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Intc5340 syllabussouthern

  1. 1. INTC 5340 Web Design 1/5 Richard Stockton College Master of Arts in Instructional Technology INTC 5340 Web Design Summer 2012Classroom: Southern Regional Monday 3:30 – 7:30 PMInstructor: Douglas M. Harvey, D.Ed. Meeting hours: By appointmentPhone: 609-652-4770(W). 609-927-7605(H) E-mail: harveyd@stockton.eduCourse DescriptionThis course is designed to acquaint the teacher with the design and use of web pages inK-12 education. Topics covered include the basics of web page creation, the various toolsfor making web pages, and the proper use of visual design guidelines in order to makeweb pages effective for meeting education and communication goals.The class will take a hands-on approach, in which you will be introduced to severalcomputer packages and tools, and be asked to integrate them into lessons and to enhancecommunication for your own classrooms.Course ObjectivesAfter completing this course, you will be able to: Demonstrate knowledge of and the ability to follow guidelines for the visual design of web pages. Demonstrate the ability to utilize graphics tools for creating visuals for use in web pages Demonstrate knowledge and the ability to follow guidelines for typography for web pages. Demonstrate knowledge and the ability to design and implement navigational strategies for web sites. Demonstrate the ability to create web pages using several tools.Suggested Text/ Materials Handouts and Web-based materials as assigned.Class FormatClasses consist of instructor’s presentation, discussion, and hands-on laboratoryexperience. Active participation in the class is the most important factor for your success.Due to the constraints of a cohort course, the majority of assignments should becompleted during class time. However, access to computing resources outside of classwill be beneficial for practice and experience with the various web design tools.
  2. 2. INTC 5340 Web Design 2/5If you need accommodations for any sort of documented physical or learning disability,please speak to the instructor as soon as possible, preferably by the second class meeting,so that arrangements may be made to afford you the best possible arrangement to succeedin the class.Attendance and Class ParticipationAttendance is extremely important if you are to learn the variety of material beingcovered. If you must be absent, it is your responsibility to catch up on the missed classcontent (hand-outs, class exercise, assignment, etc.). Also note that there are noextensions for late assignments, and no incompletes or extensions will be given for thecourse. However, assignments may be resubmitted for possible grade changes up until thefinal day of class.As a hybrid course, a significant portion of this course will take place online. We will beusing the college’s Blackboard portal for both communication and presentations,asynchronously and synchronously. You are expected to stay current on the materials, andparticipate as needed in live online events.You are also expected to participate in class discussion and activities, and communicatewith the instructor as needed. Professionalism is expected at all times in your treatment ofothers in the class.GradingPlease note that at anytime a student may request a status check of her/his grade. It is alsoimportant to remember that any graded assignment may be resubmitted with appropriatechanges in order to achieve a higher grade. The final date for resubmissions is the end ofthe final class session. A A- B+ B B- C+ C C- F93-100 90-92 87-89 83-86 80-82 77-79 73-76 70-72 0-69
  3. 3. INTC 5340 Web Design 3/5Course ScheduleSession/ Topics Assignment Due Self-Instruction DueDate4/2 Course Overview Anatomy of a Web Page Discussion of World Wide Web Examples4/9 NO CLASS Online: Help create Google Form for Web Site Critiques4/16 Planning Web Sites: Storyboard Navigation Flow Designing Web Sites: Typography for the Web Graphics &Color Usability4/23 Present Web Site Web Site Online Critique 1 Critique 1 Development Time for (Re)Design4/30 Present (Re)Design (Re)Design Using Web 2.0 Tools to make Web Pages5/7 Present Web Site Web Site Online Critique 2 Critique 2 Present Web Site Design Development Time for Web Site
  4. 4. INTC 5340 Web Design 4/55/14 Development Time for Web Site5/21 Present Web Site Web Site Online Critique 3 Critique 3 Development Time for Web Site5/28 NO CLASS Online6/4 Development Time for Web Site6//11 Present Web Site Web Site
  5. 5. INTC 5340 Web Design 5/5Course AssignmentsWeb Site Critiques (15%)Using the Google form created by you and your colleagues, review and critique three (3)education-oriented web sites using the criteria on the rubric. Post these critiques to theshared Google Doc spreadsheet.(Re)Design of a Class Web Site (25%)Using the tools available in district, you will design and implement a set of class webpages meant to communicate with students and parents. Realizing that you may alreadyhave a site, you will be expected to redesign your existing site using what you learn inclass, specifically being graded for:1) Proper visual layout for audience use2) Clarity and effectiveness of navigation tools3) Usefulness of site in promoting communicationWeb Site Design and Creation using Web 2.0/Shareware Tools (60%):Several Web 2.0 tools for web site creation will be covered – you are to use 1 of thosetools to create an educational web site on a chosen topic related to your classroom.Examples of tools you may use include:Wordpress; Google Sites; Wikispaces; Edmodo; Weebly; Ning ;Wix