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The Adventure Builder Document Transcript

  • 1. Introduction The Adventure Builder is an organized compilation of travel-related websites, for researching, booking, and carrying-out a trip, vacation or adventure of any kind. In general, the travel websites are those you’ve heard people talk about, you’ve read about in magazines or in books, you’ve seen in commercials, or may have even used yourself at one time or another. Some you’ll recognize; most will be new. No matter what kind of experience you have in mind this collection of sites will help you navigate the planning terrain. The Adventure Builder’s flow follows the logical order of planning a trip. With all of the resources you’ll need arranged for you, this guide enables you to break the large and seemingly difficult task of preparing a trip into smaller more manageable tasks. Now when the inspiration to travel strikes, you can use this tool to zero in on the websites needed to see its fulfillment. You can use the table of contents and its hyperlinks to move around the book quickly, and because each website in the body of the book is live-linked to the internet simply click on the site of choice to jump to it. I hope The Adventure Builder truly changes the way you go about researching, planning and pulling-off a trip, and inspires you to many meaningful and unforgettable experiences. These resources will always be here, recorded and organized for today or tomorrow, for you and yours. Enjoy it, have fun with it; may it be the compass in the planning of your adventures to come.
  • 2. Table of Contents Deciding Where to Go Information and Inspiration Build your Own Itinerary Cruise Travel Deciding When to Go Airfare Weather What you need to Prepare and Bring Information about Destination Airport Flight Shipping Luggage Ahead Passport Visas Health Safety Insurance Family Money Travel Gear Technology Languages Pets Where to Stay When There Hotels Hostels Rental Properties Home Rental Experiences Home Swaps How to Get Around When There Rental Car Recreation Vehicle Driving Bus Train Subway What to Do When There General Searches Dining Active Relaxation and Wellness Beaches Theme Parks
  • 3. 1) Deciding Where to Go a. Information and Inspiration i. ii. iii. iv. v. vi. vii. b. Build your Own Itinerary i. ii. iii. iv. v. c. Cruise Travel i. Cruise Lines Association 1. ii. iii. iv. v. Solo Cruises 1. 2. 3. "Twenty years from now you will be more 2) Deciding When to Go disappointed by a. Airfare the things you i. Prices for Airfares (including hotels and rental cars) didn't do than 1. by the ones you 2. did do. So 3. throw off the 4. bowlines, sail 5. away from the ii. Fare Changes and Trend Predictions – When to Buy safe harbor. 1. Catch the trade iii. Search Engines that Include Budget Airlines winds in your 1. sails. Explore. 2. Dream. 3. Europe Discover." a. -Mark Twain iv. Prices and Deals – Sent to you via E-mail
  • 4. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. "A journey v. Customized Flight Plans of a 1. thousand vi. Name-your-own-Price Biding miles must 1. Helpful Information begin with a. 2. Auction Sites a single a. step." b. -Lao Tzu c. vii. Multi-Destination Trips 1. 2. 3. Multi-stop International Tickets a. viii. Choosing the Seat for You 1. ix. Best Flights Times and Airports 1. 2. x. Airline Credit After Price Reduction 1. xi. Frequent Flyer Miles 1. Promotion Tracking a. 2. Frequent Flyer Forum a. b. Weather i. ii. iii. Includes Hurricane Coverage 1. 3) What You Need to Prepare and Bring a. Information about Destination i. Central Intelligence Agency 1. World Fact Book a. ii. Local Newspapers 1.
  • 5. b. Airport i. Getting a Parking Space 1. "For my 2. part, I 3. travel not ii. Packages on Parking and Airport Hotel to go 1. iii. Security anywhere, 1. Check Wait Times but to go. I a. Transportation Security Administration travel for i. travel's 2. Personal Fast-Moving Security Lines sake. The a. Companies great affair i. ii. is t o c. Flight move." i. Delays and Airport Congestion -Robert 1. Association of Air Traffic Controllers Louis a. Stevenson 2. Avoiding Delays a. ii. Status, Duration, Routes and More 1. Official Airline Guides a. iii. Checking Flight Status 1. 2. Orbitz TLC Traveler Update a. iv. Passenger Rights 1. Federal Aviation Administration a. d. Shipping Luggage Ahead i. Air-Freight Service 1. 2. 3. e. Passport i. Applying 1. U.S. State Department a. ii. Fast Processing (2 weeks) 1. National Passport Information Center a. Call: (877-487-2778) 2. Private Expediters (24 hours) a. b.
  • 6. 3. More information a. National Association of Passport and Visa Services i. iii. Online Storage of Passport 1. f. Visas i. Applying 1. U.S. State Department a. 2. Private Expediters (24 hours) a. Passport expediters (above) also handle visas g. Health i. Investigate Health Issues 1. Center for Disease Control a. 2. World Health Organization a. ii. Food and Travel Translation Cards 1. iii. Travel Medicine 1. The Society of Travel Medicine a. iv. Medical-Evacuation Assistance 1. SOS Assistance Emergency a. 2. AirMed International a. 3. MedjetAssist a. v. Diet 1. Food Allergies a. 2. Vegetarian a. "Travel vi. Staying Fit and 1. The American Council on Fitness change a. of place 2. Healthy Travel Network impart a. 3. Airport Gyms new vigor a. to the 4. Travel Workout Kits mind." a. -Seneca 5. Weight Loss a.
  • 7. h. Safety i. U.S. State Department 1. ii. U.S. Embassies 1. iii. i. Insurance i. Compare Policies "Adventure is 1. worthwhile." 2. -Aristotle 3. 4. U.S. Travel Insurance a. ii. Providers 1. Access America a. 2. HTH Worldwide a. 3. AIG Travel Guard a. j. Family i. Information 1. 2. ii. Flying with Children 1. iii. Babies 1. 2. iv. Grandparent or Grandchild 1. k. Money i. Getting Foreign Currency Before Departure 1. International Currency Express (60 Foreign Countries) a. ii. Exchange Rates 1. 2. l. Travel Gear i. TSA Regulations 1. ii. Travel Kits 1.
  • 8. 2. 3. iii. Bags 1. 2. 3. 4. iv. Outdoor Apparel 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. v. Camping 1. vi. For Vehicle 1. Rooftop Boxes a. m. Technology i. Information “People say 1. ii. Cell Phones that what we 1. Using your Own Internationally are seeking is a. SIM card for the Country a meaning for i. life. I don’t ii. think this is iii. what we’re 2. Renting a. re a ll y b. seeking. I c. think what d. we’re seeking iii. Travel Electronics is a n 1. experience of 2. iv. Connectivity and Technology Services Information being alive.” 1. -Joseph 2. Wi-Fi Campbell a. b. c. v. Equipment Rental 1.
  • 9. vi. For Vehicle 1. Global Positioning System a. b. c. d. 2. Audiobooks a. Renting "One's i. b. Purchasing destination i. is never a 3. Radio place, but a. Satellite a new way i. XM (over 170 channels) of seeing 1. things." b. Stations (around the world) i. -Henry n. Languages Miller i. o. Pets i. Policies 1. Air Transportation Association a. ii. Services 1. Boarding Kennels Association a. iii. Travel information 1. Veterinary Medical Association a. 2. Animal Hospital Association a. 3. 4. 5. 6. iv. Pet Loss Assistance 1. Help 4 Pets a. 2. National Dog Registry a. v. Sitters 1. The National Association of Professional Pet Sitters a.
  • 10. 4) Where to Stay When There a. Hotels i. Reviews 1. 2. 3. ii. Search by Theme 1. 2. Hotel comparisons a. iii. Choosing a Room 1. iv. Booking 1. Wholesalers a. b. 2. Discounters a. 3. Coupons a. v. Wi-Fi Availability 1. 2. b. Hostels i. Hostelling International 1. ii. U.S. 1. "Life is c. Rental Properties either a i. Houses, Apartments & Condos daring 1. adventure 2. or ii. Villas International nothing." 1. -Helen d. Home Rental Experiences Keller i. e. Home Swaps i.
  • 11. 5) How to Get Around When There a. Rental Car i. ii. iii. iv. b. Recreation Vehicle (RV) i. Information 1. 2. ii. Rental Association 1. iii. Cruise Across America 1. iv. El Monte (North America) 1. “It is in the c. Driving compelling i. International Driving Permit zest of high 1. American Automobile Association (AAA) adventure a. International Travel Link and of i. victory, and ii. Maps 1. AAA TripTiks in creative a. actions, that 2. Online Resources man finds a. Google Maps his supreme i. joys.” b. Mapquest -Antoine de i. iii. Traffic and Direct Routes (100 cities) Saint- 1. iv. Rules, Laws, Sign Meanings, and Local Tendencies 1. Association For Safe International Road Travel a. v. Gas 1. Prices a. Gas Buddy i. b. Gas Price Watch i. 2. Information a. U.S. Environmental Protection Agency i. vi. U.S. Camping 1. vii. AAA Fuel Cost Calculator
  • 12. a. viii. Help! a. d. Bus i. Aggregator 1. ii. United States 1. Greyhound a. 2. Northeast a. Peter Pan Bus Lines i. b. Trailways i. c. Eastern Travel i. e. Train i. United States 1. Amtrak a. 2. TrainWeb a. ii. Canadian Rail 1. iii. European Rail 1. f. Subway i. Navigation (Around the World) "Travel is 1. ii. U.S. Transit Maps more than 1. the seeing of sights; it is a change that goes 6) What to do When There on, deep a. General Searches and i. permanent, ii. in the ideas iii. of living." b. Dining -Miriam i. Restaurants 1. Beard 2. 3. 4.
  • 13. 5. Reserve Ahead a. b. 6. Tipping a. c. Active i. Information 1. 2. ii. Finding Fitness Centers 1. iii. Swimming Sites 1. iv. Running Races & Routes 1. d. Relaxation and Wellness i. Yoga Locations (85 countries) 1. ii. Spas 1. 2. International Spa Association a. “The purpose e. Beaches of life is to i. live it, to ii. The Blue Flag taste it, to 1. experience to f. Theme Parks the utmost, to i. Ratings and Reviews 1. reach out ii. Busch Gardens eagerly and 1. without fear iii. Six Flags for newer and 1. richer experience.” -Eleanor Roosevelt