Human Life Value & Standard of Living


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The Importance of Guaranteed Future Income

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Human Life Value & Standard of Living

  1. 1. YOUR<br />FAMILY<br />Sources of Income& Family Standard of Living<br />YOU<br />STANDARD OF LIVING<br />
  2. 2. YOUR<br />FAMILY<br />Sources of Income& Family Standard of Living<br />YOU<br />PEOPLE AT WORK<br />MONEY<br />AT WORK<br />STANDARD OF LIVING<br />This chart shows the various standards of living, from Charity and Poverty at the very bottom... to the Comfort and Luxury levels at the very top. Adjacent to the top two standards of living is a circle representing a family and indicating that they are enjoying a comfortable lifestyle and some luxuries in life. What holds the Family Circle up that level?<br />
  3. 3. Sources of Income& Family Standard of Living<br />YOU<br />MONEY<br />AT WORK<br />YOUR<br />FAMILY<br />STANDARD OF LIVING<br />It’s one’s ability to earn an income, of course. It's our most valuable asset! The income one earns, in exchange for the time and effort spent working, constitute the thing that keeps his/her family's standard of living. The Law of Gravity, however, holds that if nothing supports the Circle at that level, it should roll down to a lower level depending on the availability of other source of income.<br />
  4. 4. Sources of Income& Family Standard of Living<br />YOU<br />YOUR<br />FAMILY<br />STANDARD OF LIVING<br />It is evident, therefore, that only a person's earning power maintains his/her Family Circle at a high plane, and when that source of income is taken away, his/her family circle will simply have to roll down the hill. It will roll to the very bottom unless it is stopped at some point along the way by another new source of income to replace the source that was lost.<br />
  5. 5. When a Breadwinner Dies, a Family Suffers 3 Deaths:<br />The wife loses her “husband”<br />The children lose their “father”<br />The entire family loses his “income”… the income he would have earned if just lived.<br />Life Insurance cannot replace the father nor the husband but it certainly can replace his income to make tomorrow, the kind tomorrow he intended it to be for them.<br />5<br />
  6. 6. “We can make no plan for the future which does not rest for its completion upon the certainty of future income.”<br />Certainty of Future Income<br />6<br />
  7. 7. Don't Make Them Pay for No or Inadequate Life Insurance<br />It is a funny thing about life insurance. It has to be paid for, whether or not... it is bought. <br />If you buy the life insurance your family needs, then you pay for it out of current income. You spend less here and a little less there. You do a little better job of budgeting, of watching out for unnecessary expenditure.<br />But, if you don't pay for the life insurance out of the money in your pocket today, then your family may have to pay for it someday. <br />You say: “But how will they pay for it?"<br />The answer is that “they have to pay for it- out of the things they do without- the opportunities they do not enjoy; the school they are unable to attend; the home from which they are forced to leave; the sense of security they do not possess; a mother's attention which is not theirs because she must work to live and so that they may live.”<br />Ask yourself this question: “Who pays the biggest price for life insurance, I or my children?” Then, act in accordance with your answer.<br />
  8. 8. DEATH…is like the Thief in the night.<br />can provide guarantees that no matter what happens, your "Economic Value"will never be stolen from your family.<br />
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