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Conscious presentation at Law Firm Services Seminar - April 2013
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Conscious presentation at Law Firm Services Seminar - April 2013


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5 Top Online Marketing Ideas you can "Do" by 5pm Tomorrow + …

5 Top Online Marketing Ideas you can "Do" by 5pm Tomorrow +
5 Ideas on how to Build Digital Relationships

A presentation delivered by David Gilroy from Conscious Solutions at the Law Firm Services Seminar held in Brighouse, Leeds on 24-Apr-2013.

Published in: Business
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  • Ideally you need to segment your audience. We think the three categories above are a good start. Larger firms might segment their customers into smaller groups based on the areas of law they practice.
  • Two step direct mail program, letter -> call -> demo -> meeting -> sale £6,000 invested (not salaries in 2010) gives me a year end pipeline of £119,340
  • Transcript

    • 1. 5 Top Online Marketing Ideas youcan "Do" by 5pm Tomorrow+5 Ideas on how to Build DigitalRelationshipsDavid GilroyDirector of Stuff & Things
    • 2. Win a free* social media sessionor one day conference place• What’s the average spend marketing as aproportion of revenue of the average lawfirm?* Expenses only
    • 3. Keep in touch!1. Make a start on an email newsletter
    • 4. AudiencesClientsProspectsAccountants,IFA, Bankers
    • 5. Subject lines & personalisation• Law Updates - Andersons Solicitors BusinessNewsletter – July 2012• A year in the life: expansion, cake and zombies!• I’m just going to come out and say it!• Weekly News• Could You Survive Without a Job?• Ten Tips for Nurturing your Way to IncreasedSalesDear Client,Dear A,Dear A. Smith (Dec’d),Dear ,Dear Mr David & Ms Jane Gilroy & Collas
    • 6. 2. Make a video
    • 7. 3. Improve inbound lead handlingCourtesy of
    • 8. Wow! That’s a lot ofmoney, we better makesure we get this right foryou.
    • 9. You don’t do this….……do you?
    • 10. • Current news• Blogging• Google likes to see big sitesget bigger slowly• Context to your audience4. Improve your content marketing
    • 11. 4. Do more social media
    • 12. Social Media Engagement ModelUnengaged HighlyEngagedUn TargetedHighlyTargetedCONNECTBROADCASTCONVERSESHARING
    • 13. If you were alawyer, wouldyou downloadthis?
    • 14. Building Digital Relationships
    • 15. Do NOT reply! What, don’t youwant a conversation with me?
    • 16. Friday 12-Apr! The day after thenight before!
    • 17. Why don’t you knowwho I am?
    • 18. But Iexpect youto knowwho I am!I really do
    • 19. I do NOT want to talk toyou! Get out of my face
    • 20. I expect “customer service” indifferent ways now!
    • 21. The answer to the questionof revenue spent on marketing (salariesexcepted)
    • 22.