Michela Vignoli – Open Research: Data Management and Policies in the Austrian national context
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Michela Vignoli – Open Research: Data Management and Policies in the Austrian national context



CeDEM13 Day 2 morning Workshop – Open Research: Data Management and Policies in the Austrian national context (Michela Vignoli, Ross King)

CeDEM13 Day 2 morning Workshop – Open Research: Data Management and Policies in the Austrian national context (Michela Vignoli, Ross King)



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Michela Vignoli – Open Research: Data Management and Policies in the Austrian national context Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Open Research: Data Managementand Policies in the Austrian nationalcontextCEDEM 2013 Workshop23rd May 2013Mag. Michela Vignoli, Dr. Ross KingSafety & Security DepartmentAIT Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH
  • 2. Agenda1.  Introduction to the Topic and to the Wiki by Mag. Michela Vignoli2.  Invited speakers1.  Mag. Wolfgang Nedobity (UNIKO): Open Access Policy Recommendations2.  MSc. Eng. Tomasz Miksa (SBA-Research): Research Process Management3.  Introduction to Policy Recommendations by Dr. Ross King4.  General Discussion5.  Breakout groups1.  Technical implementation of policies2.  Political implementation of policies6.  Reports of Breakout groups7.  Discussion223.05.13
  • 3. Open ResearchOpen Access to research data & publicationsMichela VignoliSafety & Security DepartmentAIT Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH
  • 4. Context: developing research culture for the 21st century§  Traditional research (19th/20st century)§  Mainly local teams/individuals§  Content restricted to physical records, stored in archives§  Manual search & processing of data§  Off-line communication§  Turn of century: transition phase§  Developing 21st century research§  Distributed teams§  Digitised content, e-Infrastructures§  Computer-aided search & processing of data§  On-line communication and cooperation (e-Research)423.05.13
  • 5. Open Research is a response to the developing researchculture of the 21st century§  Share resources and tools globally§  Fast and facilitated access to researchdata and publications§  Computer-aided analysis of the availablesources§  Transparency of research processes byaccess to sources and documentation§  Strengthens scientific excellence anduptake of results§  Not restricted to research community523.05.13
  • 6. Open Data Excuse BingoIts not veryinterestingIts too big Terrorists will use it People maymisinterpret thedataLawyers want acustom LicenseWell get spam I dont mind, butsomeone elsemightIts toocomplicatedThieves will use it What if we want tosell it laterWe might want touse it in a paperData ProtectionPoor Quality Theres no API We will get toomany enquiriesTheres already aproject to...623.05.13
  • 7. Assumptions§  Austria and Europe should keep pace with Open Access developments inother countries (UK, USA)§  Publicly-funded research should be made publicly available§  It is necessary to develop appropriate Policies, Infrastructures, and DataManagement Planning solutions§  The (Austrian) Government should establish some national policies, whichshould be coordinated by a high-level working group723.05.13
  • 8. Approaches to Open Research in Austria§  FWF§  Open Access Policy for FWF-funded projects:http://www.fwf.ac.at/en/public_relations/oai/index.html§  Since 2006 all FWF funded projects must publish Open Accesswhenever legally possible§  FWF E-Book-Library: https://e-book.fwf.ac.at/§  More information:http://www.fwf.ac.at/de/public_relations/oai/pdf/FWF_OA-2013.pdf823.05.13
  • 9. Approaches to Open Research in Austria§  Universität Wien§  Open Access Board§  Institutional Repository "u:scholar": https://uscholar.univie.ac.at/§  regular OA-events (e.g. OA-Tage 2012)§  OA projects (e.g. OpenAIRE, OpenAIRE+, SCOAP3)§  More information:http://openaccess.univie.ac.at/923.05.13
  • 10. Approaches to Open Research in Austria§  OKFN local group: Open Science Work Group§  Founded in February 2013§  Regular meetings in Vienna and other cities in Austria§  Drafting Open Science Manifesto§  More information:http://okfn.at/arbeitsgruppen/open-science-austria/1023.05.13
  • 11. National OA groups/networks§  OANA: www.oana.at§  List of contacts:http://www.oana.at/en/contact-persons/§  OKFN local group Austria: http://okfn.at/§  Blog: http://okfn.at/blog/§  Open Science Work Group mailing list:http://lists.okfn.org/mailman/listinfo/science-at1123.05.13Open Access Netzwerk Austria
  • 12. 1223.05.13http://list.scape-project.eu/confluence/display/AORW
  • 13. Our vision: Open Research§  Should aim at Open Access to research data as well§  Enables re-use and combination of research data (sets) in similar ordifferent settings§  Potentially opens the whole research process and all of its outcomes to thegeneral public§  Brings research out of the Ivory Tower: a benefit for the society§  Will lead to economic opportunities for future business models1323.05.13
  • 14. Goals of the workshop§  Identify relevant national stakeholders§  Codify policy recommendations§  Explore technical solutions for policy implementation§  Explore political solutions for policy implementation1423.05.13
  • 15. Invited Speakers§  Mag. Wolfgang Nedobity from Universities Austria (UNIKO)Open Access Policy Recommendations§  MSc. Eng. Tomasz Miksa from SBA ResearchResearch Process Management – Why Data Management Plans are notSufficientwith Ao.Univ.Prof. Andreas Rauber from the Vienna University of Technology (TU Wien)1523.05.13
  • 16. AIT Austrian Institute of Technologyyour ingenious partnerMag. Michela Vignolimichela.vignoli.fl@ait.ac.at