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Firesite Chat Klemen 18 March 2010
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Firesite Chat Klemen 18 March 2010


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Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. Warum so alleine - Connected in 2010 - global, lokal und the flip ... wie Web 2.0, Smart Computing, Collaboration und Virtualisierung neue Communities formen “Web 2.0 is an attitude, not a technology” Effizienzsteigerung statt (Reise)Kosten Michael Klemen
  • 2. Wo stehen wir: One moment in time! Web Cloud Client Minicomputer Server Mainframe Lochkarte 1960 1970 1980 1990 2000 2010
  • 3. One moment in time! ..... Ein Held…. Michael Klemen 3/15/2010
  • 4. Keine Triade sondern überall… China’s Internet obsession People in the country’s 60 largest cities spend 70 percent of their leisure time online. Seismic changes in the consumer market are likely as a result.
  • 5. Integration von Anwendung & Kollaboration: Integrate Communications within every Process Instant Text to speech, Message Graphical displays, Mobility (Dual Mode, alerts, application VoWLAN) support Collaboration Text to speech, Graphical displays, alerts, application support Presentation_ID © 2008 Cisco Systems, Inc. All rights reserved. Cisco Confidential 5
  • 6. WebEx® = Web Meetings Wie gehts ?
  • 7. Mitteilen • Get your point across • Present with style • Deliver interactive demos
  • 8. Kommunizieren • Integrate live audio – WebEx Audio – MeetingPlace Audio – VoIP • Call attendees • Invite by phone • Chat / Polling
  • 9. Anschauen / Video • Adjust frame rates and resolution • Enable single or multiple video sources • Float video panel • Use USB camera or webcam
  • 10. Aufzeichnen und Archivieren • Record entire meeting – Video, Audio and Shared Content • Edit and add content • No additional hardware or software required Meeting.wrf
  • 11. Ohne Grenzen: Cross-Platform
  • 12. Auch am iPhone cracks-case/
  • 13. Cisco WebEx Meeting Center auf Smartphones • Browser based access to meetings • Integrated audio and web conferencing on 3G or WiFi –Also supports integrated data on WiFi and audio on 2G • Operating Systems –BlackBerry, Symbian and Windows Mobile • Tested smartphones Available since 2009 –Blackberry Bold, BlackBerry Storm in Europe, BlackBerry Curve 8900, Nokia E71 and Samsung BlackJack II
  • 14. Einfach, Preiswert Online Meetings…und viel mehr Events Sales Training Support Webinars Online sales Online training Remote support Online events and access Collaboration Meetings Presence Workspace
  • 15. WebEx Meeting Center im Einsatz bei Magna Bessere, schnellere und produktivere Zusammenarbeit weltweit Effiziente Kommunikation unlimited • Einsatz für interne und externe Meetings (Vendor, Supplier, Partner) • Engineering- und Design-Meetings • Online-Arbeit auch mit Zulieferern, z. B. gemeinsames Bearbeiten von Konstruktionszeichnungen • Weltweites Rollout von Audio- und Web-Conferencing für über 3.800 Mitarbeiter • Alle Konzernfirmen (Steyr, Cosma, Powertrain, etc) profitieren vom globalen Rahmenvertrag • Training für WebEx Web-Conferening für alle Nutzer • Zunahme der Nutzung in einem Quartal von 30.000 auf 100.000 Web-Minuten • 600 Web Meetings pro Woche
  • 16. Was wir machen: Integrated collaborative daily workspace for all supplier and GSCM employees Everyday use Personalized, with secure user-based access Single workspace to access all GSCM systems Two-way interactive communications Formal (ERP/PLM) and informal (Web 2.0) interactions
  • 17. Expert Virtualization – Cross-Border Unified Communications Mashup Kim Hansen Status: Preferred: Robert Frank Debbie Pattison Status: Status: Preferred: Mike Contreras Preferred: Status: Preferred:
  • 18. Heidelberger Druck Beispiel “…remote diagnostics can enable you to improve your inventory levels, minimize failure rates, and atch?v=w7H0uit9yVE reduce long-term costs maintenance…it’s seen as representing the future of service.” Bernhard Steinel, SVP Global Service, Heidelberg
  • 19. Was wir machen: Beschleunigte Kollaboration in der Supply Chain Decision durch TelePresence Roll Out Transactions Enabled Major Internal Manufacturing Business Reviews Sites Proposals Major Contract Manufacturing Sites Negotiations Czech Republic Major Strategic Logistics Boxborough Lausanne NPI Planning & Execution Shanghai Centers San Jose Austin Atlanta Hong Kong Houston Demand/Supply Coordination Guadalajara Shenzhen Doumen Bangalore Thailand Penang Singapore Supplier Collaboration Leadership via TelePresence
  • 20. Kollaborative Entwicklung Provides manufacturing designers and engineers with real-time collaboration which accelerates time to market, improves the quality of collaboration, gains efficiency through reduced travel, all in a secure environment. Main Design Center TelePresense Supply Partner TelePresense DCV allows active CAD virtualization, collaboration on CAD model and live designer interaction, while full dataset remains secure Remote Design Center Data Center
  • 21. Telepresence: Nicht nur Reisekostenreduktion • Number of Mfg Trips: 14,700 Significant savings in Executive time • Potential Reduction from Can combine different locations Telepresence: 26%* Meetings happen that otherwise wouldn’t • No. of Trips Reduced: 3,822 Conflict resolution in real-time • Average Cost Per trip: $1100** Total Cost Savings: Better and Faster Decisions: ~ $4.2M = 25% reduction of total Mfg travel costs Priceless * This is the current Cisco on Cisco meeting avoidance rate (based on 45% product utilization) ** Includes T&E. Factors out cost of Pacesetters and All-Hands 21
  • 22. Mobile Konferenz watch?v=bwFIFYhZfJ0
  • 23. Verteiltes Arbeiten Provides secure visibility and rich collaboration between multiple plant locations, enterprises, and partners to improve the speed and effectiveness of business decisions. Secure Contract Manufacturer Real-time data visibility Plant data from across supply chain CM to Network Detects SAP MII “Component Failure” Rich, contextual, real-time and sends alert collaboration Leverage existing systems and infrastructure Production Production Manager connects to contacts Manager alternate supplier through supplier MII Supplier acknowledges MII order over phone
  • 24. Geschäftsfall und -Prozess Organization Flow Time Engage Time Connect with Issue % Field Camera % Support Center CUPC Need to Find Audio/Video An Expert Support call Internally Center Share via Need to connect Internal Telepresence* With Supplier and WebEx Externally Experts IM & Webex Publish on Portal External with Supplier Show & Share Suppliers
  • 25. Technologie vor Ort
  • 26. Technologie vor Ort
  • 27. New York Times “One of the most significant electronics products of the year” Which Business Process needs no explanation, no maintainance view, no graphical view..... If a picture tells 1000 words – how many do you get by video.....
  • 28.
  • 29.
  • 30. Flip can do it ….. Am 4.11. zwischen 08:08 to 09:04 - priceless
  • 31. 3/15/2010 Michael Klemen
  • 32. Virtual Conferencing at COP15 TELEPRESENCE We are pleased to offer an exceptional conferencing capability so more of your colleagues and constituents around the world can participate in the conference without flying to Copenhagen. Who can use it? Any delegates of COP15 can request a meeting between the Bella Center and 100 locations around the world at no cost. The prioritization policy for COP15 Cisco TelePresence rooms follows UNFCCC entitlement protocol: • Ministers of government delegations • Members of government delegations • Members of non-governmental and inter-governmental organizations • Media The rooms are connected to the Global Climate Change Meeting Platform, comprised of UNFCCC in Bonn, UNEP in Nairobi, the UN’s Palais Des Nations and UNICC in Geneva, the UN Headquarters in New York, and the Danish Government’s Ministry of Climate and Energy, as well as more than 75 Cisco TelePresence rooms around the world.