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Unlocking Social Data to Transform Market Research and Consumer Insights


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Social media has fundamentally change how consumers create and consume data. This presentation demonstrates how marketers can unlock this data and presents four clear case studies on how companies …

Social media has fundamentally change how consumers create and consume data. This presentation demonstrates how marketers can unlock this data and presents four clear case studies on how companies are putting this data to use.

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  • 1. 1 Transforming Insights for the Social Economy
  • 2. 2 
 We are the world’s only research company to fully integrate Facebook’s social graph into a cohesive market research, consumer analytics and audience measurement system. LoudDoor’s Revolution platform is a disruptive market research system that enables a new class of data intelligence. Using Facebook to sample consumers who can't be reached anywhere else we leverage the Facebook interest graph to unlock consumer insights never seen before. Who We Are Self Reported Data Opt-In Facebook Data
  • 3. ! We have more computing power in our pocket today than on our desktop in 2000. ! Mobile devices are with us everywhere, every day. ! We are always on, always connected. The World Has Changed THE WORLD HAS CHANGED. How can market research and consumer insights adapt?
  • 4. We collect more information about a Facebook user in a single click than could ever be collected in a traditional research survey. ! Our process is elegantly simple. We conduct every survey via a Facebook application that grants us access to the respondents’ Facebook profile and its wealth of data. 8
  • 5. 9 LoudDoor collects “likelihood to recommend” and core demographic and consumption responses on thousands of brands on Facebook every month. ! Filter the data any way you choose. ! LoudDoor’s clients also customize this flow to survey consumers on the KPIs that matter to them! Likelihood to Recommend
  • 6. 10 Get information not available through the Facebook API including…. • Purchase Motivators • Household Income • Monthly Spending Behavior • Social Network Usage ! Now compare this information against your competitors’ data. Understand Your Audience
  • 7. 11 Glean insights into the true likes and interests of consumer segments. ! Inform campaign planning and strategy through deeper understanding of your target audience. Drill Deep into the Mindset of Your Target Audience
  • 8. 12 LoudDoor’s LikeMatchTM algorithms not only specifically identify the affinities your target consumers cluster around, but much more importantly, identifies how they differ from the general population. This is where the real magic of the social graph becomes truly actionable! 41.549.354.6 Mommypot EverydayFamily HuffPost Mom
  • 9. 13
  • 10. 14 1 2 3 4 Targeted Media Buying Brand Equity and Audience Analysis Creative Strategy and Media Planning Campaign and Creative Effectiveness Core Platform Use Cases
  • 11. 15 1 Targeted Media Buying Trunk Club is a men's clothing service where a personal stylist handpicks a trunk of high-end clothes and ships it to their customer for free. ! Working with Trunk Club, we first identified a sample of men who matched Trunk Club’s socio- demographic target criteria—specifically on age / gender / household income. Parsing this group further, LoudDoor identified a subset of self- reported fashion conscious men with a preference for having someone help them in their clothes shopping decision and created a Like Match on this subset. ! Result: Using LoudDoor’s refined targeting, customer lead acquisition cost was reduced by 90%. Core Platform Use Cases
  • 12. 16 Brand Equity and Audience Analysis Saint Jude Children’s Research Hospital is a pioneer of social media in the charity sector with 1.5 Million Fans and high level of engagement. Maintaining brand loyalty is critical to achieving their goals of providing free cutting-edge medical treatment and fostering a strong donor- base. ! By segmenting its audience and measuring the Net Promoter Score of its fans, donors and patients we gave Saint Jude an intimate knowledge of their Fans and Donors. Using these insights Saint Jude can be confident about reaching specific groups with the right message.   2 IDEAL  PERSONA:   -­‐ St.  Jude  Promoters   -­‐ St.  Jude  Fans   interested  in  a   particular  hobby  (ex:   Community  service,   Fitness  etc.)   -­‐ St.  Jude  Fans  who   participated  in  an   event   -­‐ St.  Jude  Donors Results: Saint Jude’s rigorous approach consistently results in a ranking in the Top-10 of ALL brands on Facebook in terms of audience loyalty as measured by NPS®. NPS  and  Net  Promoter  Score  are  trademarks  of  Satmetrix  Systems,  Inc.,  Bain  &  Company,  Inc.,  and  Fred   Reichheld  and  is  being  used  under  license. Core Platform Use Cases
  • 13. 17 Creative Strategy and Media Mix Planning Equity and Audience Analysis Kool-Aid Man, an American Icon, has been bringing the “OH YEAH” into homes for years. The challenge for Kool-Aid and its agency VSA Partners was that Kool-Aid has an established relationship with Moms, but as for the rest of the family, not so much. In 2013, the brand re-launched with a new tagline and a new life-like CGI Kool-Aid Man. ! After researching the social persona, motivators and affinities behind the “Kool-Aid Mom”, VSA’s solution was to create new connections to her and her family by catalyzing “random acts of fun” along her digital and social journey. Leveraging social information about things like social network usage, music preferences and photo sharing tendencies VSA created a campaign that reached Moms across a series of apps, music sites and other digital experiences. 3 Result:    Outperformed  purchase   intent  lift  norm  by  547% Core Platform Use Cases
  • 14. 18 Campaign and Creative Effectiveness Kmart launched a new in-store shipping service and launched a video campaign based on the tagline “I shipped my pants.” The video quickly became a You Tube sensation. The retailer wanted to assess the affect of the commercial on consumers’ purchase and perception and leverage LoudDoor’s social data to extend the reach of this video. ! LoudDoor conducted a pre- and post- measurement of their core audience. Kmart then used the results of the pre-launch survey to target groups most likely to engage with the video and its message. 4 ! 62% positive increase in brand perception 45% NPS® increase among exposed audience. Techy   Families Active   Seniors ☑ ☒ NPS  is  a  trademark  of  Satmetrix  Systems,  Inc.,  Bain  &  Company,  Inc.,  and  Fred  Reichheld  and  is  being  used   under  license. Core Platform Use Cases
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