King tut's curse


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King Tutantankhamen's tomb with riches remain untouched for 3200 years. What is the curse of King Tut?

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King tut's curse

  1. 1. Presentation by:CVVMMK DhavejiSchool Assistant ScienceTaylor High SchoolNarsapur 534275Andhra
  2. 2. Contents• Who is Tutankhamen• Where was he buried• Who discovered the tomb• Plan of the tomb• What are the riches in the tomb• Layers of the sarcophagus• Golden Mask• What is the curse• How it worked out• Conclusion
  3. 3. Tutankhamen was pharaoh or rulerof Egypt from 1361 to 1352 B.C.
  4. 4. He died at 17 years age and wasburied in a four chambered tomb inthe Kings Valley on the west bank ofriver Nile near Luxor in Egypt .
  5. 5. Ancient Egyptians buried their Pharaohs in the valley of Kings
  6. 6. On November 4th 1922, HowardCarter, a British archaeologist unearthed aburied staircasein Egypt’s Valley of the Kings.
  7. 7. 3D Plan of the tombThe staircase has sixteensteps leading down intothe ground.
  8. 8. Ante chamber
  9. 9. Wall painton chamber
  10. 10. Burial chamber
  11. 11. Coffins Layer wise
  12. 12. Inner Golden Coffin
  13. 13. Golden Mask
  14. 14. Four canopic jars in a chest They contain Stomach, Intestine, Lungs and Liver of King Tutankhamen.
  15. 15. Treasury
  16. 16. Throne
  17. 17. Golden Throne Golden Chair
  18. 18. Pendant
  19. 19. Necklace
  20. 20. Pendant
  21. 21. Golden Rings
  22. 22. Bracelet
  23. 23. Necklaces andPendants ofsemiprecious stonesand gold
  24. 24. Alabaster Scent Bottle
  25. 25. Head rest
  26. 26. Alabaster Mug
  27. 27. Daggers Foot rest Play board footwear
  28. 28. Head restSacred cow bed
  29. 29. Golden Chariot
  30. 30. The Curse “Death shall come on swift wings to him that toucheth the tomb of Pharaoh.” These are the words written across the seal of King Tutankhamen’s tomb .
  31. 31. Many of the archaeologists that entered the tomb got ill andeventually died. It is recorded thatduring the 1920s, more than two dozen of these men died shortly after entering King Tuts tomb.
  32. 32. Howard Carters pet, canary, was killed by a cobraright after discovering King Tuts tomb.
  33. 33. Lord Carnarvon was bitten on the cheek by a mosquito, caughtPneumonia and died in an Egyptian hospital on 5th April 1923
  34. 34. At the exact moment of Carnarvon’sdeath all the lights in Cairo went out.
  35. 35. and his dog at Hampshire, England began to howl and then all of a sudden dropped dead.
  36. 36. .
  37. 37. For many the curse of King Tut is still amystery, to others it is just superstition,but yet there are still those who trulybelieve in the curse.Does the curse truly exist or at least did it exist?Do you believe in the "Curse of King Tutankhamen"?
  38. 38. Presentation by:CVVMMK DhavejiSchool Assistant ScienceTaylor High SchoolNarsapur 534275Andhra