Retail & eCommerce Marketing Case Studies


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Retail & eCommerce Marketing Case Studies

  1. 1. King of Prussia Mall: Multi-channel Marketing Services • Market Research • Business Analysis • Merchandise Analysis • Merchandise & Style Consulting • Circulation Planning • Brand DevelopmentIntegrated Multi-channel Programs and Campaigns • Event Marketing Programs • Contest & Sweepstake ProgramsWith the largest collection of high-end retail stores on the East Multichannel Campaign DevelopmentCoast, as well as an all-encompassing variety of dining options, • Strategic Creative DevelopmentKing of Prussia Mall is a destination for close-in shoppers and • Online Marketing Strategy • Interactive Design & Implementationtravelers alike. The center attracts over 20MM customers a year • Social Media Strategy & Planningfrom as far away as Europe and Asia. • Design & Production • Copywriting • Photography & Photo ProductionFor over 20 years, Lorél Marketing Group has been the agency of • Talent Sourcingrecord for this world-renowned destination. During this time, we • Prepress & Print Production • Mail Managementhave employed many different advertising techniques to reach amulti-tiered marketplace encompassing kids, teens, trend- Deliverables • Catalogs / Magalogsseekers, fashionistas and tourists. From outdoor to direct, print to • Posters / In-mall signagebroadcast, PR to digital, Lorél has created attention-grabbing and • TV & Radio Productionsuccessful multi-channel marketing campaigns. • Online Video • Outdoor • Email Programs • Websites & Microsites • Rich Internet Applications • Search Marketing • Banner Ads 1
  2. 2. King of Prussia Mall: Brand MarketingA Digital Shift With Brand Ambassador,Stylist Tracy TaylorBased on the successes in 2008, we shifted the marketingstrategy in 2009 from primarily offline to online focused tomeet the growing needs of shoppers and increaseddemand for social tools. To accomplish this goal, weenlisted a Brand Ambassador, Stylist Tracy Taylor. Wefocused on quality content and engagement through a fullyredesigned website with fashion-focused articles andvideos to highlight stores and products that will driveshoppers to the mall. "Hot Deals" and social shoppingtools were placed in prominent areas on the website tofurther feature the stores and products available. The TripPlanner provides shoppers with an easy to usepersonalized itinerary tool that plans, maps, and pre-selects products before shoppers go to the mall. Today,KOP customers are enjoying a product rich onlineexperience. 2
  3. 3. King of Prussia Mall: Brand Marketing Each of the 400 plus stores are represented by a "Store Detail" page, which provides a description and location of the store, as well as promotes individual products. The "Product Detail" page features products from the stores that were highlighted in the articles, videos, and promotions throughout the website and other promotions. Shoppers are encouraged to save and share their favorite stores, brands, and products. 3
  4. 4. King of Prussia Mall: Brand Marketing Social Shopping Tools Shoppers can submit their "Looks", favorite products, and "Hot Deals". Quick poll questions allow for behavioral and preferential targeting as well as allows us to understand what our shoppers want. Engaging Mobile Messages From Tracy "Get Tracys Tips, Trends, & Deals. Pick, rate, & share your favs." 4
  5. 5. King of Prussia Mall: Brand Marketing Social Shopping Tools Shoppers can save their favorite products, stores, brands, videos, articles, etc. to their personal profile and share it with friends using MyStyle. "Add A Comment" links are on almost every piece of content on the website. Social sharing and book- marking icons are prominently placed on every page. Fan pages were created and linked to on Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, and YouTube. 5
  6. 6. King of Prussia Mall: Brand MarketingSocial NetworkingPagesThe Brand Ambassadorcampaign along withthe re-launch of thewebsite and socialnetworking pagesproved to be a greatsuccess. We enlisted11,218 fans on the KOPFacebook page withinthe first two weeks afterlaunch. To date thereare 21,243 and Twitter KOPhas 785 followers. Twitter Page KOP KOP Facebook MySpace Page Page 6
  7. 7. King of Prussia Mall: PR CBS 3: 3 On Your Side, Save Money Using Facebook and Twitter The media is a frequent visitor to King of Prussia Mall. In this clip CBS 3 Consumer Reporter, Jim Donavon, reports on how organizations, such as the King of Prussia Mall, use social media channels to promote information such as sales and events to their fans. Other companies featured in the piece include South West Airlines, Sephora and Nordstrom!The highlight of the shift was the complete collaboration between client, ad agency, and PR agency. 7
  8. 8. King of Prussia Mall: Social Media Marketing "Whats Your Look?" Viral Contest The six week long contest was created to promote King of Prussia Malls 2008 fall fashion season in a different way and introduce social media as part of the marketing mix. Two hundred and fifty thousand shoppers were asked to upload a photo of their best- accessorized Fall/Winter outfit purchased from retailers at the mall to a microsite, "Looks" were separated by category: Mens, Womens and Childrens. Visitors to the site then rated, voted, shared, and commented on their favorite "looks". The contest went viral when users emailed, Tweeted, blogged, and posted comments in their own social graph to enlist votes. The winner had over 16,000 votes. 8
  9. 9. King of Prussia Mall: Social Media Marketing "Whats Your Look?" Viral Contest A multi-channel approach was used to promote and support the contest. Marketing support included: 100k direct mail pieces, in-mall signage, 2 eStyle Newsletter promos to a list of 15,687 subscribers, new social media pages (MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube) social bookmarking/sharing tools, and a Daily Candy dedicated email to 17,500 of its affluent subscribers. Goals: increase engagement with the brand, introduce social media to its customers, and increase registrations to eStyle Newsletter and MyStyle (personal profiles on the website). Results: 43% increase in website traffic, 52% increase of new MyStyle profiles, 1,110% increase of eStyle registrations, and significant increase in word-of-mouth activities. 9
  10. 10. King of Prussia Mall: Social Media Marketing18,000 180,00016,000 160,000 "Whats Your Look?" Viral Contest14,000 140,00012,000 120,000 A significant spike in website traffic in10,000 100,000 WOM Mentions November 2008 to shows the 8,000 80,000 effect the contest had on word-of-mouth 6,000 60,000 mentions. Facebook alone had 1,445 4,000 40,000 mentions in November, a 42% increase over 2,000 20,000 the rest of the year. Google found 0 0 approximately 4,404 instances of blog entries, Jan-08 Feb-08 Mar- Apr-08 May- Jun-08 Jul-08 Aug- 08 08 08 Sep- Oct-08 Nov- 08 08 Dec- 08 forums posts, photo and video sharing site entries, etc.60 1,600 1,400 The top eight referring traffic sources shows a50 WOM pattern that complements the spike in 1,20040 Twitter November web traffic: 1,000 YouTube Blogger - Technorati30 800 Truveo FlickR 600 Word Press20 Facebook 40010 200 0 0 Jan- Feb- Mar- Apr- May- Jun- Jul- Aug- Sep- Oct- Nov- Dec- 08 08 08 08 08 08 08 08 08 08 08 08 10
  11. 11. Lehigh Valley Mall: Grand Opening Campaign Services • Market Research"Come Out And Play", Lifestyle Center • Business Analysis • Merchandise AnalysisGrand Opening • Merchandise & Style Consulting • Brand Development • Event Marketing ProgramsIn response to shifts in the market, and a growing consumer • Contest & Sweepstake Programsdesire for more upscale shopping blended with relaxation and Multichannel Campaign Developmentrecreation, Lehigh Valley Mall embarked on a re-invention with the • Strategic Creative Developmentdevelopment of a new 120,000 square foot outdoor lifestyle • Online Marketing Strategy • Interactive Design & Implementationcenter. • Design & Production • CopywritingLoréls mission was to generate awareness, sales, and a positive • Photography & Photo Productionimpression with the community. Lorél achieved this by creating a • Talent Sourcinggrand opening event, Come Out And Play, that featured • Prepress & Print Production • Mail Managementperformers from the renowned Cirque acrobatic troupe and amulti-channel marketing campaign that was supported by direct Deliverables • Print Collateralmail, radio, outdoor, in-mall signage, PR, online media • Brochuresplacements, email and an exciting microsite. • Posters / In-mall signage • Video • Outdoor • Email Programs • Websites & Microsites • Banner Ads 11
  12. 12. Lehigh Valley Mall: Microsite"Come Out And Play",Grand Opening MicrositeThe Grand Opening microsite wascreated to link to the malls website.This rich media site included behind thescenes video footage of the photo shoot,a sneak preview of Cirque performances,continually updated information of thenew center, stores, and Grand Openingevents.Consumers could provide their emailaddress for future communications and achance to win a $500 gift card and anincentive for entry. Grand Opening Microsite Home Page 12
  13. 13. Lehigh Valley Mall: Email & Online Banners"Come Out And Play", Email and Online BannersThree email blasts were sent to a list of 15,000 of the malls corecustomers within a 25 mile radius of the mall. The first blastannounced the lifestyle center and new stores. The second,announced the Grand Opening and the third promoted the GrandOpening events.An online banner promoting the event was placed in the areasleading newspaper website on the home page for 3 days precedingthe event and led to a 2.66% click-thru rate. 13
  14. 14. Lehigh Valley Mall: Website "Come Out And Play", Today… Lorél continued the "Come Out And Play" theme after the Grand Opening event with a fun campaign that features a series of dance. Lehigh Valley Malls main website was redesigned to match the campaign. Hip Hop dancers were featured first, then salsa. Look for a ballet theme for the holiday season. Social networking was also introduced to keep the excitement going.View the Website 14
  15. 15. Lehigh Valley Mall: Social Media LVM Twitter PageLVM MySpace Page LVM Facebook Page 15
  16. 16. Holy Redeemer - Just4Moms: User Experience Worked with Holy Redeemer to define their audiences and create a robust, online engagement program called Just4Moms, to support their patients throughout the different stages of pregnancy and provide a relevant and personalized experience. Understanding the audiences mindset through each stage of pregnancy, I was able to create user experiences that put tools, relevant content, and resources at their fingertips.Jane MillerAfter months of trying, Jane andher husband are expecting theirfirst child. Excited to become amom, Jane goes to the internet tolearn everything about pregnancy,parenting, families, etc.BackgroundJane MillerAbington, PAAge 31, HHI: $75,000Married 16
  17. 17. Holy Redeemer - Just4Moms: User Experience Holy Redeemer: Just4Moms User Experience Map 17
  18. 18. Holy Redeemer - Just4Moms: User ExperienceHoly Redeemer: Just4Moms User Behavior Map 18