Brookland Middle School Community Meeting Fact Sheet (November 16, 2013)


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We enjoyed meeting Saturday with the Ward 5 Brookland Middle School community. If you happened to have missed the meeting or simply wish to share the update and new proposed work hours with your neighbors, friends and family feel free to share! Thanks.

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Brookland Middle School Community Meeting Fact Sheet (November 16, 2013)

  1. 1. Brookland Middle School Frequently Asked Questions DGS-RELATED QUESTIONS Q1. What is the construction schedule for Brookland Middle School? Construction is scheduled to be completed in December 2014. Q2. What is the current budget for the project? Has it changed since the original $50-million budget? If so, why? The current project budget is $58.5-million. The increase is a result of both economic market pressures and enhancements to the design to better support the educational programs (i.e.: performance hall space) and community desires (i.e.: additional parking, additional outdoor space within the school). Q3. Will DGS/DCPS now consider a different location for the building? No. The building will remain in its current position. Q4. Now that the schedule has been extended, can the funds previously allocated for overtime costs to meet the schedule be used to make additional enhancements to the project? No. The funding cannot be allocated for additional enhancements to the project. Q5. What are the construction work hours now that the schedule has been extended? Construction work will take place during permitted work hours of 7am to 7pm Monday through Saturday. There will be no requests for extended work hour permits and the previously submitted request for extended hours has been withdrawn. Q6. Have all the construction permits been issued for the project? Permits are being applied for and issued in phases based the on the construction schedule. Q7. Will the project architects be changing the design now that the schedule has been extended? No. The design concept has been finalized. Q8. What is being done about the dust, rodents, vibrations, and damage to roads in our neighborhood as a result of this construction? Our contractor, Skanska, requires and maintains noise and dust restrictions onsite with their workers. The contractor has also installed vibration monitors to ensure that vibrations do not exceed industry standard limitations for construction in residential neighborhoods. It is anticipated that construction vehicles may damage roads and curbs during the work and all such damage will be restored as part of the construction project. As these items are inherent with any construction project, we believe it is most important to address them all properly. Q9. Has the gas line issue been resolved? Will that work affect gas service to our homes? We are working with Washington Gas who will relocate their gas line. Per Washington Gas, the relocation will not interfere with gas service to residents’ homes. Q10. Will the Turkey Thicket playground project be affected at all by the school’s construction? No, the Turkey Thicket playground construction is still on schedule to be completed by the end of December 2013, weather permitting.
  2. 2. Brookland Middle School Frequently Asked Questions DCPS-RELATED QUESTIONS Q1. Are there any changes with the DCPS plan for opening the Brookland Middle School? No. DCPS maintains the commitment to provide the Brookland Middle School for the residents of Ward 5. Only the timeline has changed. Q2. What is the academic program to be provided at the Brookland Middle School? The Brookland Middle School will have the standard Middle School Program with focus on World Languages and Arts integration. Q3. When will the Brookland Middle School be opened for students to attend and what is the building capacity? August 2015; 540 students Q4. What is the current student enrollment percentage at the McKinley Middle School? McKinley Middle School student enrollment is currently at less than 60%. Q5. Does the low enrollment at the McKinley MS have any impact on the Brookland Middle School opening delay? Yes. It is not feasible to have 2 brand new modernized facilities in Ward 5 that are not fully occupied. Q6. Can DCPS utilize the delay time period to benefit the potential enrollment at the Brookland Middle School? Yes. DCPS can focus on enrollment growth strategies and recruitment efforts to increase the potential student population for the SY14 – 15 opening. Q7. What measures will be taken to ensure the facility remains secure and intact during the unoccupied period? DGS/DCPS will secure the facility and ensure that the building systems, materials and assets are safe and secure until the facility is opened.