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  1. 1. Company’s name: ALPINE LTD.Headquarters: 5th floor, Makers chamber, Nariman point –MUMBAI.Products name: NicoRITUS®VISION:Our company after research in the pharmaceuticals market have decided todevelop a NICOTINE gum that would helps smokers quit their habit .Alpineltd. Have joined hands with an institute of cancer research to develop agum with its regular consumption smokers can gradually kill their smokinghabit. According to our market research department survey, it indicates that25% people in India actually want to quit their smoking habits. But becauseof the scarcity of products that cut down smoking habits in Indian market
  2. 2. they are unable to do so. It states that there is a huge demand of productlike this in the Indian market .our SWOT analysis show that there is a lot ofscope of nicotine gums in the Indian market because of low competition inthis field and because of that it would be easy for us to capture the marketon a base level.MARKETING MIX1. PRODUCT2. PRICE3. PLACE4. PROMOTIONPRODUCTABOUT NicoRITUS®:As the dawn of the New Year, many of us who are in the habit of starting tosmoke our resolve to quit it, as usual, but as usual within a few days breakwithout even knowing it! But this year there seems to be a better solutionand more effective on his hands for all those who wish to keep up with thisdecision, but to be able to quit smoking. And that what we are talking hereis NicoRITUS® gum, which is not only a nicotine chewing gum on the basisthat will help you to control the desire to smoke in the coming days if youuse regularly, or at least get your cravings for a smoke out. It is well-knownbrand, alpine.Brand:NicoRITUS® - A smoking cessation aid that contains a limited amount ofnicotine that may not be harmful or bad for your health and smoking onecigarette. NicoRITUS® is mint-flavored chewing gum, a sugar-free (and thuscan be used by everyone, even for patients with diabetes), which helps inimproving the control of tobacco control on the passion with greatsuccess. Thus over the time period will be able to go out and get cigarettesjust from habit.
  3. 3. Nicotine replacement therapy:NicoRITUS® is also said to help control the cessation of the habit ofchewing up gutkha and tobacco, which is just another form of tobaccoconsumption, especially in India. It is said to be the best nicotinereplacement therapy), and the best source recommended by many doctorsall over the world.About NicoRITUS®:Leave the world famous gum smoking, NicoRITUS®, and comes in apackages with full power of 4 mg gum, which is the best suite for thosewho smoke more than 20 cigarettes a day,How to use the gum:Chewing NicoRITUS® only slowly until the taste is stronger and thencontinue the gums between the teeth and gums and cheek, the start of therelease of nicotine and gets absorbed by the system, and once the bait andthen disappears then chewing it again!Must continue to use NicoRITUS® Gum at least 8 to 12 or even up to 15gums every day, so what at least 3 months and then begin to reduce everyday until you have come entirely from smoking!, but if you still want tomake sure just consult a doctor before starting it.WHY SHUOULD YOU BUT NICORITUS:NicoRITUS® Gum helps calm your withdrawal symptoms when youre tryingto quit. So you can put the bite on cravings, instead of cravings putting thebite on you. Thats because, when you stop smoking, the sudden removalof nicotine from your system lowers your dopamine levels, making you feelmoody and irritable.NicoRITUS® Gum provides a controlled amount of nicotine to your systemat a slower, less intense pace than cigarettes and without the toxins incigarette smoke. Its a temporary therapeutic aid that reduces withdrawalsymptoms and helps you quit smoking. Your body gradually adjusts tohaving less nicotine until you no longer need any. By helping to relievecravings, NicoRITUS® lets you focus on disrupting the patterns that linkcigarettes to so many of your daily activities.Great tasting NicoRITUS® Gum can double your chances of successfullyquitting smoking.* When used as directed you even can use an extra pieceto handle strong or frequent cravings.PATENT: NicoRITUS® has been registered with the Indian patent office andhas been registered under ALPINE LTD.
  4. 4. PRODUCT LOGO:NicoRITUS®INGRIDENTS:Chiclegum basecorn syrupFood coloringpolyisobutylenebutyl rubber (isoprene-isobutylene)nicotinemint baseWe have outsourced our material requirements. We have signed a deal with“virtua chems” who would provide with all the necessary ingredients on alow market rate for our bulk pickups.TECHNOLOGY REQUIRMENTS:According to the team of scientist of our company the machines requiredfor processing these types of gum are the vacuum sugar cooking machine.We would also need mixers for extraction of nicotine pulp for the gums. Forpackaging we would need vacuum sealer and compress packing machines.We have ordered these machines from Nantong RenXin MachineryEnterprise based in China.PROCEES OF MAKING NicoRITUS®:The gum base is melted at a temperature of about 115 °C (239 °F), until ithas the viscosity of thick mint syrup, then filtered through a fine meshscreen. Then it is further refined by separating dissolved particles ina centrifuge, and further filtered. Clear base, still hot and melted, is thenput into mixing vats. Other ingredients that may be added
  5. 5. include: powdered sugar (the amount and grain size of which determinesthe brittleness of the resulting gum), corn syrup and/orglucose (whichserve as humectants and coat the sugar particles to stabilizetheir suspension and keep the gum flexible), various softeners,foodcolourings, flavourings, preservatives and other additives.The homogenized mixture is then poured onto cooling belts and cooledwith cold air. Extrusion, optional rolling and cutting, and other mechanicalshaping operations follow. The chunks of gum are then put aside to set for24 to 48 hours.Coated chewing gums then undergo other operations. The chunks arewrapped with optional undercoating for better binding with outer layersthen are immersed into liquid sugar. The pellets are then coloured andcoated with a suitable glazing agent, usually a wax. Thecoating/glazing/colour on gum is sometimes derived from animal-basedsources such as resinous glaze derived from an insect or beeswax.While gum was historically sweetened with cane sugar, xylitol, corn syrupor other natural sweeteners, a large number of brands now use artificialsweeteners such as aspartame, sucralose, or acesulfame potassium. Non-coated varieties of gum are often covered in sweetened marble dust toprevent the wrapper from sticking to the product.According to the Indian labeling laws the box would have informationabout the:NameIngredientsNutritional InformationMedicinal or Nutritional ClaimsDate Tagging: Use by Date Best before DateStorage ConditionsBusiness Name and AddressPlace of OriginInstruction for Use
  6. 6. PRICECOST PRICE AND SELLING PRICE:Our market analysts have decided to sell 1 box of NicoRITUS® which willcontain 40 pellets at a price of Rs 100/-. We are trying to capture the youthas well as adults, as we have designed a product which is feasible to allage groups .The company has estimate the product cost price to be Rs60/-.and if we add all the advertisement expenses and all the selling anddistribution expenses and other overheads, the cost for each box ofNicoRITUS® costs Rs 84. So totally we can slash Rs 16 profit with each boxsold.SALES TARGET:Our market analysts say that we would achieve sales of 1 million boxes inthe first 2 months of the launch in India. We are planning to launch theproduct in metro cities and other major cities of India because there wehave the largest scope of selling, but gradually we would also work onpossibilities to expand our forum for other small cities and towns.PLACEDISTRIBUTION AND SALES CHANNEL:Distribution is also a very important component of Logistics & Supplychain management. So we have built a strong channel in the metro cities. We have actuallycollaborated with a “EXPRESS distributors” AND OUTSOURCEDDITRIBUTION .They have a large channel of distribution in the metros allover India, and also have a strong base of wholesale and retail in cities likeDelhi , Mumbai, Chennai, kolkata, Bengaluru, Ahemdabad, Goa .Ourstrategy is selective distribution where only selective chemists andretailers would only stock our product . We would gradually improve ourdistribution to other sellers in these cities after analyzing the response onthe consumers in the next two months.
  7. 7. PROMOTIONSALES PROMOTION AND ADVERTISING:ALPINE LTD. have decided to spend approximately 7 million $ onadvertisement for the next on year keeping in mind the deferred benefitswe will get out of it for the next 3 years. As we are selling a product relatedto the pharmaceuticals, we have built a market strategy where we wouldmake the consumers aware about our product through the hierarchy theory.Where we focus on 1. Awareness 2. Knowledge 3. Liking 4. Preference 5. Conviction 6. The actual purchaseDigital Media:We have main focus on the digital media. We try and focus to sell ourproduct through television advertisement. We have shot an ad film on 25seconds and we are to air it on the leading television channels in India .Wewould specifically advertise our advertisement on specific health and othernews channel.Radio advertising:Our company is also focusing on radio advertising .we have aired on 15second advertisement of our product which we are going to air on the localradios of all the metro cities :Mumbai ,Delhi, Chennai, kolkata and also Goaand Bengluru.Online advertising:We have joined with few of the most active social networking websites(facebook, hotmail, twitter). We are going to promote our product throughthese networking sites. .basically we are trying to attract the youth towardsour product through this promotion medium.Physical advertising:We are also going to promote our product through different forms ofphysical advertising:
  8. 8. Press advertising:We are also going to advertise in newspapers like The times of Indian andTHE Hindu times and also in local news papers .We would advertise ourproduct with once in a month in these newspapers. We are also advertisingin magazines like India times, health world and also we have collaboratedwith few airlines that are going to promote our product through theiradvertisement schemes.Mobile billboard advertising:We have also decided to do mobile billboard advertising only in the 4metros .we are planning to put up vehicles mounted billboards ,digitalscreens, large banners, advertisement boards.In-store advertising:As our product is for instant consumption, we are also focusing on In-storeadvertising where advertisement of our products will be placed in retailstores. It includes placement of a product in visible locations in a store,such as at eye level, at the ends of aisles and near checkout counters, eye-catching displays promoting a specific product, and advertisements insuch places as shopping carts and in-store video displays .we will makesure that proper in-store advertising is done with our product .and ourproducts is promoted in every shop it is sold in.Street advertising:We would also promote our product through street advertising. We wouldbasically advertise NicoRITUS® on street furniture and pavements. Wewould also advertise it on buses, stops, locals, trains, and advertisingboards.CUSTOMER SERVISES:OUR CUSTOMERS CAN CALL US ON OUR TOLL FREE NO:18001807777OR CAN CONTACT US ON THIS ADDRESS: 5th floor, Makers chamber,Nariman point –MUMBAI.
  9. 9. OUR WORKERS AND EMPLOYEES COMPOSITION:Workers: Skilled 20 Unskilled 40 Technical 10Supervisors: 5Administration: 6Management: 12Sales and distribution: 8PLANT LOCATION:Mazda road, panjim-Goa