People And Processes, Inc.


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"When it matters to do the right things correctly".

Our capabilities supporting your maintenance and reliability objectives.

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People And Processes, Inc.

  1. 1. Proven Solutions for Maintenance, Operations, and Reliability in Facilities, Municipalities, and Manufacturing Environments
  2. 2. Our objectives are straightforward: Our business is helping your business succeed, therefore, we measure our success on your results  We believe going quot;forwardquot; to Best Practices is how to bring on success  We share how to implement and sustain that which will make us all better  Translates to being more proactive, reliable, and profitable  Allows you to do more with less by doing the right things correctly  Creates culture of reliability, loyalty, and learning We're ready when you are!
  3. 3. Providing professional training and implementation with the following activities:  Best Practices for manufacturing, processing & facilities ◦ Education and training ◦ Assessment and audit services ◦ Coaching and mentoring ◦ Consulting  Public and on-site seminars  Focused courses
  4. 4.  Organizational - Cultural Development  Leadership , Executive, Management Training  Assessment and Auditing  Plan Of Improvement Development  Technical Training  Courseware Design , Curriculum Development  Instructional Services, Training Delivery  Training Needs Assessment  Consulting  Work Flows, Job Task Analysis  Facilitator Training  CMMS Selection Processes, Configuration, and Methodology  Preventive and Predictive Program Development  Equipment Reliability Survey And Assessment
  5. 5. COMPUTERIZED MAINTENANCE MAINTENANCE PLANNING & SCHEDULING MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (CMMS/ EAM) coaching & mentoring - Selection Processes & Methodology LEADERSHIP TEAM, FACILITATOR, & - Implementation and Plan of Improvement SUPERVISOR coaching and mentoring - Implementation Planning Strategies PM and PdM program development & - System Configuration optimization - Data collection, validation, verification & MATERIALS MANAGEMENT program data migration development, coaching and mentoring BEST PRACTICES RELIABILITY ENGINEERING program - Implementation Strategy development, coaching and mentoring development, Single site or corporate EQUIPMENT RELIABILITY survey and level assessment - Benchmarking evaluation CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT & BPR - Plan of Improvement (POI) development program development, monitoring, and - Policies and Procedures Manual auditing development EQUIPMENT CARE PLAN development - Work flow and processes development BEST PRACTICES Implementation Strategy and utilization development, single or corporate - PROGRAM MANAGEMENT and facilitation Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) development for Maintenance and Operations
  6. 6.  BEST PRACTICE EDUCATIONAL SEMINARS For Maintenance And Operations  LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT AND LEADERSHIP TEAM Training  CMMS Implementation Training  FACILITATOR Boot Camp  Maintenance & Management  Operations Certification Process Development And Training  Us Dept Of Labor Maintenance Apprenticeship Curriculum Development  Managing Change – Leading Organizations Through Change  Supervisor, & Focus Team Training  LABOR RELATIONS For Managers – Federal Agencies Training can be designed and developed to target organizations’ maintenance, operations, and continuous improvement goals and requirements
  7. 7.  Maintenance Best Practices  Planning, Scheduling, & Coordination Of Maintenance  SMED, TPM, Facets Of Lean, & Teambuilding  Reliability Centered Maintenance  Facilities Maintenance Management  Materials Management  Best Practices For Supervision  Root Cause Analysis  Inventory Management  Maintenance & Reliability For Managers  Labor Relations For Managers
  8. 8.  Delivery Options  Team Resources ◦ Field Site ◦ Industry Certified Instructors ◦ Customer Site ◦ Industry Expert Partners  Product Options ◦ Professional Course Designers ◦ Off the Shelf Courses & ◦ Subject Matter Experts in Workshops Maintenance, Operations, Reli ◦ Customized design and ability, and Management delivery ◦ Collaborative design and Driven by Best Practices, not tied development to any one methodology ◦ Team Workshops ◦ Organizational Development ◦ Train the Trainer
  9. 9. 800-930-4276