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SharePoint for Startups, Tales from the Trenches

SharePoint for Startups, Tales from the Trenches






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    SharePoint for Startups, Tales from the Trenches SharePoint for Startups, Tales from the Trenches Presentation Transcript

    • presented byDave Healeydhealey@chrysalisbts.com(206) 734-941406/21/2013SharePoint for StartupsTales from the Trenches
    • Welcome & IntroductionsChrysalis | Business Technology Solutions• Drive performance improvement through the strategic application of technology• Business process optimization• Business application implementation and management• Specialization in Microsoft SharePointDave Healey, Managing Partner• 20 years industry experience• Knowledge & Information Mgmt.Andrew Hopkins, Principal Consultant• 22 years industry experience• Enterprise Information ManagementPresentation Team@chrysalisbts
    • • Who are you?• Name, Company, Title• How are you using SharePoint today?• What do you hope to get out of this session?Welcome & Introductions
    • “Success is not delivering a feature;success is solving the customer’s problems.”– Mark Cook, VP ProductsKodak Gallery4
    • The Lean StartupBased on Lean MethodologyScientific approach to• Deliver a new solution underconditions of uncertainty• Get a desired solution intocustomers’ hands faster• Validated Learning
    • IdeasBuildProductMeasureDataLearn6Build-Measure-Learn Feedback LoopMinimize Total TimeThrough The Loop
    • ZapposHypothesis and Validated Learning
    • Problem Solution ProcessKnown KnownKnown UnknownUnknown Unknown8Lean and the EnterpriseRecognizing Opportunities for LeanWaterfall, AgileAgileLean
    • So Why SharePointFor StatupsPros• Facilitatesexperimentation• Not Open Source• Enables continuousintegration• Broad base of skilledresourcesNot Pros• Stack is resource heavy• Not Open Source• Requires proactivemanagement9
    • IdeasBuildProductMeasureDataLearn10The Conversation Today
    • Idea, Build• Experiment withproduct and process• Incremental / Disruptive• Box time and resourcecommitment• Start small11
    • Idea, Build• For internal users,perform customerdiscovery & interviews• Identify users thatimpact business metrics• Start small12
    • GeneTorrentRepositoryGNOSWebServicesAnnai reQuestResearch PortalPublic Genomic DataGeneTorrentFederatedAuthenticationPrivateGenomic DataAnnai GNOSGenome Network Operating SystemClient ExampleIdea, Build
    • Best Practices• If you have User Stories,add a hypothesis thatstates the expectedoutcome on a specificmetric• Aggressively manageexpectations(experiment/poc/pilot)early and often• Feed the learning backinto the productbacklog…• Start small14
    • • Cultural• Internal resistance to / misunderstanding of Lean• Technology zealotry• Planning processes• Misaligned expectations• Tools• Infrastructure and tools to supportRisks
    • • SharePoint is Application Platform but it is alsoCore Infrastructure• Plan for Infrastructure Design• Service Alignment• Use the Tools that best enable Lean for SP16Planning for Lean SharePoint
    • • Continuous Integration17Client Demo
    • Product, Measure• Minimum Viable Product• Minimum you need to testvalidity• Some include Wireframes,Landing Pages, CRPs, PoCs,Concierge Product• Customer interviews• Walkthroughs ofwireframes• Iterate (Agile) from there18
    • 19Client Example
    • 20
    • Explore Access Download FAQ ContactExplore: GNOS Graphical ReportingAccess: GNOS Browse and Download Communities ResourcesDownload: GNOS Download NewsDownload Request Status ProgressLink Link LinkType Name ModifiedTalk To Us! What do you want to see? What works/doesn’t work?Welcome to the Annai reQuest Portal DemoNotes
    • Explore Access Download FAQ Contact
    • Explore Access Download FAQ ContactDHealey27 > ExploreEXPLORE: GNOS Graphical ReportingLibrariesExplore
    • 24First Production Site
    • Best Practices• Ensure the rightprototype fidelity• If you experiment incode, come back to:• clean it up• iterate• productize• Refactor• Decouple from existingbrand (if exists)25
    • • Cultural• Working forward from the technology instead ofworking backward from the business results• “Get out of the building.”Risk
    • • Cultural• Wrong level of prototype fidelity• Too little / No user input• No validated learningRisks
    • • Cultural / Engineering• Lack of understanding of the platform• Unwilling to refactorRisk
    • Best Practices• Don’t release it toeveryone all at once• Target specific cohortswith a/b testing• You cannot learn if yourfeedback loops arebroken• Just because you canmeasure it, does notmean you shouldmeasure it29
    • • Engineering• Over-engineering• Breaking the feedback loopRisk Critical FactorsRisks to Success
    • • Identity Federation – third party authenticationauthority support and integration• OAuth, OpenID, Shibboleth• Integration with other systems• Continuous Integration(automated build, test, & deployment)• Visual Studio vs SharePoint Designer• Crippled “Build-Measure-Learn” feedback loop“Don’t build what the customer isn’t asking for.”31Risk - Over EngineeringCritical Factors
    • Strategy• OOB features where possible• Optimized to generate feedback through rapidfeature deployment• Open to later refactoringCompromise• Collab model poorly defined (experimental)• Access roles and rights difficult to predict33SharePoint Strategy
    • Ingest Metadata DBBusiness Connectivity ServicesDownloadECTAccess ApplicationPageSharePointConfigurationAccessApplicationLegendDownload DBBroker WebServicesDownload DashboardDataApplicationPresentationSQL Server ReportingServicesSecure Store ServiceRepository 2Repository 1Solution DesignIngest
    • Data, Learn• Interviews• Surveys• Observation• Web analytics• Telemetry data• System generated data36
    • • Small but influential customer base• Challenging to develop large web analytic profiles• Small group and individual interviews• Campaign style tracking code37Customer ExampleData, Learn
    • • Cultural• Track the “right” metrics• Beware “vanity metrics”• Be prepared to “Pivot”Critical FactorsRisks to Success
    • • Cultural• Review and question your hypotheses• No “sacred cows”• Engineering• Technology selection• Design strategy• Experiment to aligncustomer & solutionRisk / ChallengeRisks to Success
    • • Using SP Analytics for data and learn• 3rd Party Analytic Tools (Webtrends)• OOB components, extending and enhancing• Using Pardot tracker to learn at a per user level asa cheap way to know what’s going on• Pardot lead deck for real time analysis• Followed up with user interviews• Significant influence on next iteration UX40Data Learn SP
    • Idea, Build• Lather, Rinse, Repeat41
    • Pivot• @ Business Architecture& Code levels• Change direction• Change the model• Formulate newhypotheses• Generate new ideas42RebootForward
    • Ingest Metadata DBDownload“Cart” CTAccess ApplicationPageAccess Detail ViewPageIngestSharePointConfigurationAccessApplicationLegendDownload DBBroker WebServicesSaved QueryCTDownload DashboardDataApplicationPresentationSecure Store ServiceSearch(Crawl/Index/QueryServices)Repository nRepository 2Repository 1Business Connectivity ServicesDownloadECTOther ObjectECTPatientObject ECTAnalysisObject ECTRefactored Solution DesignIntegrating Search Into Existing Application
    • • #1 Microsoft Program for startups?• BizSpark• MSDN / Free• TechNet / Free• Azure VMs / Free• Customer Access Licenses / Free!!!!• Direct marketing and sales support• Preferred engagement if you product has legs46Resources for Startups
    • 47Where Not To Stay In Los Gatos
    • Resources and ContactDownload the Deck• www.slideshare.net/dhealey27Check out our Real World SharePoint Series• www.chrysalisbts.com/index.php/events/rws/Successful SharePoint is About Community• social.technet.microsoft.com/forums/• www.linkedin.com/groups/SharePoint-Experts-42512/about• Ask the global SharePoint community for their insight #SPHelp• Join your local SPUGDave Healey• dhealey@chrysalisbts.com• @dhealey27Andrew (Andy) Hopkins• andyh@chrysalisbts.com• @AndrewSHopkins
    • 49&
    • 50presented byDave Healeydhealey@chrysalisbts.com(206) 734-9414