA’s Ad Campaign<br />“Dudhsisafedi NIRMA se aaye, Ranginkapdabhikhilkhiljaaye. Sabkipasand NIRMA”..the same jingle has been used since the last 35 years.<br />Same radio spot has been used consistently since the last 28 years.<br />Strategy used to create an emotional attachment with the consumers.<br />
    • 11. The Launch of Super NIRMA<br />
    • 12.
    • 13. NIRMA Media Mix<br />
    • 14. Nirma Media Mix<br />Introduction Stage<br /><ul><li>OBJECTIVE
    • 15. Reach Geographical dispersed buyers
    • 16. METHOD USED
    • 17. Advertisement
    • 18. Radio
    • 19. Wall painting
    • 20. Vans/Trains
    • 21. Direct and Interactive marketing
    • 22. Personal Selling
    • 23. Expert Channel –Changing Washing Habits.
    • 24. Product Demonstration
    • 25. Sales promotion
    • 26. Prize Draw
    • 27. Introduce bucket scheme to promote product hamper
    • 28. Money back guarantee promotion scheme</li></li></ul><li> Nirma Media Mix <br />Growth Stage<br /><ul><li> OBJECTIVE
    • 29. Increase penetration
    • 30. METHOD USED
    • 31. Advertisement
    • 32. Radio and TV advertisement
    • 33. Bill boards
    • 34. Word Of Mouth
    • 35. Personal
    • 36. Distributor Influence</li></li></ul><li> Nirma Media Mix <br />Maturity Stage<br /><ul><li>OBJECTIVE
    • 37. Maintain Market Share
    • 38. METHOD USED
    • 39. Advertisement
    • 40. Advertisement utilizing popularity of the T.V. Soaps
    • 41. Advertisement emphasizing experience of using Nirma.
    • 42. Packaging- New and Improve look
    • 43. Logo, New Seal package
    • 44. Enhance Distribution network to increase influence.
    • 45. New Product- Super Nirma</li></li></ul><li>Today NIRMA as a Brand …<br />One of the World’s largest and most integrated manufacturer of detergent and toiletries<br />One of the largest Player of Indian detergent market with a share of 38%.<br />Second largest toilet soap marketer of the country with a share of 20%.<br />
    • 46. Thank You<br />Feedback & Questions<br />