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KFAI Freewheelin' with Jackson Buck

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This is a diverse market research presentation I worked on for the KFAI show "Freewheelin' with Jackson Buck" that uses their diverse listenership as an asset for a visual campaign that will increase …

This is a diverse market research presentation I worked on for the KFAI show "Freewheelin' with Jackson Buck" that uses their diverse listenership as an asset for a visual campaign that will increase loyalties and raise revenue.

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  • 1. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY MISSION STATEMENT KFAI Radio is a volunteer-based community radio station that exists to broadcast information, arts and entertaiment programming for an audience of diverse racial, social and economic backgrounds. By providing a voice for people ignored or misrepresented by mainstream media, KFAI increases understanding between peoples and communities, while fostering the values of democracy and social justice. Freewheelin’ is a show hosted by Jackson Buck, Playing every Monday morning from 9-11 am. Tune in Monday mornings at 9AM as Jackson Buck presents Freewheelin’, a free- owing musical journey through the years of recorded history featuring the sounds of Americana, folk, rockabilly, blues, alt-country, country swing, Cajun & zydeco, old- time, jug band, bluegrass and more. MARKETING PLAN Currently, Freewheelin’ and KFAI are both not getting the exposure they deserve for various reasons: including budget, sta power and a lack of strategy. is is where MCAD comes in. THE PROBLEM THE SOLUTION “Radio Without Boundaries” • Imaginative Self redefinition • Focus on Radio, not Listeners • Personal Exploration for 1 hour “I AM KFAI..” • The many facets of you Campaign • Personal Juxtaposition • Eclecticity of Individuality THE CAMPAIGN KFAI stands strives to give a voice to those without one through a community integrated initiative; unfortunately, they lack the resources to do so. Currently, their marketing plan focuses on a corporate-initiated approach. e problem with this is that it doesn’t focus on the listener as well as segments the show into a distinctive category that may or may not exist when the listener chooses to tune in. Instead we propose that Freewheelin’ and KFAI utilize the eclecticity of the shows and it‘s free-form nature to their advantage. By using a user-centric approach, we can take advantage of the open-forum by explaining to the listeners from the beginning the variations in genre’s. e umbrella concept of ‘I Am KFAI’ is simple: although people may de ne themselves through speci c genre’s of music- each individual is made up of various facets of musical appreciation. We propose that KFAI focus on the eclecticity of the inidivual-and for two-hours a week, to virtually feed the various elements of their self: be it country, jazz or rock n’ roll through imaginative self-rede nition. is is a pilot project that if successful, can be simply replicated for various shows. Instead of ‘I listen to KFAI’ it should be ‘I am KFAI’ 01
  • 2. TEAM ROLES DYLAN ADAMS | DESIGNER Dylan will utilize his extensive knowledge of creative planning by executing the design work for this project. Coming from a design background, Dylan has mastered his skills through a history of various freelancing opportunities in both Minneapolis and Wisconsin. Dylan is a freshman at the Minneapolis College of Art &Design, and hopes to get into creative strategy upon graduation. ZAMIN DHARSI | PROJECT MANAGER Zamin comes with a host of real-world experience in interactive strategy and creative developement. Having worked in the United States, Canada, Dubai and the United Kingdom, Zamin has developed a strong portfolio in information graphics and digital media strategy. Zamin is a junior at the Minneapolis College of Art & Design, and hopes to go into social sustainability upon graduation, ideally working with nonpro ts and/or the United Nations. CODY HAAVIK | COMMUNITY STRATEGIST Cody is an outgoing person who likes to think on his feet. Constantly creating new ideas in uenced by the world around him, Cody uses his environment as inspiration to create truly innovative ingenuity. With a world of experi- ence, Cody is a global thinker who enjoys problem-solving while integrating community interaction for a truly revolu- tionary presence. Cody is a Freshman at e Minneapolis College of Art and Design, who hopes to work in project management in the automotive industry upon graduation. HILARY LEASMAN | PRODUCTION MANAGER Hilary Leasman is a sculptor and illustrator with an intuitive understanding of materials. She enjoys working with her hands to create playful figurative pieces. Hilary recently finished her first children's book which will be showing at the Science Museum of Minnesota later this month. Hilary is a junior at the Minneapolis College of Art & Design and hopes to focus on the Fine Arts upon graduation.n NICOLETTA NEDDERMEYER | PUBLIC RELATIONS COORDINATOR Nicoletta is an outgoing, bubbly and strong woman who is never afraid to strike up a conversation and speak her mind. With a science background, Nicoletta is apt to analytical thinking and understanding the world around her from a holistic perspective. A writer at heart, Nicoletta strives to communicate intellectually her creative process while maintaining a sense of coherency and focusing on accuracy. Nicoletta is a sophomore at the Minneapolis College of Art & Design focusing on Branding, Marketing and Public Relations. 02
  • 3. TEAM ROLES PETER RALSTON | INTERACTIVE STRATEGIST Peter brings a balance of creative thinking with analytical research capabilities. He holds a high regard for systemattical functions which helps the team achieve an educated and repeatable process, integral in the creation of a strategic pilot. Peter is a freshman at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design and hopes to start a marketing rm after graduation.hopes to get into creative strategy upon graduation. GROUP SUB-DIVISION Print Dylan Adams Hilary Leaseman Interactive Zamin Dharsi Peter Ralston Community Cody Haavik Nicoletta Neddermeyer 03
  • 4. AUDIENCE PRIMARY DEMOGRAPHIC Sex Male 67% Female 33% Age 18-24 (College Age) 25-34 (Young-Professionals) 35-44 (Current Demographic) Although we can create a market segmentation on which to focus on, the variety of KFAI’s schedule makes it di cult to create speci c ethnographic categories in which to specify listeners. Instead, we created compiled a list of s ociological and psychological implications which de ne the ideal KFAI listener through qualitative research. YOUNG PROGRESSIVE I AM GLOBALLY AWARE KFAI INDEPENDENT SUSTAINABLE ORGANIC 04
  • 5. GOALS • NEW LISTENERS After much debate, we realized that the Primarily Goal is to increase listenership for the show Freewheelin’. is is important because it will translate into viable ROI (Return on Investment) when it comes to pledge season. e fact is that increasing the scope of current listener, while important, will not necessarily generate more revenue for KFAI. • INCREASE SCOPE e Secondary Goal is to increase the range of listeners to pull them into the show FreeWheelin’. With over 100 shows, KFAI has a loyal group of followers, however these listeners have settled into their own niches. We feel that if there was an increase in integration across various platforms of di erent shows, we can pull in more listeners. • INCREASE COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT e Tertiary Goal is to increase community involvement so that there is an interaction between the radio show and target audiences that they are speci cally catering to. It is important to execute this in a way that is simple yet e ective. MARKETING FUNNEL FUTURE CURRENT Social Networking • • Word of Mouth E-Newsletter • • Direct-Mail Podcasts • • Promoting at events Live Radio Show • • Guest DJ Specials Youtube Live Studio • • Ticket Giveaways Merchandising • Community Events • • Promote Local • Community Events/Sponsorship Repeat • Google Analytics • • Repeat Monthly Newsletters • • Create Community Audience 05
  • 6. OBJECTIVES SMART Although Goals are important in a project, they merely act as the umbrella ideation of the nalized product. e way to measure deliverables is by using Speci c Measurable Achievable Realistic and Timely (or SMART) Objectives. e following are 3 Speci ed Objectives. ese can act as an initial measuring tool to maintain progress and track success. • REGIONAL Gain new listeners in speci c area of newly broadcasting zone. Attain an initial average from which to build o from. • INTERACTIVE FOLLOWERS Increase number of online followers by 36% in the next 6 months. Current followers on Facebook are 270-in the next 6 months, the goal is to reach approximately 400 on all interactive and social media platforms. • COMMUNITY Organize between 4-6 community events (initiated by KFAI) wihtin the next year. is can including anything from Meet & Greets, to Block-Parties, to being played at various local Co ee Shops. 06
  • 7. TIMELINE NOVEMBER 05 Initial Proposal • Outline Marketing Options • Collect Branding Media • Presentation to Jackson Buck Finalize Details NOVEMBER 12 • Final Marketing Plan due Initiate Design • Begin initial execution NOVEMBER 19 Mid-Progress Evaluation • Presentation with Jackson Buck • Present Marketing Strategy • Present Design Updates NOVEMBER 26 Finalize Design • Finish of Design Pieces • Finalize Pagination • Finalize Templates DECEMBER 03 Production • Create Presentation • Print Media-Kit • Print Marketing Guidelines • Purchase Prototype Tools DECEMBER 07 Final Presentation • Presentation to Jackson Buck • Post-Mortem 07
  • 8. OPTIONS 3 Prong Approach In order to attain the attention of our desired demographic while keeping up to date on the constantly changing world of radio with technological advancements, it is essential for us to approach our marketing aspect through diversi cation. We have decided to focus on 3 seperate umbrella categories as topical subheads: • Interactive • Print • Community We ask you to give us feedback on which ideas you prefer from each category. We will then take your preferances and work towards executing them through the course of the semester, giving you the opportunity to implement them if and when you choose to do so. • INTERACTIVE We have customized the following social-media ‘packages’ for you to pick from, additionally-we are including a generic list of di erent tools on the right if you would like to package your own combination of social-media components. Package One Facebook Facebook, Youtube, Twitter Usability Excellence, catching a high-tra c demographic MySpace and cashing in using automated generating software for quick and easy maintenance. Very easily measured. Youtube! Package Two Twitter Blog, Direct Mail (E-Newsletter), Facebook Blog allows the use of Google analytics, Newsletters are Flickr submitted for the blog (the number of people that open the email can be tracked to insure that the actually read it). LinkedIn e downfall is that it would take time to write blogs and newsletters. Blog Package Three Facebook, Podcasts, MySpace E-Newsletter Facebook and Myspace are both simple to manage Podcasts once they are set up. Both can also launch Podcasts from the site. 08
  • 9. OPTIONS • PRINT We have customized the following print/outdoor media campaigns for you to pick from, each section has a number of categories from which you can choose whichever you prefer. Outdoor Billboards To follow “I am KFAI” campaign. When people need advice, they turn to the skies. Where better to advertise KFAI. Using billboards will allow us to reach a large population of people in a target region easily. Posters To follow “I am KFAI” campaign. ese posters would be created in a variety of sizes and versions. To be placed at various local community hotspots where our audience visits. Target for these would be to not only keep a current listener informed but also to give new listeners an opportunity to be aware and informed about what KFAI o ers. Interior Bus From what we noticed, are advertisements on the outside of public transportation buses really for the people riding the bus? We think the Metro Transit buses, speci cally the interior oor stamps are an excellent innovative way to advertise KFAI, giving passangers with iPods immediate access to the radio station. Free-Wheel Start with a loose bike tire rim, and an “I am KFAI” weatherproof insert, chain to a bike lock. A Freewheelin’ visual pun. is way we could capture our target audience, with an interesting, creative visual. Direct Mail Postcards Create creative advertising for newly broadcasting airwaves region by sending them a postcard informing them of the time- slots and show speci cations. CD Giveaway Instead of sending people random postcards that they may throw away as they categorize them as ‘junk-mail’, we send the community a gift from KFAI sampling various local independent music with breaks where Jackson Buck advertises his radio show. is would give listeners direct access to the station as they would utilize the CD in their cars and would be able to tune in directly to the radio-show. Due to copyright issues, this may be a great way to bring local artists together to promote themselves as well as the show. Another option is doing a Holiday CD giveway which will help copyright infringement. 09
  • 10. OPTIONS Merchandising Following the “I am KFAI” umbrella, these tools would be a essential part of KFAI’s success. is merchandise could be handed out everywhere to everyone. Relying on people to wear these items, to post these stickers in places that will get the word out to potential new listeners. is area has room for expansion on various elements. Package One Other Options: • Bumper-Sticker • Hats • T-Shirt • Scarves • Pins Package Two • Headphones • Notebook • Canvas Shopping Bags • Travel Mug • Mousepads • Calendars Package ree • Window-Scraper (snow) •Sticker • CD-Holders • Pens • Keychains • COMMUNITY e third subsector to focus on is the community aspect of KFAI. Since so many shows are based on community invovlement, creating campaigns focused on these sector will assist in promoting cross-communication and building loyalty, while inviting new audiences to the show. Exposure Co ee Shop Various Coffee shops within the community will play KFAI on their loud speakers. The idea is to give the barista’s a schedule and let them pick and choose which show they want to listen to. In order to increase awareness, we can design coasters or napkins which can be placed on tables to inform visitors of what they are listening to. Additionally, we can hand-out merchandise (t-shirts, etc) and can hold various componental contests once a month-including a raffle draw for a free gift. Cross-Advertising Within KFAI Community Team up with other shows such as Rhyme Sayers Entertainment. One show a month organize a playlist of hip hop songs with them that use folk and blues samples on Saturday during there show. On Freewheeling play all the songs samples, the original song that hip hop beat was taken from. This is a way to reach a younger demographic of people who love music but focus heavily on hip hop. 10
  • 11. OVERVIEW Deliverables After our initial meeting with Jackson Buck during the pre-development stage, we decided to focus on a varied scope in order to provide the most amount of diversity to our client. Additionally, we have combined all elements under a common campaign umbrella in order to promote cohesiveness in all the deliverables. Community • Jackson Around Town • Java with Jackson • I Am KFAI • Rhyme-Sayers • 331 Club Interactive • Facebook • Twitter • YouTube • Subsidiary (Bit.ly + Mail Chimp) Print • I Am KFAI Campaign • Freewheelin’ T-Shirt 11
  • 12. BRANDING Campaign In order to visually connect the varying subsectors of this project, we realized it was essential to create a set of branding guidelines in order to visually connect all parts. is process was initiated by formatting type studies into visual elements. We realized it was important to share the thematic elements of Freewheelin’ with the demographic in a way they would be able to easily connect with them to the following genre of music: Blues, Alt Country, Rockabilly, Americana, Folk It was essential for us to do this so that in the future, whoever continues working with the show Freewheelin’ will have an implied set of speci cated guidelines to utilize. Roots e following is a visual guideline that we call ‘Roots’. It is loosely based on 50s pin-up posters and American patriotism motifs. e aim is to allude to ‘the simple life’ with the open road and all the musicians like Bob Dylan who preached that message. Motorcycles, Apple Pie and Guitars play the role of inspiration for this motif, visually asserting itself into various components. Color-Scheme It was essential for us to keep the current Red and White elements that make up the scheme of KFAI in order to maintain a sense of coherency. We decided to add the following subsidiary colors to take the motif to the next level. Red: Fresh apples baked inside a homemade pie White: First snowfall of a midwestern winter Cobalt Blue: e waving ags children hold during the parade Black: e dusty leather of a motorcyclist going across the nation Typography American Typewriter is the primary typeface, alluding to a simpler time. Jellyka Saint-Andrews Queen is the secondary typeface, giving an organic freehand feel to the brand. All fonts available for free via www.dafont.com 12
  • 13. PRINT Overview Print ended up being our tertiary focus in this campaign because of budgetary constriants. We have realized that non-traditional media works better in cost-e ective high-impact advertising. However, our initial “I Am KFAI” campaign was initiated for print-media and it has in-turn traveled to the additional sub-sectors. e following is an analysis of the following print-speci c options: Coasters I Am KFAI Freewheelin’ Tshirts 13
  • 14. PRINT Coasters We realized that a great demographic to tap into was visitors of local community co ee shops since the average peak hours coincide directly with the time of the show Freewheelin’. In order to do this, we have conceptualized a campaign we call ‘Java with Jackson’. e idea is to ask local community co ee shops to play the show freewheelin’ in exchange for ‘Shout Outs’ to their visitors. For legal reasons, if it remains as a “Hey visitors of x co ee-shop, thanks for being with us this morning!” But that is simply not enough. e next step is to transfer those listeners by providing them a written reminder of what they’re listening to. e most cost-e ective way to do this is by providing co ee-houses with a coaster to share within their establsihment. We have designed 3 Options which are print-ready for implementation. Like the rest fo the campaign, these follow the branding guidelines created for Freewheelin’. er icana with your lues with your m Have some B B A some A mericano. iscotti. Have Freewheelin’ Freewheelin’ Mondays 9-11a.m. Mondays 9-11a.m. ck son with you a rJ Have some J ava. Freewheelin’ Mondays 9-11a.m. 14
  • 15. PRINT I Am KFAI e umbrella concept of ‘I Am KFAI’ is simple: although people may de ne themselves through speci c genre’s of music- each individual is made up of various facets of musical appreciation. We propose that KFAI focus on the eclecticity of the inidivual-and for two-hours a week, to virtually feed the various elements of their self: be it country, jazz or rock n’ roll through imaginative self-rede nition. We conceptualized our initial idea and decided to specify it directly to the show Freewheelin’. We decided to caricaturize the rich diverse Minneapolis Community and show that they could all come together in the genre of music they listen to. Since we were focused on Freewheelin’, we decided to show that each of our characters all listen to Blues, Alt Country, Americana, Folk and Rockabilly. e Characters A big thank you to all our volunteer models who graciously accepted to support local community initiatives and music by posing for us. Please refer to model release forms for legal rights to images. 1) Fashionista: Rafa Eissa 2) Grandmother: Mama Ta 3) Somalian: Sophia Neguse 4) Family: Jean Pritchett, Alisa Pritchett, Olivia Pritchett and McCale Swanson 5) Urban Boy: Cody Haavik 6) Blue Collar Worker: Peter Ralston 7) Corporate Girl: Stephanie Schmitz 8) Biker/Hipster: Greg ompson 15
  • 16. PRINT TShirt We designed a conceptual tshirt that may be printed in the future by the client. In order to not make it be just another promo giveaway, we studied current fashion trends and developed an artistic visual rendition of the idea and motif of‘Freewheelin’. e design has been conceptualized to be on a distressed tshirt (sold in wholesale at American Apparel Clothing Retailers) and will feature tire tracks going across the front and the back of the tshirt, with a small logo of the show and radio station. e hope is this design can transfer from a simplistic promotional media into a fashion statement that can be utilized as staple apparel and everyday wear. 16
  • 17. INTERACTIVE In the oldest sense of the word, interactive media is a two-way conversion between two people where both parties are adding to the conversation. With the evolution of the Internet, interactive media has exploded in to many news forms of communication and types of mediums (primarily digital). After consulting with the client and assessing their various needs in creating a platform of communication with his intended demographic, we decided to initiate an interactive campaign using the following models: Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Overview Facebook – Facebook is currently the fastest growing social media network with 350 million users worldwide. Face- book also has a wealth of knowledge about user data and can reach targeted audiences and provide 100% tractable marketing statistics using “insights.” Twitter – Twitter is able to reach and engage a large number of people with up-to-date information through short comments or “tweets”. Twitter is best used in combination with websites like www.bit.ly and People browser. Bit.ly allows you to track the e ectiveness of each tweet. People browser enables you to search for targeted people by search- ing tweet key words in real time. YouTube – YouTube is one of the largest search engines in the world second only to google.com. It allows users to unload and watch videos. YouTube is completely user generated content. YouTube is able to sync with Facebook and Twitter to engage fans and gives them the capability to give feedback. Cross Linked and Synced All three sites are completely integrated – When a video is uploaded onto YouTube the link is auto posted onto facebook and twitter. Once on facebook, the videos are archived under the notes section of the page. Users can also subscribe to the video feed so they are noti ed everytime a new video is uploaded on youtube. Status updates are also linked so that all the pages are always showing the same content and can be changed with a single click. Goals Create a multi-interactive medium that will build a community of fans and will also provide two-way communication to engage followers and give feed back. Objectives • Promote “Freewheelin’” radio show in a way that is low budget and tractable. • Allow content to be more accessible to a wider audience. • Reach a wider audience through placement and online networking • Encourage feedback from fans in order to improve show quality 17
  • 18. INTERACTIVE / FACEBOOK Facebook Facebook is currently the fastest growing social media network with 350 million users worldwide. Facebook also has a wealth of knowledge about user data and can reach targeted audiences and provide 100% tractable marketing statistics using “insights.” What we did • Made custom URL for facebook • Added a newsletter sign-up for fan page • Figured out market size in Minnesota • Designed logo to brand all three interactive multimedia sites • Synced all three websites from youtube so they desplay video on all three sites. • Inputted content for all sites, including bio, interestes, hobbies, ect. • Made it completely tractable using tools like bit.ly and facebook insights Tools Email Sign up - An email Sign up has been added to the Freewheelin’ Jackson Fan Page Once emails are sent they are sent to mailchimp.com where the lists are automatically created. Notes page – Has an RSS feed that automatically posts new content from the http://www.youtube.com/freewheelinjackson 18
  • 19. INTERACTIVE / FACEBOOK Tools (Continued) After video is posted, it also automatically posts the “live feed” or wall for others to see. e video is also posted on the wall of all the people you are friends with. Twitter Application e twitter application is an application that allows you to change both your Facebook and Twitter status and view tweets from your Facebook page. Insights – is a tool that allows you to track the people that view your page and organizes all their demographic statis- tics. It also allows you to track the e ectiveness of a pay-per-click add generated through Facebook. A basic review is located on the side of the fan page. 19
  • 20. INTERACTIVE / FACEBOOK Tools (Continued) Events – the events application is a tool that allows you to promote an event and send events that other people can RSVP. Future Recommendations • Import App • NetworkedBlogs According to Facebook demographics there are 16,180 Facebook users that define the market size in Minnesota for the following criteria. 16,180 people • who live in the United States • who live in Minnesota • between the ages of 18 and 64 inclusive • who like roots band, alt country, folk music, americana, rockabilly, rockabilly music, blues, country music, cajun, zydeco, old time, old time rocknroll, south austin jug band, bluegrass, bluegrass music, jazz, blues brothers or robert johnson • who are single, in a relationship, engaged or married • who are interested in men or women • who speak English (US) • who are not already connected to Freewheelin' Jackson 20
  • 21. INTERACTIVE / TWITTER Twitter Twitter is essential in todays instant grati cation oriented community. e quickest and easiest way to generate and sustain a conversation with your demographic is by using the various elements and tools presented with the Twitter platform. We began by creating a Twitter account for Jackson Buck and Freewheelin’. You may access the account via the following URL: http://www.twitter.com/freewheelinJack 21
  • 22. INTERACTIVE / TWITTER Bit-Ly Bit-Ly allows you to track the e ectiveness of each Tweet. People Browser People browser enables you to search for targeted people by searching tweet key words in real time. We highly recom- mend this tool be utilized for automated syndication in the future. 22
  • 23. INTERACTIVE / YOUTUBE YouTube! Freewheelin’ Jackson is now a channel on YouTube! People can now discover Jackson Bucks channel and radio show on YouTube. e channels content automatically displays along with other videos that are of similar content. It is also possible to have a link to Facebook and Twitter at the end of the video. YouTube also has a program that allows you to gain insights about speci c demographic groups with various interests. Once the information is plugged in it gives you a list of most popular videos and keywords used by that target audi- ence. is program is on the bottom of the page under “TestTube” Other YouTube categorizes ‘Insights for Audiences’ which allows for tracking of demographical data in order to more e ectively target your audience. Web Pages and User Names Facebook Personal Page and Fan Page Twitter • URL: FreewheelinJackson • URL: Freewheelinjack • Freewheelinjackson@gmail.com YouTube Channel Mailchimp / Bit.ly / Gmail • URL: FreewheelinJackson • FreewheelinJackson@gmail.com 22
  • 24. COMMUNITY KFAI Radio is a volunteer-based community radio station that exists to broadcast information, arts and entertainment programming for an audience of diverse racial, social and economic backgrounds. By providing a voice for people ignored or misrepresented by mainstream media, KFAI increases understanding between peoples and communities, while fostering the values of democracy and social justice. Overview As a community-based organization, it is essential for KFAI to receive the funding they need from the o set commu- nity. Most radio stations do not rely on the community for there funding directly, as long as there are listeners they have everything paid for by corporate sponsors. KFAI does not have that advantage, about 50% has to come from directly from the people that listen to KFAI. erefore they MUST have a direct relationship with the community. Unfortunately, there is not much of a conversation happening between the demographic and the radio station. Currently, Freewheelin’ and KFAI are both not getting the exposure they deserve for various reasons: including budget, sta power and a lack of strategy. Focusing on the community directly surrounding us is very important because most of the funding for KFAI comes from the twin cities and this community is very progressive and globally aware, just like KFAI. Getting people directly involved will make them feel more connected to the station and there community at large. Jackson Around Town: To expose people to Jackson as the radio personality of Freewheelin with a campy attitude while parodying the idea of a local celebrity. I Am KFAI: Caricaturize the local Minneapolis community by juxtapositioning echoed personal traits with the genre’s of music individuals listen to. Rhymes Sayers: Once a month do a ve song collaboration of hip hop songs and the original song the beat was taken from in order to show the roots and connection of music which will interest an already captivated audience. 331 Club: Focusing on promotion in speci c area’s, generating tra c for the shows once a month. ese are the objectives we have completed to get Freewheelin speci cally more involved in the community while spending minimal to no money. We choose these to complete options because they are easily transferable to other shows or the whole station; they are simple ways to get the name of an individual radio show, the whole station, or personality out there into the community to be seen and heard in ways they have not before. 23
  • 25. COMMUNITY Jackson Around Town We create a small sculpture of Jacksons head and partake a social-community experiment. To capitalize on marketing power of strange circumstance we sculpt a bust of Jackson Buck. We take this bust with us each day. He sits across from us at the local co ee shop before looking glassy eyed beside us in class. On the buss he charms the lady sitting in front of him. We give her his business card and encourage her to check out KFAI. We ask if she would let us take a picture of her and Jackson that might be used as promo material. e other passengers swap puzzled looks, some stare openly as we take a few photos. Later we choose the best picture and incorporate it into the mail campaign along with some others that we took at a local bar. e scenario is clearly hypothetical. However this tactic would maximize Jackson's viability in the community as well as provide a useful attention grabber for a mail campaign. is is a very inexpensive way to put Freewheelin’ out in the community. Also to make Jackson himself more of a recognizable gure in the folk/blues community threw pictures on facebook, twitter and “live appearances” of the bust. e goal is to have the bust have its own “following”, mimicking the taco Johns in there potato only campaign. Take the bust to every event that involves Freewheelin’ radio, and to all the in studio sessions. Give it to KFAI volun- teers to di erent places around and take pictures. Jackson can take it around and take pictures of it with people. “I am KFAI” Street Pan-Handlers stand at various corners with signs. e idea of this is to recreate this scenario with a small twist. Furthering the ‘I am KFAI’ Campaign idea, we have live installations at various street-corners where models juxtapose personal style with personal taste. For example, a motorcycle hog can stand disconcertedly at a corner holding up a sign that says: “I am Hip Hop” followed by a small pillar behind him (or a board on a construction cone) advertising the show-time and station number. is gives us direct access to our audience allowing them to instantaneously tune into the show. It also allows for an easy way to track listenership in that specific segmented area. e shock value of the “I am KFAI” campaign is its real strength. It is too prevalent to not notice even as a poster or yer. e more this campaign is used out in the world with people standing on street corners and on highway exits the more recognizable it will become. 24
  • 26. COMMUNITY Rhyme Sayers Once a month do a collaboration with Rhyme Sayers radio. Select ve hip hop songs and the corresponding songs the samples were taken from. When playing the hip hop songs on Rhyme Sayers radio DJ announces listen to Jackson Bucks Freewheelin’ radio to hear some original samples from the nights line up. When Freewheelin’ radio plays these songs they Jackson does the same type of announcement, these are the samples from the Rhyme Sayers hip hop show. is is a way to cross two shows that have common roots, exposing a multitude of listeners to a new radio show on a station they already tune into. is can be translated to other shows at well, all music is rooted in other music. 331 Club Advertising in key areas of the cities, other bars and co ee houses around the N.E. Local music stores with yers such as Cheapo and e Electric Fetus. e University of Minnesota campus as well as the East Bank and West Banks have a lot of music venues and bars that hold shows, just like the 331. Tweet about it, links to songs or samples of songs from artists playing at event. Post videos of bands that are playing if possible on facebook/youtube. For the 331 club event the majority of clientele are people who reside in N.E or within a close proximity. ese are people who no matter the music will be coming to the 331 anyway. en there is the folk/blues community at large, which we must and hit as well. 25
  • 27. FUTURE When begining this project, it was essential for us to not just merely create a tangible object, but rather execut creative strategies that are ready to be implimented. You now have the tools and guides on how to take these pieces ‘live’, and the strategic implimentations to track the succes rates of the campaign. Should you choose to execute the work we have done, you have access to all the documents and les on a digital CD containing all of the following: • Proposal • Presentation • Posters (I Am KFAI) • Coasters • Tshirt • Bust After discussing your future needs, we have come to the conclusion that you would greatly benefit from two interns: • Social Media Intern • Video Intern Should you choose to pick the interns from the Minneapolis College of Art & Design, you may contact Christine Daves, Director of our Career Services department: Christine Daves (612) 874-3796 christine_daves@mcad.edu Once an intern has been chosen, please contact us for a brie ng meeting during which we will pass on our work and knowledge for your interns to implement and carry forth. It has been a truly educating experience working with you on the show Freewheelin’ and KFAI Radio, and we sincerely Thank You for allowing us the opportunity to do so. Please note that we are always available should any questions in the future come up. both about this specific campaign or otherwise. Please do not hesitate to contact us at any time. 26