Roosevelt sit sub committee on academic programs may 9 2013 draft


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Roosevelt sit sub committee on academic programs may 9 2013 draft

  1. 1. Roosevelt SIT Meeting – May 9, 2013Academic Program Sub-Committee - DRAFT1Day Care – Cathy Reilly talked with Diana Bruce, Director of Health and Wellness at DCPS who hasresponsibility for day care programs at DCPS. It is very important to have the space built so that it canbe licensedby the District and the requirements are very strict. The 2,000 square foot space seemsappropriate for five to fifteen children anywhere from six weeks until they are ready to go to pre-schoolat three years of age. The space has to have a separate entrance directly to the outside and outdoorplay space has to be available.There are also requirements for an ample outdoor area where children can play. Discussed of what thisspace should offer included:Shade availableAge appropriate play equipmentSpace for ride-on toys or tricycles and a place to store them insideAccess to a hose nib for waterA grassy areaSeating for adults and childrenTable space for adults and childrenSpace available for free-play (not entirely taken up with structured play equipment)Secure fencingThe inside space should include:Separate toilets for adults and childrenKitchenette with a refrigeratorLots of storage space for play equipment and suppliesStorage for strollersDiscussion continued posing questions about child-care providers who could contract to run the space,how financial arrangements are made with them for parent vouchers, etc. Dunbar and Anacostia andColumbia Heights seem to have day care centers that are up and running. Policy would have to beestablished around who gets to use the facility – should it be limited to Roosevelt students or should italso be open for teachers and the general public?Media Center – Discussion was focused around the media production area listed as a part of the library.The question was whether the workroom for journalism or newspaper production (actual printing wouldbe off-site) would also provide space for a video production studio that could be isolated for sound. Ms.Newman indicated that editing was proposed for video shot off site, rather than having a studio there inthe library but others thought a separate production space with a “green screen” would enable studentsto produce more formal pieces. Lockable storage was something agreed upon for both the media centerproper and for the media production area.There was great desire for the media center to also be a place where students and the community couldhold meetings. An inviting location with natural light would be a given; the possibility of using“borrowed”, not direct, natural light was brought up but not discussed. The media center should be
  2. 2. Roosevelt SIT Meeting – May 9, 2013Academic Program Sub-Committee - DRAFT2easy to find from the entrance if not on the main floor – possibly accessible directly via a stairwayclosely adjacent to the media center entrance.Drama Program – Roosevelt currently does not have a drama program but teachers are excited aboutthe possibility of student theater productions in the future and offered to outline what that would entailbased on their experience at other schools and on their work in theater studies. In this way Rooseveltwould be ready to expand into drama offerings that could advance the performing arts curriculum.Participants:Dori B. CookRobin GerberNancy HuvendickMike IveyCheryl MillerDeanna NewmanCathy ReillyJeff Standish