Dgroups 2014 draft action plan


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Presentation by Neil Pakenham-Walsh and Rob Witte at the Dgroups Annual Partners Meeting - Utrecht, 16 January 2014

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Dgroups 2014 draft action plan

  1. 1. Dgroups: (Draft) Action Plan 2014 Neil, Rob, Kristin 16 January 2014
  2. 2. High-level Priorities 1. Strengthen partnership 2. Improve the platform 3. Improve our marketing and outreach
  3. 3. Strengthening the Partnership  Alfa Redi  CIDSE  Department for International Development (DFID), UK  ECDPM  Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)  Forum for Agricultural Research in Africa (FARA)  (Helvetas)  Humanist Institute for Co-operation with Developing Countries (Hivos)  ICCO  International Institute for Communication and Development (IICD)  International Network for the Availability of Scientific Publications (INASP)  Natural Resources Institute (NRI)  RWSN – Rural Water Supply Network  SAP International  SDC  Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation (CTA)  UNECA New partners 0 Leavers 1 (KIT)
  4. 4. Strengthening the Partnership Shared vision 2. Promote connections among the Partners and among individual Dgroups 3. Promote connections with other CoPs 1.
  5. 5. Shared vision (= how we want the world to be) What is our vision? Suggestions for discussion… 1. “A world where every individual can contribute constructively to dialogue and decision-making for international development and social justice” 2. ??? 3. ???
  6. 6. Promote connections among the Partners  ↑ Knowledge sharing among Dgroups partners (?KM4Dev)  ↑ Visibility of individual Dgroups and how they relate to each other, by theme, geo, lang. visualisation tool, eg DebateGraph  Mapping of Dgroups   INCREASED COLLECTIVE IMPACT OF DGROUPS
  7. 7. Promote connections with other CoPs Mapping of Dgroups  Progressive mapping of Global CoP ecosystem ↑Navigability ↑Alignment ↓Duplication  ↑ collective impact of all CoPs (Dgroups + non-Dgroups) working in international development
  8. 8. 2020 Goals By 2020: • All (open) Communities of Practice will be readily visible and searchable by moderators and users.  All (open) CoPs will be able to connect and share seamlessly with one another  All (open) CoPs will be able to harness the collective intelligence of their members (multistakeholder input into policy and practice)
  9. 9. Work area 1: Platform improvement 2014 Objectives We shall continue to  improve the platform through a user-driven process.  ensure that all requests and ideas for functionality improvements raised through the [redesign] discussion group are monitored and made freely available to all users  assess the feasibility (or otherwise) and provide progress updates on each request.  explore how Dgroups can take advantage of mobile opportunities  Other??
  10. 10. User-driven functionality improvement [redesign] Dgroup – Kristin & Damir  Viewing the web archive (6)  Delivery of email messages, formatting and content (5)  Moderation (4)  Visual design (1)  Monitoring and evaluation (1)  Terminology (2)
  11. 11. Work area 2: Service reliability 2014 Objectives Working with WA-Research:  We shall maintain service reliability at or very near to 100%.  We shall increase our disaster preparedness, so that normal service is maintained in the event of disaster (eg technical breakdown, illness, injury).  Other??
  12. 12. Work area 3: Training & Peer Exchange 2014 Objectives We shall:  introduce a peer support / training programme (Dgroups Training module – ECDP)  organize regular online peer exchange sessions (1 each quarter)  continue to publish regular blog posts, presentations etc on Dgroups Foundation website (www.dgroups.info)  other??
  13. 13. Work area 4: Engagement with current partners 2014 Objectives  We shall regular communications with all our Partners, through 1-to-1 calls (at least 2 times per year).  We shall promote knowledge sharing among Partners, especially around C4D issues  We shall build a basic visual representation of the Dgroups CoP ecosystem  Other??
  14. 14. Work area 5: Marketing and outreach 2014 Objectives We shall:  continue to develop and improve the Dgroups Foundation website (www.dgroups.info)  recruit 6 new paying members  produce leaflet in different languages  coordinate and provide support to at least 6 Partners to promote Dgroups (conference calendar, leaflets, PPT)  other??
  15. 15. Work area 6: Governance and administration 2014 Objectives  We shall seek to expand the number, skills and influence of the Board  We shall improve Board representation –gender and geographical location  Other??
  16. 16. M&E Stats Impact IDS Linked Open Data
  17. 17. Fees: Way forward  With present membership, an increase in partnership contribution to E 5.000 is needed to cover costs. Therefore:  Dgroups Board proposes to increase fees to E. 5000 starting 2015, for organizations with turnover of over 5 million Euro.  From now on, for new small organizations with turnover below 5ME, a reduction of fees is offered, calculated at 0.1% of turnover, limiting the number of Dgroups to a maximum of 12  Below E 150.000 we do not charge, but ask for a formalized "sponsorship" by one of the large members