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Stand Next To Me

  1. 1. F O U N D A T I O NGlobal Educational & Awareness through the ArtsNew York City, NY | The World
  2. 2. F O U N D A T I O NGlobal Educational & Awareness through the Arts© Copyright 2011 The NexTToMe Foundation. All rights reserved. The preceding message(including any attachments) contains information thatmay be confidential, may be protected by the attorney-client or other applicable privileges, or may constitute non-public information. It is intendedto be conveyed only to the designated recipient(s) named above. If you are not an intended recipient of this message, please notify the sender byreplying to this message and then delete all copies of it from your computer system. Any use, dissemination, , or reproduction of this message byunintended recipients is not authorized and may be unlawful. The information contained herein is a confidential document that contains ideas,concepts, methods and other proprietary infconfidential. No reproduction of any sort or release of this document is permissible without priorwritten consent of The NexTToMe Foundation.
  3. 3. F O U N D A T I O N About Us The NexTToMe Foundation is a non profit organization that creates platforms empowering (A)wa(R)eness people around our world to become leaders of change. ARTS NexTToMe creates ever growing bridges of under- Communitie(S) Educa(T)ion standing by enabling the power of ART to become a platform for communitcation promoting change through education & awareness between our worlds diverse communities. Understanding = (A)wa(R)eness + Educa(T)ion + Communitie(S) LGBT Initiative Our mission is simple : To stop the persecution of unite our families to stand together and bring one of the worlds most influential art communities messages of positivity and hope. Our goal is to bring by providing education and awareness. awareness and education to those who fall prey to hate and prejudice. At a time where this community is facing serious challenges, from teen suicide and bullying to interna- tional persecution, NexTToMe feels this is the time to01 02
  4. 4. F O U N D A T I O N The Event: “Together” How we bring Change In honor of all the contribution made by the TOGETHER unites the most influential Artist Impact made in the life of Lorem Ipsum Dolar LGBT Community to art through human of our generation from every corner of the history, NexTToMe is proud to initiate our world through all-encompassing artistic E&A Program and Event: TOGETHER: “An platforms of expression. Artistic Celebration Through Time”. These are the impacts of LGBT artists on our life this happend woah! then this! death :( society over time. Andy Worholinspired Loren, Ipsum, Dolar,Lorem Ipsum Dolar Lorem Fact: something else that is relevant and cool happened here03 04
  5. 5. F O U N D A T I O N Bryant Park NYC NexTToMe events will act act as a bridge for the Art Exhibition LGBT community. Sponsorship Booths Various artistic expressions and performances will have a staging ground to allow the world to show Photography Wall Exhibit their fight against fear with “Our Love = Our Art” Advertising Opportunities The NexTToMe Event will provide local artists to Culinary Platform put their installation around the event creating an incredible atmosphere to the selected areas. NexTToMe Performance Stage bryant park map05 06
  6. 6. F O U N D A T I O N International Media Coverage NexTToMe Social Media Network TEDx Live “Let Art be a Bridge to a Global Commonality” TEDx as come together with NexTToMe to create deep conversation and connections around NexT- NexTToMe will inaugurate the launch of its Global Social a Global Connectivity Platform by providing ToMe Education & Awareness (E&A) Program Network Platform the day of the Event providing a myriad multiple screenings of TEDTalk videos with a and Event: TOGETHER. NexTToMe and TEDx of interactive artistic platforms for millions of people around combination of live presenters that will sparks will provide international communities with an the world to express themselves, in turn supporting the opportunity to express themselves under heroes of our world - boutique foundations working to NexTToMe’s umbrella promoting understanding. better the world we all share. The focus of launch will be around the LGBT, allowing for thousands of users worldwide to log on and be part of this incredible experience. MTV Networks MTV LOGO Channel has joined forces with us to expand our education & Our Media Partners awareness programs to the world via the MTV’s reach in by the following: • MTV Marketing: Online banner ads; inclusion in xoxoLOGO Newsletter; Social Media Promotion; Inclusion on MTV Events Page; On Air Spots and more. • Programming & Airing of the NexTToMe Event: The event will be aired on MTV Logo and including a special & original show will be created on NexTToMe’s full creative production & ownership of On Air and Online programs allows us to expand our reach to a NewNowNext PopLab series. global level. Here are a few names of various International Media Partners we are currently approaching for viewership expansion and inclusion into the NexTToMe TOGETHER Event [NYC].07 08
  7. 7. F O U N D A T I O N Strategic Partners Heroes Behind NexTToMe NexTToMe has selected specific companies to act Bio Bio Bio support in the creation, implementation and strategic International Interactive Production Social Financial Support Legal Services placing of the E&A Programs and Event in New Support Support Support York City and Internationally. Below are a few of Responsible of developments of NTTMF Netowork and Responsible for all legal work for NTTMF’s including Provides NTMF with necessary financial advisory as their support summaries: Interactive Platforms from Online, Wireless/App Development. contract, negotiations, sponsorship and association, and well as provide Loan System to support Sponsorship international entertainment rights. Contact Investments & Marketing Budgets. • Avveta Worldwide • JP Morgan Jeff Saunders Contact • RSF Social Finance Marvin Miller • Price Waterhouse Cooper • Winston & Straw LLP • Rubenstein Public Relations Bio Bio Bio Global Accounting Public Relations Global Financial Services Support Support Support Provide NTTMF with complete support on all its PR Responsible for the auditing of NTTMF’s programs Responsible for management of all NTTMF’s finan- needs including publications, celebrity, and media and 3rd party associations as well as grant cial needs as well as financial management support strategic communication placement proposals given. of E&A Programs and Events. Contact Richard Rubenstein09 10
  8. 8. F O U N D A T I O N Value Analysis • Philanthropic Value 501c3 Benefits. Once in a lifetime opportunity to support a global philanthropic artistic event. • Philanthropic Impact International philanthropic community reach. • International Artistic Support Direct support for the creation of art-based • Brand Ownership of all Artistic Platforms programs and artists international. (3 yr term) Exclusive for single or shared platinum sponsors. • International Education & Awareness Programs • Geographical Reach Support education and awareness internationally. Continued global exposure and multi-cultural community reach. • International Brand Awareness Reach & Image Brand Inclusion in through • Impact vs Cost international media entertainment exposure. Impact cost ratio at over 75% above margin. • Non Profit Supoort • Legacy Awareness of LGBT Foundations around the Event growth internationally per year. world promoting education and connectivity.11 12
  9. 9. F O U N D A T I O N Value Ratio PVC=Present Estimated Value Cost (USD $10.7 million) PVB=Present Estimated Value Benefit (USD $87 million) NTTMF Production Development Staff $1.8m Bryant Park Event $10m NTTMF Programs & Events $2.5m International Advertising Campaigns $08m NTTMF Association & Support $3.1m Celebrity Support Programs $5m Pilobilous Dance Performance $2m Benefit Cost Ratio (8.1) Film Value $3m PVB / PVC = 8.1 value per dollar invested Fashion Performance and Garments $13m PVC PVB Photography Exhibit $3m Music Performance $8m NexTToMe E&A Programs and Event clearly shows the NexTToMe E&A Program’s and Event also give a clear value of this International Event in comparison to other opportunity to be in the forefront of a sudden of program Other Marketing & Programs $10m entertainment based programs like Award Ceremonies, that will continue to expand for years to come. Music and/or Music Performances, etc and a greater Int’l Media & Entertainment Value value of investment vs impact & return in comparing to (MTV/TED/Online/Other) $25m other existing properties.13 14
  10. 10. F O U N D A T I O N Artistic Educational Platforms Pre-Event International Communication In an effort to promote these events, the following Celebrity Ad Campaign NexTToMe has created various E&A (Educational & Awareness) Platforms of Artistic Communication which “pre-event” campaign procedures will take place. “Stand Next To Me” endeavors to educate International communities around the LGBT by placing the beauty and incredible contributions of this community into our lives. Along with these, NexTToMe will be utilizing NexTToMe will launch a second advertising communica- additional communication plaforms in a campaign tion program that will include global celebrity support called “The Glue that Brings us Together”. These will around the Educational and Awareness message of the We have divided the programs in 2 parts focusing on Pre-Event and Event Only programs: include NTTMF Achievement Awards, Marketing foundation and its International Events in NYC. Programs and Products, The Documentary Series: “Human Body Exhibit,” A Multiplicty of Art Installa- Pre-Event tions and more.. E&A: You Are Not Alone • International E&A Advertising Campaign • Celebrity Ad Campaign • Photography Exhibit International E&A Adveritsing Campaign Photography Exhibit Event Only “Looking Beyond Limits” “A Picture Can Speak a Thousand Words” • Pilobolus Dance Performance Through the challenges the LGBT community is facing Throughout New York City and San Francisco, life size • Film: “A Story of Youth’s Hidden Hardships” today, NexTToMe created a core program which asks one photographic installations of various individuals support- • Fashion: “A Fashion Foot Forward” important question while placing one ing the LGBT community with their arms stretched out • Music: “Music is the Language of the Soul” important face divided between 3 campaigns: building a bridge of unity with the world. • Other: “The Glue that Brings Us Together” Family Proceed to learn more about these events and E&A: Gift to Our World E&A: Unity and Character what the E&A Action is for each platform. The Power of Choice15 16
  11. 11. F O U N D A T I O N Exclusive Events Pilobolus Dance Performance Fashion “Stand Next to Me” “A Fashion Foot Forward” NexTToMe has associated with Internationally renowned NexTToMe will work with 15 selected International dance company Polobolus, to create an original and Two designers to create a modern adaptation based on 15 of the couples in present time Uganda facing persecution, escape most influential characters of LGBT community through- to South Africa to find salvation and freedom. out time from Donna Karan to Oscar Wilde. E&A: Compassion E&A: Homage to Art Film Music “A story of Youth’s Hidden Hardships” “Music is the Language of the Soul” Young girl in New York and a teen in Miami discover the NexTToMe will bring various artists connecting the world power to live within to live and love as they journey through music & sound. Featuring Classical, Rock, Pop, through the challenges of bullying in America. Hip Hop, Latin & International Music that will be Integrated with various exhibited artistic platform within the event. E&A: Self-Discovery E&A: Building Harmony17 18
  12. 12. F O U N D A T I O N Pledge & Commitment Help make the inivisible tie that binds us, visibile “Stand Next to Me” (Sole Sponsorship) “Stand Next to Me” to everyone around the world. • $12,000,000 (Sole Sponsorship) • $12,000,000 Make a vow to stand next to me; a stand next to all Sole Sponsorship Includes: of us, and let art be the bridge to ties our global • Only Brand Sponsors of “NexTToMe” Event and community together. Platinum Sponsorship all Artistic programs in 2011. • $1,000,000+ • Complete Brand exposure and inclusion in all Our Stand Philanthropic Support Program gives Programs and Events. you the opportunity to bring global change. • Complete Brand ownership (3 year term) of all artistic platforms. We thank all current and future sponsors for their Gold Sponsorship • $500,000+ • Complete and only Brand inclusion in all visual dedication to ushering a positive future through work development and media communication education and awareness. plaforms. Including: - MTV Silver Sponsorship - TED • $250,000+ - NTTMF Network Online/Social Media • Owner of NTTMF Achievement Awards and all other Marketing Material and programs created. Bronze Sponsorship • $75,000+ continue to read other types of commitment options19 20
  13. 13. F O U N D A T I O N Platinum Sponsorship Gold Sponsorship Silver Sponsorship Bronze Sponsorship • $1,000,000+ • $500,000+ • $250,000+ • $75,000+ Platinum Sponsorship Includes: Gold Sponsorship Includes: Silver Sponsorship Includes: Bronze Sponsorship Includes: • Primary Brand Sponsors of “NexTToMe” Event • Secondary Brand Sponsors of “NexTToMe” • Brand sponsor(s) of “NexTToMe” Main Event • Brand Presence and Positioning around Event and all Artistic programs in 2011. Event and all Artistic programs in 2011. and Artistic Properties. • Special Creative Development for Main Brand • Special Creative Development for Secondary • Brand Presence and Positioning around Event Inclusion Postition around Brand Inclusion Postition around and Artistic Properites. • Brand Sponsor(s) of Interactive website Event/Artistic Properties. Event/Artistic Properties. “NexTToMe” Network Platform. • Main Brand Sponsor(s) of Advertising • Secondary Brand Sponsor(s) of interactive • Brand Sponsor(s) of Interactive website and the Campaign to be broadcast globally through website “NexTToMe” network platform. “NexTToMe” network platform. interactive platforms and locally through • Brand Sponsor(s) of selected marketing materials television networks. for the “NexTToMe” Programs and Event. • Expo Booth at Bryant Park Location. • Specialized Micro-Site for Brand. • Main Brand Sponsor(s) of interactive website “NexTToMe” network platform including all interactive content, including a specialized micro-site for the Platinum Sponsor. • Main Brand Sponsor(s) of “NexTToMe” Documentary. • Main Brand Sponsor(s) of all marketing materials for the “NexTToMe” Programs/Event. • NexTToMe Artistic Achievement Award21 22
  14. 14. F O U N D A T I O N Stand Next to Me From the NexTToMe Foundation Esteemed Supporters and Friends, First and foremost, I would like to thank all of you who have joined this event and have worked so hard to get us to this exciting stage! I believe we can cure hate, literally cure it, by injecting art and love into people’s lives. Join us all on this journey and light up the darkness. Thank You for Standing next to me. Paul L. R. Du Bois CEO/Founder c: 646.732.0051 Paul L. Du Bois Olga Yakolev Founder Pledge & Commitments Manager The NexTToMe Foundation c: 973.632.511823 24