Seceur focus mid term sympos mar 12


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FOCUS mid term symposium

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Seceur focus mid term sympos mar 12

  1. 1. Brooks TIGNER Chief Policy Analyst, SecEUR sprl EU Security Research: Current Status – Next Programme – Future implications for R&D1 FOCUS – Foresight Security Scenarios
  2. 2. About SecEUR . . .  Brussels-based organisation focused on EU civil security policy, research and technology  Carries out analysis and monitoring of policy, funding, technology on weekly basis  Close contacts with European Commission  Produces the sector’s reference publication for EU civil security policy & research: SECURITY EUROPE2 FOCUS – Foresight Security Scenarios
  3. 3. Basics of Security Research (SR)  Part of EU’s general R&D budget: Seventh Framework Research (FP7)  Security Research allocation: EUR 1.4 billion  Duration: 2007-2013  Sixth and final SR call-for-proposals to be released in July3 FOCUS – Foresight Security Scenarios
  4. 4. SR: CURRENT STATUS Next call-for-proposals  EU’s sixth and final SR call-for-proposals to be released in July. Seven research areas: – Security of citizens – Security in infrastructures and utilities – Intelligent sureveillance & border security – Restoring security & safety in case of crisis – Integration, interconnectivity and interoperability – Security & society – Research coordination & structuring4 FOCUS – Foresight Security Scenarios
  5. 5. SR: CURRENT STATUS Priorities in the call:  More emphasis on: – Digital forensics and crime networks/activity – Cyber-attacks on critical infrastructures – Resilience and society – Interoperability & standardisation – Interaction of events/technology with society5 FOCUS – Foresight Security Scenarios
  6. 6. SR: CURRENT STATUS Novelties in the call:  Demonstration (large-scale) projects in (1) supply-chain security and (2) resiliency for post-CBRN event to be launched  measures/technologies to protect merchant shipping against piracy  Pre-operational validation of marine & land- border surveillance technologies6 FOCUS – Foresight Security Scenarios
  7. 7. SR: NEXT PROGRAMME Shape of Horizon 2020  EU’s next FP to be called “Horizon 2020” with EUR 80 billion budget (2014-2020)  Status of SR within Horizon uncertain: – Commission proposes to meld it into larger – and vaguer – “Societal Challenges” (EUR 34 billion)7 FOCUS – Foresight Security Scenarios
  8. 8. SR: NEXT PROGRAMME Status of SR?  Melding SR into “Societal Challenges” would scatter research across many DGs within the Commission  Would effectively spell end of coherent EU approach to Security Research8 FOCUS – Foresight Security Scenarios
  9. 9. SR: NEXT PROGRAMME But -- more money?  Battle shaping up between Comm. and majority of M-S who want to maintain SR’s separate programmatic status.  Several key MEPs also pushing for SR budget within Horizon 2020 to rise to EUR 2 billion  Final outcome likely will emerge between now and early 20139 FOCUS – Foresight Security Scenarios
  10. 10. SR: FUTURE IMPLICATIONS FOR RESEARCH Policy trends  Huge push for collective land/sea surveillance of EU external borders  Rising emphasis on cyber-defenses, with operational & research budgets to grow at national & EU levels  Standardisation of security technology will get more emphasis10 FOCUS – Foresight Security Scenarios
  11. 11. SR: FUTURE IMPLICATIONS FOR RESEARCH Policy concerns  End-users not “in the loop” enough regarding SR research and use of results  Coordination of “dual-use” R&D spending between Commission, EDA and ESA (European Space Agency) must grow. Example: UAV technology  EU looking for ways that technology/capabilities can support stronger integrated (“comprehensive”) approach for security threats it faces  Universal agreement that cyber-threats are major problem in future11 FOCUS – Foresight Security Scenarios
  12. 12. SR: FUTURE IMPLICATIONS FOR RESEARCH Impact on SR: Recommendations  Pursue SR projects that push results directly to end- users: these will get priority attention!  Propose research to support dual-use” applications. Example: UAV platforms, cyber-tools, or integrated communications capabilities for resiliency/emergency response – and which are cheap and easy to use for end-users!12 FOCUS – Foresight Security Scenarios
  13. 13. SR: FUTURE IMPLICATIONS FOR RESEARCH Impact on SR: Recommendations  Propose projects that reveal the policy/technology gaps preventing stronger integrated (“comprehensive”) approach for EU – regarding either internal or external security challenges  In “soft” areas of SR research (societal, academic): structure research that proposes ways to better link civil security authorities to citizenry, and citizenry to technologies13 FOCUS – Foresight Security Scenarios
  14. 14. Thank you Brooks TIGNER Tel: (32) 2 230-1162 www.seceur.info14 FOCUS – Foresight Security Scenarios