Toxic waste (1)
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  • 1.            By DeAnna G.           Magdalene K.             Valeria G. Photo found via:
  • 2. toxic waste can harm people by indigestion, inhalation, and exposure. Photo found via:
  • 3. The effects of being near a lot of toxic waste is low birth weight, birth defects, and certain types of cancers.
  • 4. Photo Found Via: Toxic sludge found in a stream and on the columns in it in Vancouver 
  • 5. Photo found via:
  • 6.  
    Found via: A poisonous byproduct
  • 7. Found via: Found in the ground and in stream runoff
  • 8. Found via:                       Causes harm to plants and animals
  • 9. The Yucca Mountain Downwinders Photo via:
  • 10. Photo via: Chernobyl 1986
  • 11. The Accident at Three Mile Island Photo via:
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