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  1. 1. Plot Synopsis The film begins with Poppy taking her dog for a walk. She goes to the nearby woods, but begins to feel as if she is not alone. She soon hears things moving around her, and gets quite paranoid. The dog also feels as if there is something else there, and runs off to find what it is. Poppy begins to get even more fearful, her head is spinning as she gets more and more scared. She falls over and passes out. The next morning she wakes up as if from a dream, and as she begins to go about her normal day, she keeps having flashbacks of the night before. She goes to the bathroom and notices she has a large cut on her head, clear evidence that last night was not a dream. She goes to wash the cut, but when she looks at it again, it's gone. The rest of the film continues to show her as she goes about her normal life, but there is something troubling her. She repeatedly has flashbacks that develop into a story about something that happened not long ago, when she was inadvertently involved with a group of people that did something stupid, but span out of control and resulted in the death of another school pupil. She realises that what is haunting her is in fact her conscious, and the other people involved are also being tormented by this. One by one they all go crazy with the guilt, and commit suicide. Poppy's conscious continues to get worse, until the last person involved has killed themselves, when she notices her conscious has stopped. She thinks she is free of the guilt, until she dies in a tragic accident, that uncannily resembles the death of the innocent school pupil.
  2. 2. Most of the transitions in this opening will be straight cut because it is more dramatic, and is the best way to switch from one shot to another. Costumes Poppy shall be wearing a coat and scarf, because it will be cold outside, but also to signify that she is hiding something. Her hood will be up to add mystery and also to conceal something. She will wear wellies on her feet because it will be muddy. The coat will be black, as the colour black is used to hide things, and a red scarf to signify danger and warning. She will wear blue denim jeans to show she is a normal teenage girl. The creature running past the screen will wear a black sheet of material. Props Dog, ipod, headphones, lead, collar, a rock
  3. 3. Location For the second part of our opening, we will film Poppy waking up at holly's house because her bathroom is next to her bedroom, making it easy to film.
  4. 4. Character There is only one character in the opening scene of our thriller and that is Poppy. Poppy is a 16 year old girl who goes to college. She is a normal girl who likes music and animals. She is quite shy, but likeable. She lives in a large house in the country with her parents and a younger sister. She also has a dog which she likes to take on long country walks. Later on in the film several more characters are introduced who are all linked into the death of the school pupil.
  5. 5. The camera shot of this is a close up of the main character Poppy, putting her iPod headphones in. You can hear the music blasting out from them.
  6. 6. Here's a mid shot of her, this shows you her surroundings (at home preparing to go out).
  7. 7. This is Poppy's dog that she is going to take for a walk to the woods.
  8. 8. Here is Poppy leaving the house with her dog and listening to her iPod. This will be a long shot so the character will be portrayed as being isolated.
  9. 9. She walks along empty roads to get to the woods she is heading too. This will be filmed as an extra long to see that there is nothing around her.
  10. 10. In this scene it shows Poppy walking down a track. We're going to edit this scene so it shows her fading in and out as she walks along, this adds a sense of surrealism, supernatural and isolation.
  11. 11. She soon arrives at the woods and there is still no one to be seen. This scene adds more of a setting to the story.
  12. 12. Soon after arriving in the woods the dog barks at nothing in particular (or so Poppy thinks), this makes her more alert and she switches off the iPod so she can pay more attention to her surroundings. This will be filmed as a mid-long shot.
  13. 13. Here it shows the girl looking worried about noises she is hearing around her. The camera shot is long shot so it fits in a lot of the surroundings, and makes her feel vulnerable.
  14. 14. The girl trips over but manages to stay upright by supporting herself on the tree. This will be filmed with many different shots to build up atmosphere.
  15. 15. After getting up after she has hit her head she is slightly concussed and as she looks around everything is shaky and blurry. This is shot as a point of view (POV) from the girl.
  16. 16. This is a point of view of the creature staring at her behind, and it sees everything in different colours so we will use an effect to show what the creature see's from its eyes.
  17. 17. The dog turns around and goes in the opposite direction and then stops and barks at nothing, but the nothing is the creature which only the dog can see/sense. The girl will be looking round with the dog using POV shots, then a long shot so you can see the dog standing and barking.
  18. 18. This shows another POV; also a long shot from the creature, starting at the barking dog. The creature isn't hiding, it just cant not be seen. The girl is looking for what the dog is barking at but can see nothing.
  19. 19. This is the scene where the dog runs away and leave s Poppy on her own in the woods. This will be filmed as a mid-shot.
  20. 20. Here she is getting worried and paranoid, the leaves around are crunching and twigs are snapping all around her. This shot will include the whole of the girl and the scenery behind her.
  21. 21. She walks along looking for the dog and the trees are shaking around her with the leaves rustling in the wind. This will be a focus pull from the leaves in the foreground to the girl walking past in the background.
  22. 22. Looking down from a high view in from trees, this makes her look vulnerable to everything.
  23. 23. Here it shows the point of view of the creature looking at the girl. She is scared and nervous and still looking for the dog. This will be another POV shot and also a mid shot.
  24. 24. The girl is walking along and passes through the creature. This is a long shot and so it fits in all that will happen. We will film it by using layers and a faint transparent layer of the creature.
  25. 25. This shows the creature running past the camera in a blurry flash of darkness. Again, this will be a mid shot.
  26. 26. She is darting around here, looking for what just ran past and feeling disorientated. The camera will be moving around to make it feel like its spinning faster.
  27. 27. She falls over and lays on the ground. As she falls she cuts her head on the ground. This will be filmed as a long shot.
  28. 28. The scene will end there and cut straight to the title of the film.
  29. 29. The next scene is the girl sleeping in bed. Another mid shot will be used.
  30. 30. She wakes up and continues her morning routine as usual, she doesn't know anything is wrong. But soon after has a flashback from her 'dream'. This is a long shot as to fit the whole of her in.
  31. 31. She goes into the bathroom to wash her hands/face. This is a mid-long shot.
  32. 32. She looks into the mirror in the bathroom and doesn't notice anything at first....
  33. 33. Then opens her eyes and sees a cut on her forehead, then has a flashback from the day before....
  34. 34. She reaches for a flannel to wash away the blood from her cut. This is a close up of the tap and flannel.
  35. 35. Then she looks back in the mirror only to see that her cut has vanished! This will be filmed as a mid shot.
  36. 36. The film ends and the credits appear.