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  • Hootroothttp://hootroot.com/Co2 footprint
  • zentraler „Österreich“-Katalog die Metadatender dezentralen Datenkataloge in Österreich in sich aufnehmen und manuell wie automatisiert abrufbar halten;wird in Zukunft die zentrale Datenweiterleitung zu einem zentralen Europäischen Datenkatalog durchführen;wird zusätzlich, innerhalb seiner Entstehungszyklen Community-, Wissens- und Newsservices anbieten;wird in Zukunft in der Verwaltungs-Cloud liegen und ein Dienstleistungspektrum, wie z.B. Customizing, Datenhosting, umfassen.
  • Gatherdate


  • 1. Open Gov Data in AustriaDr. Peter Parycek, MScCentre for E-Governance, Donau-Universität Krems
  • 2. Open Gov Data
  • 3. Toilet Map http://www.open3.at/projekte/toilet-map-vienna
  • 4. Routenplanung & CO2 Bilanz Data sources: – timetables of public transport; – Bike rental locations; – Cycling maps, – CarSharing locations (car2go); – Current air value data; Potential for use: – Data can be integrated into route planning applications Added value – Lower CO2 emissions by environmentally route planning – More efficient business
  • 5. MoM App
  • 6. Near Futurehttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9c6W4CCU9M4
  • 7. Open Datastrategic or democratic approach?
  • 8. Open Data in Austria
  • 9. data.wien.gv.at
  • 10. data.linz.gv.at
  • 11. Unconventional Cooperations Cities of Vienna, Linz, Salzburg & Graz, Federal Chancellery, Region of Upper Austira,Donau-Universität Krems, Federal Computing Centre
  • 12. data.eu data.gv.at Städte Weitere Bundesländer MinisterienGemeinden Potentiale Unternehmen Gesellschaft (CSO)
  • 13. Rapid Standardisation
  • 14. data.gv.at
  • 15. apps4austria.gv.at
  • 16. AT - Standards
  • 17. OGD CoreInspire Eurostat #1 Metadata
  • 18. Meta-Data – StandardizationConsidert Standards: CORE fields:• W3C Open Data (Weltweit) • Title http://www.w3.org/egov/wiki/Data_Catal • Description og_Vocabulary/Vocabulary_Reference • URI to the meta data• Data.gov.uk (UK) • URI data type (access to data) http://data.gov.uk/data • format• Inspire (EU) • published http://inspire.jrc.ec.europa.eu/index.cfm/ • contact with producer pageid/2 • categories tags (users tags - optional)• Europeana (EU) • license http://version1.europeana.eu/c/documen • language: data & meta data t_library/get_file?uuid=aff89c92-b6ff- 4373-a279-fc47b9af3af2&groupId=10605 • spatial designation • time (from - to)• CKAN (EU & Weltweit) • data quality (file size)• Data.gov (US) • record size http://explore.data.gov/catalog/raw/
  • 19. psd #2 URIs for Identification of Data http://data.<organisation>.gv.at/katalog
  • 20. #3 CC Provision: - CC-BY-AT 3.0 or - Public Domain according to CC0 data.<organisation>.gv.at/nutzungsbedingungen
  • 21. StrategicImplementation
  • 22. Strategic Implementation1. Increase openness & transparency2. Enhance collaboration with external institutions, organised civil society, and individual citizens3. Improve internal collaboration4. Foster partnerships that lead to social and economic added value5. Institutionalisation of process models and principles
  • 23. Implementation Process
  • 24. Implementation Process• Development of a strategy and implementation plan• Design of decision processes and structures• Analysis and prioritisation of data sets• Decision for making data accessible to the public• Concept for increased particitpation and awareness in public (award, partnerships, …)
  • 25. OGD  OD
  • 26. Public Administration Data Management Open Society Data (Companies / CSO /Individuals) External Open Grey DataInformation (Government owned companies & organizations) Open Government Data Shared Extranet Data (Internal shared data between different organizations) Internal Shared Internal Data (Internal shared Data) Closed Internal Data (Department owned closed but located data)
  • 27. Dr. Peter Parycek, MSc Donau-Universität Krems Centre for E-Governance +43 2732 893-2312