Nintendo Avenues For Growth Hult2010


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Presentation for a consulting project at Hult International Business School, 2010. Provided a hypothetical recommendation for Nintendo to enter new fields.

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Nintendo Avenues For Growth Hult2010

  1. 1. Innovation for the Electronic Gaming Industry Final Client Presentation
  2. 2. The team HULT International Business School, 2010 Thoreau Group 2 Alejandro Agustin Cejas Carlos Then Dhairya Mitawalkar (DK) Diana Matei-Golopenta Kiran Dhamodharan Tadashi Sakashita
  3. 3. Agenda • Context • Aims • Opportunity Insights • Seeing the world in different ways • Business Opportunity Map • Fields of play • Robust Concepts • WiiShop • Executive Summary
  4. 4. Context Drivers for change 1. There is an increasing need for people to interact and network on the internet. Customers are much more open to cross-border communication and prefer meeting new people online. Customer buying behavior has also seen a trend towards online access since online security has improved making it comfortable. 2. Nintendo is already leading the closest console competitors through its Wii and DS Lite. Our target market segment is not just the hardcore gamers, but families and children too. Nintendo also is fast developing its online network to allow gamers to share their profiles, games and achievements. 3. With a younger and family target market segment, Nintendo has the flexibility to provide new value added services without affecting its brand image.
  5. 5. Aims What does the future look like? US $6billion US $3billion US $2billion US $4billion
  6. 6. Opportunity Insights Mega Global Forces Competitors & Substitutes Social, Technological, Economic, Political, Environmental 1. Interactive education • Languages, Architecture, 1. Governmental involvement Environmental issues, 2. Aging population – life expectancy Exploration increasing 3. Per-capita income in developing countries 1. Consoles: PlayStation3, XBOX360 2. Health “Gaming beyond borders” 3. Virtual Shopping 4. 2. PC Games 5. Environmental : 4. Social/interactive Gaming 3. Handheld: iPhone, PSP. Gameboy, DS Lite 1. Digital game distribution • Virtual life simulator 2. Power consumption 4. Social gaming: MMORPG, XBOX Live, Playstation Network 5. Online dating 3. Accessories hardware 5. Upcoming: Microsoft’s project Natal, HealthVault 6. Gesture based interaction 6. Useful applications 6. Outdoor activities 7. Home entertainment • E-Readers • File management 7. Work 8. Being "part of the game” 7. Family gaming 8. Home entertainment – movies, songs, Netflix, Redbox 9. Population demographics, Income 8. Military simulations distributions, Social mobility, attitudes 9. Game piracy towards work, consumerism, cultural 10. Decline in cost of technology change Changing Capabilities Customers Competences, Suppliers, Partners & Networks Consumers, Channels, Influencers • Competencies: Technology Innovations, Telecommunication , project collaboration, video conferencing, Customer Service, backward compatibility • Capabilities: Software updates, • Software suppliers: Educational software, free world explorations, interactive • Diverse segment of students, employees, military troops, seniors, mothers and games, social networking, health focused, sports, first-person games, brain fathers, families, multi-generational gamers teasers, strategy, arcade • Channels: Physical electronics retailers, online electronics retailers, partners, • Hardware suppliers: Optical laser units, controller chips, power supply, Online games, Retailers, WiiWare, Online Auction Sites, Classified Ads. device suppliers, memory card, AV optical and S-video cable, carrying bags, • Influencers: Social media, customer loyalty programs, Word of Mouth, console and accessories. cultural trends, life-style change, online networking • Other Suppliers: CDs, HD, electronic components, softwares, game writers, • Entertaining family alternative. packaging, manuals (documentation), others. • Partners: Hotels (Westin), Online gaming retailer (Gamestop), movie and song rentals (Netflix), universities and schools, game developers, social networking (facebook), fast-food outlets (McDonald’s) • Networks:
  7. 7. Seeing the world in different ways Process New applications 1. We uncovered a wide range of trends impacting your company and selected two that had high impact and high uncertainty for your company Conventional H/W Hi-Tech 2. We created different scenarios to trigger new ideas and Traditional games opportunities 3. We collected all idea fragments from the future, our current company, and those of our competitors and partners onto a Business Opportunity Map WiiLearn Online WiiShop Networks
  8. 8. Business Opportunity Map Markets Customers Segments Behaviors Needs Customer • Asia •Students •5-18 yrs •Entertainment value •Entertainment Other •Cost •America •Families •19-50 yrs •Collaborative game-play •Education Experience •Europe •Teenagers •ShoppingDDDD •Health •Availability •Competition Markets, Customers, •Australia •Adult gamers •Interactive education •Social Interaction Behaviors, Needs •Middle aged •Environmental awareness •Shopping Product Services •Social interaction Applications Applications Other •Console •Customer svc •Online shopping •Sports •Communication •Partnerships Offering •Accessories •S/W Updates •3 D virtual games •Children education •Shopping •Reviews •Games •Game downloads •Manuals •Adult education •File management •Bundle deals Products, Services •Educational •Application downloads •Online network •Movies •Collaborative work •Backward •Networking •Online HELP •Post-sales service •Music compatibility •Online electronic stores •Retailers •Wholesalers •Home delivery •Online game stores •Auction sites •Rentals •Cable networks Delivery •Virtual shopping mall •Classified ads •Vending machines •IT showrooms •WiiWare •Supermarkets Channels, Logistics •Catalogues •Airports •Roadshows •Website •Competitions •IT shows •Nunchuk – Movement sensor •Bluetooth Competences Capabilities •Accessories •R&D •Technological innovation New segments Production •Communication capabilities •Virtual interaction •New segments •Hi-tech Technology, Processes, •Speech to text •Partner suppliers •Hardware •Family oriented Assets •Text to speech •Outsourced production •Software •International exposure •Wireless •Creative marketing and sales •Backward compatible •Hardware •Identify gaming trends •Software •WiiWare •IT showrooms •Game review sites •Low cost Business •WiiConnect24 •Catalogues •Game retailers •Accessories bundling •Gamestop •Other gaming sites •Electronics retailers •Gaming bundles Model •Online electronic stores •Rental services •Hotels •Online access Networks & Partners, •Online game stores •Cable networks •Family interaction Pricing Strategy •Airplanes
  9. 9. Fields of Play New Applications Scenario 4 Name Scenario 1 Name WiiShop WiiLearn • Virtual malls and social networking experience • Nintendo will offer the Wii2 • Partnerships with Zara, Burberry, other designer brands • Educational games partnering with governments, schools, • Able to earn virtual money which can be used as coupons that colleges and online encyclopedias all around the world can redeemed for stuff WiiShop • Games will all be 3d and in LED technology. WiiLearn • Customers children from 6 to 18 primarily, everyone in general. Home Entertainment • DVDs Trend 6 Conventional H/W & S/W Technological Environmental breakthrough products Scenario 3 Name Friendly Scenario 2 Name Online networks Environmental Online • • Networks Military Simulations Traditional Games
  10. 10. Fields of Play Our analysis has resulted in 4 different fields of play. WiiShop Providing online social lifestyle through virtual shopping mall platform to and for female customers to meet the shopping, gaming and networking needs through the Wii networks. WiiLearn Providing a fun-filled collaborative way of learning through games. For school going children (under 15 years of age), through online networks and customized educational courses. Military Simulations Providing simulation games in which warfare can be tested and refined for the military training purposes. Environmentally friendly gaming Providing environmentally friendly solutions to customers’ gaming needs through energy saving consoles, nature friendly accessories and green packaging and delivery services.
  11. 11. Robust concepts Evolution of the Electronic Gaming Industry: NEXT? (Consumerism and Socializing)
  12. 12. WiiShop The Biggest mall in the world! Imagine the place which sells everything! Your designer brands, electronics, sports equipments, accessories, movies, music, etc. etc. etc. all in one huge mall. Shop, play games, win discounts from contests and window shop. No pesky salespeople. On the spot review for items, compare prices, and once you shop you can just keep walking around without the need for carrying those numerous bags. Bump into long-long friends and meeting new interesting people while strolling down the various floors. That’s bliss!
  13. 13. WiiShop The world at your finger tips! With Nintendo’s advanced movement sensor technology, we can finally do away with the controllers. No need to hold anything or press buttons. Gesture with your fingers and decide your next destination. Interacting with the virtual environment and almost feel the silk dress. Partners Online retailers, designer brands, movie and music retailers, etc. all will be eager to participate in this venture. Since USA boasts the biggest online consumer base, WiiShop provides the ideal network to reach the final customer. The future? Is here! Nintendo’s development of the next stage of movement sensor technology removing the need for physical controllers will make this a truly blissful experience for its customers.
  14. 14. Executive Summary Competency Nintendo’s leadership in technology, service and its ability of catching consumer trends before the rest of the market drives its innovation. Trends Our research has shown a trend in shopping and educational software. Customers need more value added services and Nintendo’s focus should be to fill this void. Fields of Play We have recognized business opportunities in value added services while providing a social interactive environment for the customers. We recognized WiiShop and WiiLearn as the FoPs. Value Proposition Meet your friends and make new ones while exploring the various virtual shopping malls in the world. Like a dress, buy it or get your friend to try it online! Why not catch a movie in one of the online theatres?! Participate in contests to win that Armani bracelet.. Roaming the world while not leaving your doorstep has never been easier! Market Segment Teenagers, young and middle-aged adults – primarily in developed countries. Partnerships We will need to partner with designer brands, movie and music sites, online retailers, bookstores, travel agencies and online payment sites.
  15. 15. Thank you!