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Online Marketing

  1. 1. Online MarketingDeepak Goel
  2. 2. About me• Seasoned product management and product marketing executive– Chief Product Officer of– Director of Product Management at– Executive at MSN/Microsoft• Experience– across domains (email, content, coupons, retail, e-commerce, real estate andmaps & traffic)– across product types (consumer, enterprise, mobile, social & platform)– across functions (engineering, product management and online marketing)– across levels (individual contributor, manager, director & VP/CXO).• Angel Investor and Mentor at 500 Startups• MBA from Haas School of Business, UC Berkeley
  3. 3. Online Marketing• Customer Acquisition– Via product features– SEO– SEM• Customer Retention– Via product features– Email Marketing
  4. 4. Disclaimer• If a company is good at using one particularstrategy/tactic, it doesn’t mean that they aredoing well in all aspects.• The user experience of the company mighthave changed since the time this presentationwas created.• I have advised or worked at most of thesecompanies at some point of time, so there willbe a personal bias.
  5. 5. Customer Acquisition (via product features)• Phenomenal first time experience– Do you give your users enough reasons to sign upwith you at least as a free user?– e.g. Roomations, TheStyleUp, etc• If you have a platform, what are your killerapps?– Wildfire interactive
  6. 6. Customer Acquisition (via product features)• Phenomenal return user experience– Online-offline combination– e.g., IndiaHomes, etc• Sign in experience– e.g. Linkedin
  7. 7. Customer Acquisition (via product features)• How do you enable your existing users totouch non-users?– Hotmail signature– Facebook photo sharing– Linkedin vanity URL• Note that it is not the same as “virality”.
  8. 8. Customer Acquisition (SEO)• User pages– Linkedin, Facebook, etc• Customer pages– Linkedin company pages– MightyNest PTA pages
  9. 9. Customer Acquisition (SEM)• Intent-based vs. Demand-Gen• Law of diminishing returns• Online-offline combination– Indiahomes, MightyNest, etc
  10. 10. Customer Acquisition (SEM)• Optimize for the right metric– Leads vs. Qualified Leads• e.g. IndiaHomes– What may seem intuitive may not be right.• e.g. an e-commerce site could be selling few productswith little/no margins. (Tushky, IndiaHomes)• Lifetime value of a customer
  11. 11. Customer Acquisition (Paid)• Affiliate Marketing– Cost Per Acquisition– Infinitely scalable– e.g. Adsense, Brandcaster, etc
  12. 12. Customer Retention (via product features)• Where all are you touching your existingusers?– Mobile (e.g. LinkedIn signout experience)– Facebook, etc– Affiliate program– Toolbar
  13. 13. Customer Retention (Email Marketing)• How often are you touching your existingusers? Can you provide them with somethingof value "n" times a week? Bigger the "n",better it is.– Thestyleup– Groupon daily deal newsletter– LinkedIn emails• Latest in Email Marketing– SimpleRelevance
  14. 14. Final Words• Focus on value before you focus on growth.– Learn from the retail distribution world• Real metrics vs. Vanity metrics– Sverve, Resume, etc• Experiment as frequently as possible.• Product and marketing go hand-in-hand. Yourexperiments may not be very meaningful ifyou dont iterate on the product constantly.
  15. 15. Thank YouDeepak Goel