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Gregor Eibl, Brigitte Lutz: Money for nothing – data for free. Hard facts about the power of and the effects of Open Government Data
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Gregor Eibl, Brigitte Lutz: Money for nothing – data for free. Hard facts about the power of and the effects of Open Government Data


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Published in: Technology, Economy & Finance

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  • 1. Money for nothingdata for freeHard facts about the economic power ofOpen Government Data
  • 2. Growth of data portalsWorld Map of Open Government Data InitiativesSource: Semantic Web Company
  • 3. Paper structureNumbersNumbersTheoreticalImplicationsUse Cases
  • 4. Theoretical economic implications of OGD Framework for theoretical implications of OGD applications (APPS) data integration within the economy reduced transaction costs Free data as a source in a value network innovations by start-up companies economic growth through innovation additional tax revenues through economic growth Value chains of OGD OGD – input to management decisions
  • 5. Dimensions of indicatorsadditionrealitynationalpotential savingsdivisionpotentiallocalnew applications
  • 6. Numbers € ₤ $Source: Rob-Wie @flickr
  • 7. Economic benefit of OGD mainly based on a study from theEuropean Union (EU) for stakeholders: actual economic benefitsand the potential for a special region. standard measurements are still missing dense collection of already existing hardfacts from various available studies
  • 8. Numbers € ₤ $source: raymaclean@flickr
  • 9. source: raymaclean@flickrvalueSaveofcostsTaxesamountGrowthin salebenefitNumbers € ₤ $
  • 10. region fact amount or % periodWorld taxes amount for Google API + % of profitEU27 gains from PSI apps € 140 bill p.a.EU potential value of OGD € 30 - 40 bill p.a.Austria growth in sale since OGD observed by a company + 5%Austria save of development costs € 5.488 per appAustria - Vienna save of development costs € 455.504 2 yearsAustria economic gains derived from EU numbers by GDPand inhabitants€ 0.5 - 1.1 bill p.a.Austria economic gains derived from EU numbers by GDP € 2.8 mio p.a.Austria / Vienna potential value of OGD € 3.7 /€ 44.4 mio p.a.Denmark worth of re-use of public data € 80 mio p.a.Germany market for geo-information € 1,4 bill p.a.(2007)Netherlands arising taxes amount from meteorological data + 750%Spain Reuse of PSI by the infomediary business sector € 550 mio. p.a. (2009)United Kingdom (UK) value of public sector information £16 bn p.a. (2011)United Kingdom (UK) additional economic value £ 1.6 - 6.0 bill p.a.UK– Greater Manchester additional economic value £ 6 mio p.a.Canada - Vancouver revenue opening public transport data CAN$ 2.6 mio 5 yearsUnited States Apps for Democracy – market value US$ 2.3 mio 30 daysUnites States global weather risk market US$ 11,8 bill p.a. (2011)Summary of numeric facts
  • 11. Economic Value Study from the EU commission:40 Mrd. € annual potential for the EU Derived for Austria ≈ 0,9 bill. €Source: Vickery, G.: Review of recent studies on PSI re-use and related market developments, 2011.
  • 12. CalculationDanube University Kremscreation effortEffort *developers houropportunityexpensesAverageapplication68,6 hours 68,6 * € 80.- € 5.488.-38 apps(Sep 2012)2.606,8 hours 2.606,8 * € 80.- € 208.544.-84 apps(Apr 2013)5.762,4hours 5.762,4 *€ 80.- € 460.992.-
  • 13. CalculationBusiness University Viennacosts per year 115.637 €cost multiplier 1,5benefit multiplier 8elasticity of demand 2benefit: (115.637x1,5)x8x2benefit Vienna: 2.775.288 €benefit Austria: 12.215.872 €Benefit: Costs x cost multiplier x benefit multiplier x elasticity of demand0,42%100%21,33%100%Exploitation Austria:Potential Austria:Exlpoitation Vienna:Potential Vienna:Actual exploitation
  • 14. This work is licenced under Creative Commons Namensnennung 3.0 Österreich Lizenz.The attribution of the rights owner has to be done in the following manner:„Brigitte Lutz & Gregor Eibl 2013"Brigitte Lutz Gregor data.gv.atClear benefits for the citizensAdded value for the business location