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Web analytics & more
Web analytics & more
Web analytics & more
Web analytics & more
Web analytics & more
Web analytics & more
Web analytics & more
Web analytics & more
Web analytics & more
Web analytics & more
Web analytics & more
Web analytics & more
Web analytics & more
Web analytics & more
Web analytics & more
Web analytics & more
Web analytics & more
Web analytics & more
Web analytics & more
Web analytics & more
Web analytics & more
Web analytics & more
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Web analytics & more


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Short Overview of Web Analytics and a few other things.

Short Overview of Web Analytics and a few other things.

Published in: Technology
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  • 1. Web Analytics & More 
    Daniel Gudema – FAU, April 6, 2011
  • 2. What I Am Covering Tonight
    The Future
    Internet BusinessModels
    Cool Stuff
    Web Lexicon Game
    Take It National
    The End
    About Me
    (Or How Did I Get Here?)
    Web Analytics 101
    Googe Analytics
    Web Analytics Lexicon
    Web Data Collection
    Conversion Funnels
    Accuracy Issues
  • 3. About Me
    Originally Engineer at Bell Atlantic Mobile.
    I was once a cellular traffic engineer.
    In 1999, went to work for abc distributing. (dot com)
    Website grew to 1 million visitors, 25K orders a day.
    Worked with Hitbox, Coremetrics, Omniture, Google
    In 2001 cofounded
    Became largest Speed Dating business in the US and sold it.
    In 2006 went to work for Verio/NTT (the Japanese)
    In 2010 founded Take It National Inc.
    MBA from FAU in 2006. Won biz plan contest in 2004.
    Currently An FAU biz plan Judge (2010 and 2011)
  • 4. Dumb Executives & Missed Opportunities
    Web Analytics reminds me of a typewriter.
    Long ago execs said they did need to type. 
    Now it’s part of the job, 24 by 7.
    Lots of Execs I’ve met don’t care about data…
    They do this at their own peril.
    My estimate of web analytics used: 95% installed.
    I would say 3% use web analytics, at least effectively.
    Richard J. Lynch III& The Phone Company
    Data Is Everything!
  • 5. Web Analytics 101
    What Are Web Analytics?
    Data: Visitors, Pages, Conversions, Funnels, Goals, etc…
    Where users go and what they do on a website.
    Why Is It Important Or Can Be Important?
    Just saying it this, because it may not be…
    Who Uses Analytics?
    We will get into the why; Not the how!
  • 6. What Google Analytics Looks LIke
  • 7. What Is Google Analytics?
    A Free Web Traffic Analysis Program
    What Does That Mean?
    Who Here Is Currently Using Google Analytics!
    Uses Google Tracking Code.
    Login using your google/gmail address
    Relatively Easy To Use
    Nice Stats, Graphics, Charts, Maps And More
    Not Supported Yet On Iphone/Ipad, but just wait…
    If Used Properly!
    How To Login
    Just Be Logged Into Google/Gmail
    Do You Want A Demo? It Will BE VERY BORING!
  • 8. Web Analytics Lexicon
    Search Terms
    Landing Page
    Hits (Old Term)
    Page Views
    Time On Site
    Bounce Rate
  • 9. Web Data Collection
    Log Collection (log file) Pre 1999.
    Page Collection (Google Analytics)
    Cookie Based Data
    Sampling Sites,,
    Anonymous/Meta Collection
    Personalities (Huh?)
  • 10. And Did You Know…
    • Web Analytics Uses The Drinking Method To Determine Ways People Convert On Websites:
  • 4 Conversion Funnel Glasses
    Margarita Glass
    Martini Glass
    Visitors Are Going Past The Home Page But Not Putting Stuff In Their Shopping Cart! Review Products Pages
    People Are Visiting The Web Site, But Only The Home Page.Review Home Page Content
    Beer Glass/High Top
    Wine Glass
    Visitors Are Shopping & Converting WellYou Are Using Web Analytics Wisely
    Website Visitors Put Stuff In Shopping Cart, But Not Converting!Review Checkout Process
    This Content Was Borrowed From Jim Stern, My Web Analytics Mentor!
  • 11. Accuracy
    These Are The Issues
    People Turn Cookies Off
    Third Party/First Party Cookie Issues
    People Turn Javascript Off
    Broken Javascript
    Some Mobile Phones Not Supporting Javascript
    Anonymous Surfing (The Big One!)
    Data Is Not What They Used To Be
    Cellphones And Ipads
    Allowing Too Many Includes .
    So a 10% Error Rate Is Excellent.
    But Is Accuracy beyond that Important…
    For Most of Us No, it really is not import.
    Web analytics is about trends not anal retentivity.
    Don’t Seat the small stuff, Really!
  • 12. Cool Google Web Analytics Trends
    Mapping/Geography Based Statistics
    More Visualization (Funnels, etc.)
    Mobile Phone/Iphone Tracking in stats
    Daily, Weekly, Monthly Alerts
    Customized Report (Even Google Analytics)
    Segmentation Based Reporting
    Integration With Adwords & A/B Testing
    In Page Analytics
    Intelligence (What Is That?)
  • 13. And Now For Something Completely Different
  • 14. Who Knows What Is Real Now?
    Spam/Spamming Now Means More Than Just Annoying Emails.
    They are like a virus going airborne.
    Anybody Know What A CAPTCHA Is?
    That annoying box with letters and numbers you have to enter when signing onto websites.
    Spiders, Bots And Human Bots
  • 15. The Future Of Analytics
    I Always Speculate…
    Things I Think Will Be Offered In Future
    More Behavioral Analytics And Segmentation
    Telling Google a person is tall, blonde and single.
    Interactive Analytics
    Instantly usable data for Google customers
    Advanced Graphics
    I can see better, interactive graphics.
    Overall I think Google has hit 90% of what is needed and probably will not increase features too much…
  • 16. How To Make A Good Website Great!
    Don’t Make Me Think!
    The Marketing Experiments Formula:
    C = 4M + 3V + 2(I-F) – 2A
    C = Probability of conversion
    M = Motivation of the User
    V= Clarity of value proposition
    I = Incentive
    F = Friction
    A = Anxiety
  • 17. Let Me Educate You On Internet Business Models
    A Lot Of People Ask Me About Starting Internet Business. These Are The Models:
    Monthly Membership – The Best
    B2B Saas Technology - Excellent
    Lead Generation - Good
    Product/Service Sale – Good
    Commission/Exchange – Decent
    Sponsorship - Weak
    Advertising – Just Forget About It!
    Non Profit – Why Don’t You Just Get A Job!
    Notice A Pattern…And Choose Wisely!
    Monthly Recurring Revenue, Web Based Services
  • 18. Cool Web Stuff You Should Know About!
    BeanStalk SVN
    Constant Contact
    Google Documents
  • 19. Play The Web Lexicon Game
  • 20. Take It National (My Plug)
    Take It National
    National Event Franchise Platform
    Takes You National
    Comes From Our Speed Dating Business
    WordPress Compatible
    Currently In Beta
    Though We Have Real, Paying Customers.
    I’ll Give You A Demo
  • 21. Anything Else?
    Let me know if you have any questions
    Or If there is something I did not cover you wanted me to tonight.
    My Email:
    My Blog
    My Twitter:
    My Startup: