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  • Delivering relevant content is the most important challenge that email marketers are facing today. When they were asked for most important trick to improve email marketing 66% again said delivering relevant content.
  • Selling is tough and its even more tougher while you are trying to engage a prospective customer on email.
  • Businesses are consumers
  • If you have effective call to action, you’ll convert a high percentage of your website visitors into leads. By submitting this information , the visitors is converted into a lead with whom your sales team can followup.
  • So what does it take to capture their attention ? Is it even possible to craft a message that compels potential prospects to immediately hit reply and request a meeting with you?
  • Let’s understand the psyche.There is not middle ground. Your either tightly aligned with their objectives or you’re not. You either sounds like an invaluable resources or you don’t. You are either talking about a priority or you can wait. You are either making it simple or you’re not. When your email pass these criterias you get a response if not its promptly sent to the dread zone.
  • What is told to us in a very loose manner is production managers, Plant heads and directors. With such a loose definition how can the message be so crisp.
  • We have taken a session on developing case studies and customer quotes strategies in few of our team meetings. Many important questions were discussed on what to ask from clients, how to ask from clients and how to convince them for case studies and giving customer quotes.
  • Data Management is an another area of marketing Management which requires separate time slot.
  • List hygiene (42%) and email personalization (42%) are the next-most-cited improvement areas among surveyed B2B email marketers; just 21% cite integrating email with social networking.
  • Develop case studiesWhite PaperseBooksWebinarsSurvey ReportsIndustry ReportsApplication notes
  • Before you start writing your email copy to attain your objective/goal please understand that sending that first email is the start of your journey for a new relationship. The goal is first to have a start of conversation.
  • Few things that you have to keep in your mind while planning for your email.
  • Few things that you have to keep in your mind while planning for your email.
  • That’s where the opportunity is! These unhappy people could be tempted to change if they are approached in the right way. What does it take?
  • That’s where the opportunity is! These unhappy people could be tempted to change if they are approached in the right way. What does it take?
  • After knowing your Value Proposition – Key Benefit and USP use it to create an effective headline. Recently we have shown and discussed a recording of webinar for continuous 4-5 sessions of team meetings and acquired this new understanding on headlines.
  • We discussed over this webinar for about 4-5 sessions but unfortunately we were not able to convince RKS to be a part of this discussion.
  • Make Links BoldUse Descriptive Link Text, i.e. not "Click Here"Make Links a Different ColorLinks Should Always Be Underlined
  • Before sending any Email please ask these five questions
  • Today, almost all email clients have the ability to display HTML messages.
  • Email Marketing.... The Next Step Forward

    1. 1. Email Marketing ….. The next step forward Designed & Developed by Dharmendra Gupta* Logos are registered trademarks of respective owners.
    2. 2. Index Today’s Agenda Opportunities and Email Marketing Challenges E-Mail Marketing Myths Is Email Marketing Dead? Understanding E-Mail Marketing Terms & Processes and their Meaning Seven Steps to Email Marketing So what makes E-Mail Marketing Campaign Successful Craft Compelling Content for Email Best Practices of Email Marketing. Measure, Optimize, Analyze and Improve
    3. 3. Marketing Challenges New B2B Marketing Challenges 2009 2010 Generating high quality Leads 69% 78% Generating high volume of leads 35% 44% Marketing to a lengthening sales cyle 39% 41% Generating Perceived Value 37% 37% Generating PR Buzz 33% 36%Marketing to a growing number of people involved in the 33% buying process 34%
    4. 4. Opportunities and Challenges of Email MarketingQ: In the next 12 months what are the broad challenges and opportunities in industry that face b-to-bmarketers who are using email marketing? Email Marketing Challenges as perceived by its users. Delivering highly relevant content 56% Measuring the ROI of E-Mail Marketing… 44% Email deliverability 34% Expanding on Opt-in Mailing Lists 31% Database integration with email Systems 29% Competition with Social Media 28% Email Reputation challenges 27% Combining SEO with E-Mail Marketing 23% Spam Issues 22% Source: B-to-B State ofWorking on international version of email… 6% Email Marketing: Best Practices, February, 2011
    5. 5. Growing New Challenges of Email Marketing
    6. 6. Inbox Overload Average number of 125 emails received per day by corporate user. No of emails will double up from 2009 to 2012
    7. 7. Inbox OverloadHow many emails do you receive on a typical workday?140 125 1211201008060 48 394020 0 1-500 Employees > 500 Employees Mean Email Sent Mean Email Received
    8. 8. SPAM Inbox of all emails are 20% junked by spam filters
    9. 9. Delete Button  According to ExactTarget, people take 2.7 Seconds to decide if they will read, forward or delete a message.  People sit with their finger on the delete button ready to blast you into oblivion the moment they detect that you are trying to sell them something. Source: Jill Konrath – Author of Snapselling
    10. 10. Rise of Social Media
    11. 11. Shrinking Inbox sizes Source Text: Tamara Gielen’s Email Marketing Presentation
    12. 12. Enhanced Inbox management
    13. 13. Add to this customer pro-activeness 83% : Used the Report Spam Button 80% : Use it without opening the message 73% : Base decision on the “from” line 69% : Base decision on subject line 20% : Use the spam button to unsubscribe
    14. 14. Let’s forget the existing challenges Image blocking HTML doesn’t render consistently Spam filters that are getting better and better Declining open & click-through rates
    15. 15. Some Myths around Email Marketing B2B & B2C are different
    16. 16. Science: Do you use separate work and personal inboxes? Responses Ye s 12% No 88%Businesses are consumers only. The very same person who works for a B2B firm also consumesconsumer products.
    17. 17. Assuming images will work
    18. 18. HTML Email: Using Images  Images disabled for 65% of email clients  How will your email look without images?  This email isn’t too informative, is it? 18
    19. 19. Using Images without Alt Tags! What they got: Poor response. 19
    20. 20. Spray and pray is dead!
    21. 21. Does that mean email is dead?
    22. 22. “58% of people start theironline day by readingemails”– Exact Target’s Email X-Factor Study, 2010
    23. 23. Its almost impossible to beat theROI of Email Marketing.Every $1 spent on emailmarketing in 2009 returnedmore than $43 in sales.Direct Marketing Association, USA
    24. 24. Effectiveness of E- mail Marketing TacticsQ: Please indicate the effectiveness of the following marketing tactics for your organisation. Website 50% 43% 7% Webinars 43% 48% 9% Email Marketing 40% 55% 5% SEO 36% 57% PR 31% 7% 60% Trade Shows 25% 9% 52% Paid Search PPC 23% 22% 56% Direct Mail 22% 20% 56% Social Media 16% 21% 59% Print Advertising 10% 25% 56% 0% 34% 20% 40% 60% 80% Very Effective Somewhat effective Not effective 100%
    25. 25. E- mail Marketing is Cheaper Estimated Relative Cost / Lead /Channel Blogs / Social Media 55% 34% 11% Email Marketing 49% 40% 11% SEO 48% 38% 14% Direct Mail 34% 41% 24% PPC 32% 42% Telemarketing 23% 25% 56% Trade Shows 18% 20% 26% 55% 0% 20% 40% 60%Source: Hubspot 2011 80% 100% Below your average Near Your Average Above Your Average
    26. 26. Email is still a Preferred means of Communication For many of • Read a message much faster than your prospects listening to a rambling voice on Email is the phone. preferred • Decide which messages to read method of now, defer to later or not read at communication all. because they • Easily give a quick response and can; done with it.
    27. 27. Email Marketing BenefitsHighly Targeted: Dynamic, Personalised contentImmediate: Shorter lead timesTest and Refine: Ensuring optimal results through continuesimprovement.Measurable: Effectiveness of campaign (ROI). Greater insight intocustomer behavior.Reach: Unlimited distribution globally, indefinitely scalable.Better Conversion rates: Seamless – uninterrupted process fromprospect to customer in a matter of clicksCost effective: Fast acting, flexible focused campaigns equals maximumreturn on investment.
    28. 28. What holds Email Marketing back? B2B marketers typically support Complex products and sales cycles Direct sales forces which don’t have the most cooperative relationships with marketing Specialized goals with only basic tools Multiple marketing programs with limited resources Limited customer insight capabilities Source: Marketo
    29. 29. Understanding E-Mail Marketing Terms & Processes and their MeaningOpen Rate Landing Page SPF RecordsClick Through Rate (CTR) Conversion Rate Feedback LoopHard Bounce Auto Responder White List / Black ListSoft Bounce Double Opt-In Senderscore.orgCall to Action MIME Spam Traps
    30. 30. Email Marketing Metrics / TerminologyOpen Rate• The open rate is the percentage of email recipients who open your e-mail. Open rates are often reported as being lower than they actually are because e-mail clients who block images will not be recorded as an email open, even if they read the e-mail.Click through Rate (CTR)• The click rate is the percentage of recipients who click on any link in your email. The click rate is one of the most important metrics because it is a measure of the quality of your e-mail message and content. A recipient will click when you offer them something of interest. If your click rate is low, you need to work on your message and content.
    31. 31. Email Marketing Metrics / Terminologies Hard Bounce • Your email message has been returned as permanently undeliverable. • Possible Causes – Invalid email addresses ( domain name doesn’t exist, typos, changed address, etc) or the email recipient’s mail server has blocked your server. Note that servers can interpret bounces differently, so a soft bounce on one server may be classified as a hard bounce on another. Soft Bounce • Your email message reaches the recipient’s mail server but is bounced back undelivered before it gets to the intended recipient. • Possible causes –The recipient’s mail box is full, the server is down, the message is too large or the user has abondoned the mailbox. Since delivery of your email will be attempted regularly for a few days, it may take time for it to officially become a hard bounce.
    32. 32. Email Marketing Metrics / Terminologies Call to Action • A call to action is a button or a link on your email that grabs a user’s attention and directs that user to a landing page. On the landing page, the user is prompted to complete a form and submit contact information in order to receive what’s being offered.Your call to action can be text, an image, or html but it should always include a link to the corresponding landing page. Landing Page • In online marketing a landing page, sometimes known as a lead capture page, is a single web page that appears in response to clicking on an advertisement. The landing page will usually display directed sales copy that is a logical extension of the advertisement or link.
    33. 33. Email Marketing Metrics / Terminologies Conversion Rate • The conversion rate is the percentage of recipients who complete your call to action such as downloading a white paper, submitting an enquiry, filling up the registration forms etc. conversion rate can be measured by the number of forms filled out or the number of downloads. Auto Responder • An auto responder is a series of messages that can be scheduled to be sent to your contacts automatically. Each auto responder can have multiple messages that will be sent to a specified list of recipients on a specified day.
    34. 34. Email Marketing Metrics / Terminologies Double opt-in (confirmed opt-in) • Single opt-in is when a visitor subscribes to a newsletter via a form on the web site. They have opted-in once. Double opt-in is when a visitor subscribes to a newsletter via a web site and then is sent a confirmation email. The visitor will only be added as a subscriber if they verify their email address and desire to receive the newsletter. Generally, the visitor must either a) click a link in the email or b) reply to the email. This is called doubl opt-in. MIME • Multi-part MIME is a method by which one can send both an HTML message and a text message within the same document.
    35. 35. Email Marketing Metrics / Terminologies SPF Records • These are records you can set on your domain to improve email deliverability. They are used to authorise an email service to send messages on your behalf. SPF records are often set by Email Service Provider. Feeback Loop • A feedback loop, or complaint feedback loop, is an inter organisational form of feedback by which an Internet Service Provider (ISP) forwards the complaints originating from their users to the sender’s organisation. • The most common methods of communication in a feedback loop is the use of report spam buttons on webmail pages in email clients or via help desks.
    36. 36. Email Marketing Metrics / Terminologies White list / Black list • These lists are maintained by ISP’S and Spam Filters. • Unfortunately just a few spam reports is all it takes to land yourself on a list. • 1 Spam report per 5,000 email is an industry acceptable norm that’s just 0.02%. • Whether you know it or not, ISP’s constantly check your reputation as a commercial email sender and filter or block messages accordingly. • Gone are the days when receiving domains filtered on content and keywords alone. • According to Return Path, more than 80% of delivery problems today are caused by the sender’s Email Reputation. • Some Blocklists ;,,
    37. 37. Email Marketing Metrics / Terminologiessenderscroe • These lists are maintained by ISP’S and Spam Filters. • is a valuable resource for evaluating your sender reputation. By creating a user account, you can enter your domain or IP address and receive a score based on many of the factors. • Senderscore aggregates a large amount of data from ISP’s and other organization to help determine what kind of sender you are. • According to Return path, the higher the sender score, the better your email deliverability. Based of 0-100 , Sender Score enables you see where you rank other email senders. • Visit;
    38. 38. Email Marketing Metrics / Terminologiessenderscroe Spam Traps • In order to combat spam, many large ISPs employ spam traps as a way to identify spammers. In essence, spam traps consist of email addresses that conceivably should not be receiving any email. • Sending to one of these spam traps is considered a hit and can severely effect your email reputation and deliverability. • Return Path found that a typical sender using legitimate email server will see its deliverability rate drop from 58% to 38% with the inclusion of just one spam trap hit. • Unfortunately, removing spam trap addresses from your list is very difficult, and that’s because the originators of spam trap addresses are unlikely to identify them out of fear of such information getting into the hands of spammers.
    39. 39. So what makes a successful campaign ?
    40. 40. Seven Steps to Email Marketing
    41. 41. Seven Steps to Championing Email Marketing Planning Measure, An alyze & Define Target Optimize Audience Campaign Follow Best List Practices Management Craft Define Compelling Objectives Content
    42. 42. Step I Planning
    43. 43. eMail Marketing - Strategic Planning Plan around the goals you will need to achieve. Promotional • Users make a purchase emails will • Users download a whitepaperusually have an • Users request further informationimmediate goal • Users Sends an enquiry with KPIs Newsletters • Open ratetend to focus on • Click through rate longer term • Number of emails forwardedgoals, with KPIs • ROI
    44. 44. What’s behind the lightening quick decision? • In other words, does it require effort for me to How simple it is? quickly grasp the meaning or will it throw me into overload? Does this bring • Yes, theyre making a decision about your value? company, service or solution!Is this aligned with • Unless what you say is clearly aligned, its irrelevant and not my objectives? worth even one more second of their valuable time.How big a priority • Urgent matters always take precedence over everything else. is it? Source: Jill Konrath – Author of Snapselling
    45. 45. What you need to do first? Frenzied • Frenzied prospects expect you to invest time learning about them before initiating contact. Failure to do this prospects home work will get you deleted in less than 3 secs. There are no short cuts. Valid reason • You need to have valid business reason for contacting your prospect. By that, I don’t mean to sell them your stuff.for contacting That’s your reason. They could care less about that. • Your number one competitor is status quo. The last thing inProspects are the world that people want to do is create more work for themselves. They are already on over load. Your email must Crazy-Busy provide the prospect with the motivation to tackle an additional project.
    46. 46. Step II – Who are your Target Audience?
    47. 47. Knowing your audience personas?What is a persona and how does it help? Personas are fictitious characters created to Develop detailed personas to put a face on your represent the different user types within a target customers.targeted demographic that might use a site or product. Frame them so they become real people.
    48. 48. Knowing your audience personas? Focus on the right buyers, with the right problems, in the right accounts Buyers demographics Buyers organizational Buyers description of (years of Buyer’s key demographics their problems and experience, typical responsibilities (employees, revenue, i needs (the problems team size, who they ndustry etc.) you can solve) report to, etc.) Understanding the Buyers perceptionsYour buyers buying time it takes your What your buyers and expectations process, in their buyers to make value most about your around the price of words decisions (your sales solution and why your solution cycle)What your buyers What your buyers see Sales best practices Any additional identify as the as missing from your (from the buyers potential buyerweaknesses of your solution perspective) personas solution Ken Allred, Founder and CEO of Primary Intelligence
    49. 49. Step III – List Management? Data is FoundationBad data in. Bad data out. Data is a strategic business issue for every organization. It impactseverything from email deliverability and lead conversion rates to corporate complianceinitiatives, and ultimately revenue generation.Data accuracy and completeness are important to every Campaign you execute and every reportyou analyze.As a marketer, you spend the time, money and effort creating compelling Campaigns, but if yourdata quality and management capabilities are not up to speed, your overall marketing effectivenesssuffers.It is found that customers that leverage Quality data management practices & tools generate onaverage 260% more leads per month.Think about data as the foundation for any of your Campaigns and adopt a corporate datagovernance framework that everyone can adhere to.Data is everyone’s responsibility and should be treated as a corporate asset to achieve betterbusiness results and marketing effectiveness. Eloqua
    50. 50. Define List Segmentation Targeting the message by segmenting your existing database into specific email marketing targets can increase your opens by 200% or more Segment email lists based on • Industry Types, • Process Types, • Product Types, • Account size • Behavior, • Demographics, • Geographies
    51. 51. Results from E-mail List Segmentation Increased Open Rates 39% Greater Email Relevance 34%Lower Opt-Out /Unsubscribe Rates 28% Better Deliverability 24% Increased Sales Leads 24% Greater Revenue 24% Greater Customer Retention 21% Greater Customer Acquisition 15% Lower Spam Complaints 15% Improved word of mouth 14% Source:
    52. 52. Use Segmentation to drive relevance
    53. 53. Use Segmentation for Email PersonalizationAdd Personalization to email Marketing and increaseyour response and ROI with a targeted marketingmessage.
    54. 54. Tactics for improving E-mail Marketing Which of the following tactics are you or your campaign working on to improve your email marketing? Please check three most important Delivering Content to Relevant Segment 66% List Hygiene 42% Email Personalization 38% List Segmentation (recency, Frequency, or… 36% Event triggered auto responder emails 31% Sharing email on social networks 21% Using transactional emails to cross or upsell 21% Email Append 11% Ads in Third Party Newsletters 10% Updated Privacy Policy 5% B-to-B State of E-Mail Marketing: Best Practices. February 2011
    55. 55. Email Personalization goes beyond subscriber name Personal Name 81% 17% 2% Company Name 52% 24% 24% Source of Lead 48% 28% 24% Professional Title /Role 41% 35% 25% Personal or Company Address 34% 44% 22% Personal or Company Phone 31% 5% 19% Demogrphics 14% 21% 65% 0% 20% 40% 60% We collect and use We collect but do not use 80% We do not collect 100% or use
    56. 56. Step IV – What are your objectives?
    57. 57. Email Marketing Benchmark Survey B2B Email Marketing ObjectivesImproving Customer Reltionship / Retention 25% Increasing Sales Revenue 25% Supporting offiline Marketing Campaign 28% Increasing lead generation 37% Top 3 objectives Increasing website traffic 37% Building brand awareness 41%
    58. 58. Email Marketing Importance Survey Increasing Sales Revenue 78% 16% 6% Improving Customer Relations/Retention 72% 23% 5% Increasing Lead Generation 67% 25% 8% Increasing website traffic 61% 33% 6% Building Brand Awareness 60% 32% 8% Increasing size of Email Opt-in Lists 50% 41% 9% Engaging Social Media audience 31% 45% 24% Supporting Offline Marketing Campaigns 31% 44% 25% 0% 20% 40% 60% 80% Very Important Somewhat Important Not Important 100%
    59. 59. Step V–Craft Compelling Content for Email
    60. 60. 5 Stages of Email Viewing From Name Full Subject Email Line Opened Preview Email Pane (Pre-Scroll)
    61. 61. Start a conversation. Not Sell The goal of email marketing program is to start a dialog with your leads. B2B is buying is a complex decision, so you need to build the relationship over time rather than just popping question. Email marketing is a tool to start a dialog with your leads through planned paths and builds trust that convince them to self identify as prospects to you.
    62. 62. Keep your prospecting emails under 90 words. Shorter is always better when dealing with today’s crazy –busy prospects. Keep the Size of the emailer within 600-800 pixel in width.
    63. 63. Eliminate Delete Inducers Do away with gracious intros. No company overview short/brief/condensed. No self promoting talks No technical jargons No creative craps No misaligned info
    64. 64. Communicate y our value proposition! Over 90% of the people you Strong value proposition reach out to contact via email jolt your prospects out of are not looking to make a change. But over 70% of them complacency with the aren’t happy with their current status quo and move into system, provider or product. action. Source: Jill Konrath – Author of Snapselling
    65. 65. What is value proposition! A value proposition is clear At this point, your prospects statement of the tangible only care about if the result the prospect gets using outcomes can help them reach your product or service. their goals. They don’t care Notice that it’s a description iota about you, your company of a result, not what you’re or your product /service. selling. Source: Jill Konrath – Author of Snapselling
    66. 66. Know your Unique Selling Proposition! USP To differentiate your company, communicate your unique selling proposition or USP. It is what makes you different from rest. It is the special value you offer. It resonates with your target audience. You can offer it consistently. 3 things that your company does well. 3 reasons why customers buy from you. 3 areas of improvement!
    67. 67. Finding the Opportunity – A view point Despite being tough to If you have right reach your prospects really ideas, insights and do need your help. They information that can help are too busy to effectively them reach their deal with everything that objectives, they’ll want to needs to get done. meet you. Source: Jill Konrath – Author of Snapselling
    68. 68. Writing an Effective Headline All Marketing Messages must be The goal of a headline is similar centered primarily on the to the goal of the opening scene interests of the customer. of a movie – to arrest the Therefore, when it comes to visitors attention and get them crafting headlines, emphasize into first paragraph. Therefore. what the visitors gets rather Utilize a ―point first‖ structure. than what they must do. (i.e place the value at the front of the headline) Source Text: Marketing Experiment Webinar
    69. 69. An Experiment on Creating Effective HeadlineSource: Awebinar slidefromMarketing Source: A webinar by Marketing ExperimentsExperiments
    70. 70. An Experiment on Creating Effective Headline What do I Get ? Vs. What I must do? Source: A webinar slide from Marketing Experiments
    71. 71. Subject Lines: Tell, don’t sell • Use 4-6 words in your subject. Absolute max nine words. • The from line tells them who it’s from, so The subject line of your don’t waste space saying it determines whether • You only have 2 secs to get theiryour email will be opened attention, so use action words like or not. Download or Watch or Get etc • Test to learn what types of subject lines work for you using A/B split testing functionality in email marketing programs.
    72. 72. Subject Lines: Checklist • Is your key message clear in the first 50-60 characters. The subject line of your • Does this describes what the emailemail determines whether is about?your email will be opened • Does it describe how the reader will or not. benefit when he opens the email ? • Does it entice readers to open the email?
    73. 73. Optimize your Email for a preview Pane • What is visible in the top 400X300 Pixels? • Does this tease the reader to open the E-Mail
    74. 74. Call to Actions: What you want the reader to do? Well-designed calls to action can dramatically increase a sites rate of conversion to its goal. Researches have shown that having fewer calls to action works better than multiple ones. Focus on your top call to action to increase click through. Make your call to action stand out clearly in the design. Place your call to actions above the fold. Make your call to action as specific as possible. Tell the user exactly what you want them to do and how. Avoid vague generalities . Create Urgency: Use discrete measurements of time in your call to action. Test your wordings of Call to Actions
    75. 75. Call to Action!!! A few examples
    76. 76. Call to Action!!! A few examples
    77. 77. The Bigger Question: Designing content that sticks People Act on what they can remember How do we enable them to remember more? But why do they typically forget?
    78. 78. Its hard to remember!! • Numbers • Passwords • Names • Informations
    79. 79. Memory is about makingNeuron Connection
    80. 80. Distinctiveness
    81. 81. Good Email Designs: A few Samples Takeaway #1 Excellent Branding Takeaway #2 Clear call to action with large button. Takeaway #3 Brief, concise copy.
    82. 82. Best Email DesignsTakeaway #1Excellent BrandingTakeaway #2Clear call to action atprominent location.Takeaway #3Brief Bulleted concisecopy.
    83. 83. Best Email Designs
    84. 84. Best Email Designs
    85. 85. Using Customer Quotes: Humanizing content Use customer quotes to add more personal touch to your Emails. Customers are not influenced by your words but in fact by utility and measurability of your informations. All communications to customers should not have exaggerated words and facts, shouldn’t be an overblown trumpet of company. you instantly humanizes your brand in a way that even the best promotional copy can’t match. Customer prefer to believe on word of mouth and advice from their colleagues and peers from same industry.
    86. 86. What you should put in the Email footer? Include an unsubscribe link? Including your contact details? Ask your readers to forward the email? Inform readers why they are receiving this email. Give them link to update their email preferences (Frequency, Type of messages, Industry and Application etc) Include your privacy policy link in the Email Footer
    87. 87. Creative Execution: Let’s Summaries Parts of an eMail: 01 Header • This has the “to”, “from” and “reply to” fields. • Using personalized company email address for the “reply” field creates familiarity and builds trust with the reader. • The “from” address should also include the organizations name. 02 Subject Line • Most important part of an email • Aid the reader in identifying the email • It is also scrutinized by spam filters • Consistent subject lines using the name of the company and the newsletter edition, can build familiarity and help readers to sort their inbox. • Use A/B split testing to Test different Subject lines and find out the one which works best 03 Email Personalization • It is possible to personalize emails if you have an opt-in list • “Dear Mr. Bharat” can elicit far better responses than “Dear Valued Customer” • Occasionally, the subject line can be personalized as well to boost responses.
    88. 88. E-Mail Marketing Creative Execution……..2 Parts of an eMail: 04 Body • Say no to too many images, it can increase the size of email. • Text/HTML email option should be enabled (Multipart MIME) • eMailTemplates should be tested with different browsers and email programs for viewability 05 Footer • Helps to build consistency • At least should include the name and contact email of the company • Can also include link to Privacy Policy or Privacy Policy in short. • Forward to a friend button • Should have an unsubscribe link 06 Unsubscribe link • Should be mandatory on all commercial/promotional emails.
    89. 89. Before Sending: A few Check Points Are your Email messages understandable in 5 seconds? Is it clearly ask your readers what action do they need to take? Are your paragraph maximum 3-4 lines long? Are you using sub headers and bullet points? Can the reader understand your email without images? Have you mentioned ALT Tags for all your Email Messages? Have you included google analytics code in your Email? Does all your link work and are they going to correct places? Do all your pictures have links going to correct places.
    90. 90. Step VI–Follow Best Practices
    91. 91. Email: Limited Rendering Abilities70% of B2B email clients use OutlookEmail Rendering Factoids: • Outlook 2007 supports only 42% of HTML code features • Gmail / Google Apps supports 53% of HTML • Yahoo does best at renderingOutlook ‘07 Does not support: • Background images • Forms • Flash, javascript or other plugins, animated GIFs • CSS positioning or floats • Images as bullet-points 91
    92. 92. Multi-Part MIME - HTML or Plain Text, or Both? Around 5% of email recipients either are unable to view HTML messages or have turned this feature off within their clients. Hence, you need to send Emails in a format called Multi-Part MIME. Today’s email clients can automatically detect a Multi-Part MIME message and display the proper message. Without a text version, the message will either show up blank or show up as garbled HTML code for the percentage of recipients who cannot view HTML messages. Mobile Email users prefers to read messages in Text only formats and keep their preferences of their mobile email set at Text only.
    93. 93. Strong Signals Mobile Email Marketing is connecting with consumers. Email marketing is becoming more relevant with mobile phone users. More people are using their mobile phones more often to read their email. This is a good news for marketers, but there is still room to improve on message usability and rendering across different devices.
    94. 94. Design for touch. With the explosion of touch-screen tablet devices and smart phones, a new challenge has emerged for email marketers—designing for the fingertip as a mouse. Email marketers need to rethink the placement of hyperlinks, avoiding putting them too close to each other, which causes great frustration for users. Incorporating clickable content blocks that are at least a fingertip’s width apart is an emerging best practice design approach.
    95. 95. Step VII– Measure, Analyze & Optimize your results Best in Class Average Laggards 46.00% Open Rates 31.90% 15.40% 25.20% Click Through Rates 7.60% 1.30% 0.60% Bounceback Rate 3.90% 13.6% 1.00%Opt-Out as % of Database 5.70% 39.50% Benchmark Email Marketing Report 2011
    96. 96. Industry wise email open rates Mean open rate30.00% 25.30%25.00%20.00% 18.10% 16.70% 15.20% 14.80% 12.30% 15.60% 14.20% 11.70%15.00% 13.30% 11.70% 10.20%9.20%10.00% 8.20%7.40% 7.30%5.00%0.00% Mean open rate Source Eloqua Benchmark Data January 2011
    97. 97. Review click heat maps. Regardless of relativeimportance, every link in an email is essentially a call to action.Use click heat maps to analyze prior nurture campaigns and email programs and learnwhere people’s eyes go within your messages and the call to action they take. Image Source : Hubspot
    98. 98. Closing StatementAt many places in this presentation various informations, text, images, facts and concepts has beentaken from various documents available on internet.I have tried to incorporate credits at most places but if inadvertently somewhere it is left pleasebrought it to my notice. I am thankful to them for their contribution to this presentation.There are many other issues pertaining to Email marketing which are not touched in thispresentation.Like List Management / Database Management & Landing Page Development requires whichattention as a separate topic.If you have any suggestions or Feedback to improve this presentation please feel free to write backto me.
    99. 99. Thank You for your Patience Dharmendra Gupta A Pragmatic New Age Marketing Professional +91 9958005780 +91 124 4385493