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Email marketing: the key to the success of a brand in the long run and an impressive and cost-effective form of digital marketing.

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Email marketing

  1. 1. Trend Growth & Future
  2. 2. POWERFUL PLATFORMEmail marketing one of the very old type of marketing technique in theOnline Business world is the premium service that can help businessesreach out to clients at a minimum cost and also help achieve amazingresults.The key features of email marketing are:  Strategic approach Email marketing should be carried out strategically which will help the business reach out to the recipients at the right time.  Planned email structure Structure of an email plays a very important role in getting the message to the prospects on your mailing list.
  3. 3. India Adopting Email Marketing
  4. 4.  Call to Action The email marketing should make use of the Call to Action with utmost priority. This is one of the aspects that can decide the fate of the money spent on these campaigns. The benefit of a well thought after CTA strategy can help accomplish the goal of the email campaign and thereby benefit the marketer. Designing Like any-other visual, the e-mailer sent out by a company / brand / individual should be pleasing to the eye and ensure user engagement so that lasting relationships are created with the prospects. Language The language in which the e-mailers are sent out should be carefully selected and segmented. The recipients which are from English speaking countries or who have specifically opted for English as their preferred language choice should be sent copies in the specified language only. Having an auto translator feature would also help get the language fixed.
  5. 5.  Mobile mails With the induction of the mobile and other devices special attention needs to be given to this. With a large number of people 234 million Americans age 13 and older used mobile devices for the three- month average period ending in April 2012, according to comScore, Inc. comScore also estimates that 107 million people owned Smartphones during the same period, up 6% versus January 2012.
  6. 6.  Segregation of contentSegregation of the content is necessarydepending on the type of email that isbeing sent out and the audience it isbeing sent out to.Type of recipients vary in termspreferences, tastes, likes, networks &mediums used by them, etc.
  7. 7. Analyzing Reach & Effectiveness
  8. 8. Evaluating the effectiveness of a strategy implementeddetermines the R.O.I. put in by the company.Various forms of analysis need to be undertaken toensure the campaign is best drafted and executed to getmaximum returns to the user.
  9. 9. Analyzing Brand EffectivenessA targeted technique should be adopted by businesshouses to reach out to larger section of the audienceand create long term marketing and business goals.Branded marketing strategies help in building &maintaining relationships with clientsthat help fuel long term business goals and assistdiversification and overall growth.
  10. 10. Contd.Cliental knowledgeThe success of a business is its customers and to ensure the longevity of it,Business should take note of this very critically. Email newsletters play a veryimportant role in creating a relationship with users and clients. They get you thefeedback the client has about: Your business Your product The aspects of You as a brand they like and the ones they wish to have modified. Statistics show that a well organized and coordinated brand reaps better results than a well established business house.
  11. 11. Major Brands
  12. 12. INDIAN STORY
  13. 13. USP of INDIAN Market In India the basis of internet marketing as a whole is different from the rest of the globe. Thus, marketers need to adopt a different strategy in order to extract the maximum from the efforts they put in. The competition in the Indian market is severe and thus competing with local brands becomes a major aspect when it comes to trust.Instilling trust into your users by giving them a personalizedtouch for their needs and requirements plays a key role inwinning them over.
  14. 14. Opportunities & ThreatsSpecific email campaigns Email marketing campaigns carried out for a specific purpose need a special touch and attention which helps attain the campaign goals, this is often mixed with other campaigns which dilutes the actual message and affects the outcome of the program.Non targeted campaigns Emails that are sent to non targeted user ( mailing lists) The major players in the Email marketing industry in India face a problem of spamming which is due to the malpractices adopted by the masses. This is one of the reasons for the lack of popularity of this strategy in India as compared to the US, and other parts of the world.
  15. 15. Contd.Spam email campaigns Incorrect and unorganized email campaigns often trigger spam filters resulting into messages going to the spam boxes instead of the in-boxes of the recipients. These aspects if paid attention to can help email marketers extract maximum effectiveness from email campaigns and diversify the business of the company.
  16. 16. Trends: INDIA v/s USAIndia which is a very large market for USA which is a diverse market as it caters toe-marketers has not been capitalized fully by many business forms from across the globebusiness. The reasons for slow growth of holds the upper hand when compared toInternet era in India are: India because:a) Lack of awareness among the buyers & a) Increased awareness of email marketing audiences of the benefits of e business. amongst the people which encourage itsb) Fraudulent practices adopted by many usage. marketers which results in consumer b) Fair email marketing practices carried on retardation. by marketers and govt. control on thec) Improper targeting, which results in same. campaign ineffectiveness and wastage c) Strategic and planned email marketing of money which could have been used campaigns which result in effective for better marketing methods. communication and conversions.d) Use of illegal schemes and methods to d) Government regulations and presence of attract traffic which causes spam and cyber laws ensure the absence of loss of faith. malpractices.
  17. 17. Personal Views
  18. 18. Adopting the right channel for sending out your messages helps ensure bettereffectiveness.With the advent of social media and its boom marketers need to have a differentialstrategy in place for the social segment of their brand. This needs to be managed inclose collaboration with the overall branding of the company so that it creates a lastingimpact in the minds of the audience. Johnson & Johnson is a fine example of this the initiatives and programs it carries out the impact created is lasting& reaches out to the masses.
  19. 19.  Knowing your audience Having knowledge of your audience is key to the success of a business on the web. Knowing the sources that drive the most traffic to you and optimizing & monetizing your efforts therein can help raise the effectiveness of your efforts many folds. The mobile industry is at a boom, the statistics of the US Smartphone users and penetration, 2010-2016: - 2010: 62.2 million (26.9% of mobile phone users / 20.2% of population) - 2011: 93.1 million (39.2% / 29.7%) - 2012: 115.8 million (47.7% / 36.6%) - 2013: 137.5 million (55.5% / 43.1%) - 2014: 157.7 million (62.5% / 48.9%) - 2015: 176.3 million (68.8% / 54.2%) - 2016:192.4 million (74.1% / 58.5%)
  20. 20. The statistics depict a huge growth in the market share of mobile & smart phones,this has turned marketers to modify their strategies and plans accordingly.To ensure the messages are acknowledged and understood by users marketers aremaking the necessary adjustments to their campaigns to ensure bettereffectiveness.Sorting of lists according to various yardsticks has helped marketers deliver theright message in the right form and to the right users. This starts first withdemographic variation. Users from different parts of the world react and respond tomessages in a different way, the next aspect of sorting is age groups:From an independent study of the US markets the followingobservations were made:
  21. 21.  From an independent study of the US markets the following observations were made: 18-24 age group: 62% of all subscribers - 25-34 age group: 66% - 35-44 age group: 58% - 45-54 age group: 45% - 55-64 age group: 33% - 65+ age group: 22% The above statistics show that of all subscribers of a particular website program 75% had used and opted in via the mobile / smartphones. Insights such as these are helpful and necessary for creating a strategy for email marketing. The designing, structure, content would vary according to these analysis which in turn will help create a better strategy and approach for the campaign.
  22. 22. Type of content The content that is drafted needs to be monitored carefully to optimize user engagement and help create a lasting impact on users. Content that is written in the emails needs to be in accordance with the medium & preference of the subscriber. A positive content can attract users, instill confidence in their minds and work wonders for establishing lasting business relations.
  23. 23. Follow-up’s and others The competition in all type of markets is high and every marketer is battling it out in order to be the first choice of clients and marketers alike. What wins the battle is a bond that is created between the user and the marketer which helps create value and brand loyalty.Brand loyalty and brand recognition can be created with the help of a positive brandingstrategy and email marketing is an essential part of the Branding process. The impact awell branded product creates works wonders for the parent company, which helpsfuture product development and diversification.
  24. 24. THANK YOU