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The river
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The river

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The River Poem by Caroline Anne Bowles …

The River Poem by Caroline Anne Bowles
She described various stages of human life in the phases of a river

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  • 1. The River Presentation by: CVVMMK Dhaveji School Assistant Science Taylor High School Narsapur 534275 Andhra Pradesh muralidhaveji@yahoo.com
  • 2. Caroline Anne Bowels 1786-1854
  • 3. Caroline Anne Bowles Southey (1786 – 1854), was an English poet and second wife of Robert Southey.
  • 4. Bowles was an experimental and dexterous writer whose publications represent a range of forms:
  • 5. prose fiction (Chapters on Churchyards), verse satire (The Cat's Tail), dramatic monologue (Tales of the Factories), and blank verse autobiography (The Birth-day).
  • 6. In her lifetime she published five books of verse, two books of prose tales and one miscellany of mixed prose and verse
  • 7. Her other works
  • 8. River, river, little river!
  • 9. Bright you sparkle on your way;
  • 10. O’er the yellow pebbles dancing,
  • 11. Through the flowers and foliage glanc
  • 12. Like a child at play
  • 13. River, river! Swelling river!
  • 14. On you rush through rough and smooth
  • 15. Louder, faster, brawling, leapin g over rocks,
  • 16. by rose – banks,
  • 17. Sweeping like impetuous youth.
  • 18. River, River! brimming river!
  • 19. Broad and deep, and still as time,
  • 20. Seeming still, yet still in motion,
  • 21. Tending onward to the ocean,
  • 22. Just like mortal prime
  • 23. River, river! headlong river!
  • 24. Down you dash in to the sea
  • 25. Sea that line hath never sounded,
  • 26. Sea that sail hath never rounded,
  • 27. Like eternity.