Reg 2 Director Update 3.12.14


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Reg 2 Update for Directors 3.11.14

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  • Online Thinking Tools: There’s an app for that! The Visual Ranking tool app is available now. The Showing Evidence and Seeing Reason tool apps are in development. These interactive tools can be accessed via the Intel Teach website and the VR is searchable in Home Base’s Learning Object RepositoryAssessing Projects: strategies are shared to facilitate making assessments an integral part of teaching and learning and an in depth dive at content and student centered learning. Educators can create new assessments by searching, selecting, and modifying examples from a prepared library of assessments. Teachers can build original assessments or modify assessments focusing on problem solving, self-direction, collaboration and critical thinking.Intel Elements will be available through Home Base’s Professional Development System. Courses include Project Based Approached, Collaboration in the Digital Classroom, Blended Learning, Assessment in the 21st Century Classroom, Inquiry in the Science Classroom, Thinking Critically with Data, Educational Leadership in the 21st Century. One of our newest courses are Moving into Mobile Learning.Intel Engage Community offers educators a space to dialogue with other educators all over the world. There are many many discussion threads to engage in conversations about hot topics, free webinars throughout the month that focus on recommended topics such as Global Awareness, Google, Virtual Museums around the country, Gaming, Google, Apps for Learning, etc. All webinars have a follow up discussion thread to continue the sharing and learning after the webinar and all are archived.
  • Reg 2 Director Update 3.12.14

    1. 1. Region 2 DT&L Update March 12, 2014
    2. 2. •PRC 30 Update •14-16 Tech Plan Update •Intel Teach NC Update •AMTR Update
    3. 3. - Chart of Accounts (COA in Excel): - 5.8.7 Requirements and Limitations for Training Sessions - PRC 030 FAQs
    4. 4. • Remember, have your final plans to Deborah on March 14th • You will need to send the URL to access your plan online (requirement from the State Board of Education office).
    5. 5. Intel® Teach NC The goal of the Intel Teach Program is to provide tools and resources to help educators develop student-centered learning through technology integration and project-based approaches. • Online Thinking Tools –designed to create active learning environments through discussions, problem solving, investigations and higher order thinking • Assessing Projects –provides resources to assist teachers in creating assessments that address higher order thinking skills • Intel Teach Elements - A series of compelling online professional development courses that provide deeper exploration of 21st century learning concepts • Intel Engage Community - online community, where you can engage in real-time conversations with other educators and find resources focusing on effective uses of technology in K–12 classrooms
    6. 6. Intel® Teach Elements Contact: Deborah Goodman Region 2 Education Consultant for more information
    7. 7.
    8. 8. AMTR Contact Cathy Mathews, Region 6 DT&L Consultant Julian Nichols-Wilson, Region 4 DT&L Consultant Suggest Changes by visiting:
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